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  1. Re: How to cram crew members into your spacecraft For me it's the noise and the cramped conditions. A few hours is OK, but my last couple of flights to and from China or Australia were near interminable. Business class would be nicer, but I'm a member of the economy tribe. I don't really mind the flying part, unless there's substantial turbulence. Keith "I gets the airsick bad, then" Curtis
  2. Re: How to cram crew members into your spacecraft It looks like two across instead of three across, plus room for a complete set of stairs in between each row. Looks like less density by far, to me. The "Economy Seating With Even Rows Raised" looks like a possibly more workable idea. Keith "always forgets how much he hates air travel until after he gets on the plane" Curtis
  3. Re: Help - I need a base I try to be. Keith "leaving a silver bullet" Curtis
  4. Re: Airlocks are for losers Since the quote originally referred to maximizing the surface area for the purpose of photosynthesis, I had assumed we were speaking of a decidedly non-human physiology. I was merely pointing out that in contrast to the statement I originally referenced, increasing size does not automatically increase surface area relative to the organism. Keith "nothing more" Curtis
  5. Re: Airlocks are for losers Since those equalities can exist regardless of size, I figured them to be superfluous. Keith "Simplest terms" Curtis
  6. Re: Is the Hero the Ultimate System? It's the ultimate system only if you never change it or play another. I look at it as the penultimate system. I will continually modify it to meet my needs. Or maybe some day I'll start playing something new penultimate system. "Ultimate" implies you think there will never be a reason to change. Keith "I'd like Hero, but with about 90% less stuff in it" Curtis
  7. Re: Lost cities under Russian lake... Seeing as there is no cultural continuity between modern Iraq and the region of Mesopotamia in ancient times, I have no trouble using both terms. "Ancient Iraq" might be an acceptable term, like "Ancient Greece", which bears no cultural resemblance to Modern Greece. Keith "That which we call a rose..." Curtis
  8. Re: Stegosaur at Angkor Wat? It's George. Keith "Obscure reference" Curtis
  9. Re: How Fast Do Rogue Planets Move? Spoilers ahead! The book is far different from the movie. In the book, there are two planets, not a planet and star. Bronson Alpha is a gas giant, roughly the size of Neptune. Bronson Beta is a terrestrial planet/satellite. They were torn from their original orbit presumably by the close passage of another star. The original inhabitants of Bronson Beta saw their doom for centuries, but earth had no such luck. Putting aside the amazing coincidence of these planets coming to our solar system (the characters often ponder if it is divinely-directed, a
  10. Given: The earth, through means irrelevant to the question, has had its axis of rotation changed. The new Equator is roughly the old 100°W meridian, and the new poles are the equatorial Atlantic between S. America and Africa, and the Equatorial Pacific, around the Marshall Islands. I have a good enough grasp of general climate theory to make a new climate map that doesn't suspend disbelief to the layman observer. However, I do not have a sufficient grasp to know what would be the effect on the magnetic field. Right now, my assumption is that the planet was re-oriented as a whole, that t
  11. Re: How Fast Do Rogue Planets Move? Cancer, have you ever tried to work out the feasibility of the Bronson Bodies from When Worlds Collide? Keith "I must have read that book a dozen times" Curtis
  12. Re: Catgirls (and Catboys) for Fantasy 'Tain't much, but here's the Savage Earth entry. Keith "meow-meow-meow-meow" Curtis
  13. Re: Valdorian Age map It was sent to Hero Games. I don't know if it was ever posted. Keith "mapper" Curtis
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