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  1. Re: Planets of SF Author Hats Gibson I - Isolated but moderately technologically advanced world, socially and morally fractured. Corporate entities effectively rule the planet from high orbit. Seething masses huddle in poverty watching endless reality TV. AI and genetic engineering normal for the wealthy, sought after by the poor masses. No trans-system spaceflight. Societal malaise has led to excessive navel-gazing in virtual reality. Varley I to VIII - A completely colonised system notable for advanced bioloical and technological achievements including cloning, full-body transplant
  2. Re: Twisted Cross, Silver Bullets Why not water down the Delta Green WWII history - Nazis looking for Thule uncover the Elder Thing city in Antarctic (shoggoths) and the fabled Tectonic Agitator that separated Australia from the Asian continent - the Karotechia using Herbert West's formulae to resurrect dead German soldiers for use as shock troops against the Allied advance - Himmler's occult plans to summon Azathoth as a superior form of atomic bomb - Nazi / Deep One alliance vs Allied shipping - ghouls begin to worship Stalin as 'The Great Provider' - UK use of psychics to predict Axis
  3. Re: Tips on my First Character Kenn has given you character design 101 i.e. talk to your GM to discover what is going on. And as Hyper-Man says, grepping other character builds is a good starting point for your own. My first tip is a little bit of double-think i.e. decide what personality and traits define the character, who he is in the world, who are his nearest-and-dearest, what was he like prior to be coming a super. And do all this before you build. When it gets down to nitty-gritty, you probably want to be working around certain 'average' values that suit the campaign. In
  4. Re: Smarter than your average Brick Ever seen the movie 'Enter The Dragon'? Brick or otherwise, a smart HTH combatant will always choose terrain that suits him. Cut down sightlines and keep things at HTH range. Hit and run (or leap), ambush and retreat, float like a butterfly sting like a 16 inch gun.
  5. Re: supper skills Skill: Send bad guy to bed with no supper <= 14
  6. Re: Victorian Era, Mystery Driven, Paranormal Campaign… Help? The 4th Edition book Horror Hero contains a US Victorian horror campaign writeup with all sorts of stats and sourcebook material I have some experience both running and playing in this era. My advice to the GM is to become very familiar with the class and societal divisions of the period. From POV of minimising shooting, earlier is better as you won't have reliable cartridge-loading guns using smokeless powder. Inspiration-wise I'd suggest looking to the fiction of Manley Wade Wellman and Edgar Allen Poe. I think th
  7. Re: Pilot Restores Pitcairn Autogiro Up until 6 years ago my folks lived in a wee village in S Ayrshire. One of the farmers who lives about 2 miles from the village, is notable for taking his gyrocopter out of the barn for the occasional spin over the Ayrshire countryside.
  8. Re: Top 50 movie gunfights IMO missing out the tour-de-force ending from Pale Rider makes this list suspect Also lacking the nifty gunfights from the Trinity westerns. And I'd have included the chucklesome finale from Quigley Down Under.
  9. ThothAmon

    War Eagles

    Re: War Eagles I foresee big piles of bird droppings!
  10. Re: What Makes a Good Non-Human Fantasy Race? Just tossing in the background the races I designed in my original FH 1st Edition campaign and adapted to 4th and 5th... In fantasy lit (and RPG) lot of lipservice is paid to the idea that non-human races predate humans. Rarely does the implementation go beyond window-dressing for the world. I wanted a world where the humans were the newcomers, picking up on tropes from pulp-era fantasy from REH, HPL et al. The end result definitely leaned towards the MAR Barker model, no bad thing really. Flavours from Vance and Leiber also seemed to com
  11. Re: Martial Arts sub-genre settings? Think Slaine meets Lone Wolf and Cub - not sure which genre that fits (if any) but there were plenty of dead bodies... and we didn't think it too many...
  12. Re: Guns in Fantasy Have a quick peek here for pictorial inspiration: http://www.myarmoury.com/feature_spot_combo.php
  13. Re: Soul Calibur Voldo. The real daddy of Soul Calibur
  14. Re: Need ideas for Steampunk Over-The-Top Game I suggest Space 1899 or Castle Falkenstein. Off the top of my head, this depends upon your start year but... The superior scientists of Imperial China have developed a small(ish) steam engine of great power and coupled it to a small(ish) version of the Babbidge Engine. One of each is installed into hundreds of lifelike bronze warriors. The Empire has an unbeatable army which has already crushed Japan. Eastern eyes are turning to the West. Chinese airships have dropped their warrior troops on San Francisco and the Western US sea
  15. Re: WWYCD (kind of): Advice Time for Scarlet! You are who you are. The opinions of others are but a distraction.
  16. Re: Realism vs cynicism The world's reactions to superhumans I tend to lean towards the idea that many supers would want to be part of society rather than an outsider. For me this idea tends to be poorly explored. A Secret ID does not necessarily constitute integration into society. Monkey psychology being what it is, a certain measure of fame may go with this. So you get the Transporter, a teleporting guy who forms his own courier company doing high-priced deliveries. You get the Siren, a super-hot chick who made Big Brother XIII so interesting by showing up all the contestants as p
  17. Re: WWYCD: Dead before your time... My next step on the Cosmic Wheel is the same as the previous? Even after all that good karma? Time to visit a certain well-hidden temple to seek advice.
  18. Re: Tremors Hero "I am COMPLETELY out of ammo. That's never happened to me before."
  19. Re: Create a NEW Zodiac Must confess I liked the idea of the original Zodiac group but also felt that they fell short in many ways, both in terms of concept and abilities write-ups. As written Taurus was my favourite for the background concept, a really clever idea that just needed a little tidying up. I thought I detected the influence of Fred Sabherhagen's 'The White Bull'. The original Gemini also had potential. Most of the others were, well, misconceived and didn't really fit the alleged astrological personalities. I like the idea of using the rejected 13th sign - it's the
  20. Re: Politics or not Politics = plotlines. Miss it out at your peril.
  21. Re: "Your girlfriend works for VIPER!" Huh? Does the girlfriend wear skimpy snake outfits?
  22. Re: WWYCD: Harem Comedy from Hell Main character is a Buddhist monk. He'd view this as an opprtunity to set three more people on the Path.
  23. Re: Our Party: Explosion waiting to happen The caveat in these discussions is the idea of realism in a genre where people shoot laser beams from their eyes. The pure Boy Scout is a concept that brings a ton of baggage and has the potential to be laughable. The nearest real-world analogy is the cop who has never fired his gun - an extreme rarity if not a hoary old cliche. I often consider that Boy Scouts are blinkered. I do, however, appreciate those who are prepared to assume such responsibilities and roles because the world needs heroes. The pure Slasher Vigilante is also weigh
  24. Re: Urban Fantasy Recommendations Fritz Leiber - Our Lady Of Darkness (something of a must for this genre ) and Conjure Wife Alan Aldridge - The Gnole
  25. Re: Yet Another PA Campaign Idea Do the reverse of the phsyics tweak in David Brin's novel 'The Practice Effect'. In that story the laws of thermodynamics are changed so that material things get better the more you use them as opposed to degrading through use (a quantum / thermodynamics fudge). If the thermodynamics tweak goes the other way then man-made devices will have a shorter lifespan due to hugely increased effect of wear-and-tear. Natural occurrences would not be subject to such a quantum observer effect * BOING * Yes, it's rubber pseudo-science but the required ef
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