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    Superhero Images

    Thanks, loraxxx. That particular character meant a lot to me. Sadly, I moved away from my regular gaming group and now don't have the chance to play her (not that she hadn't transformed into a villain before I moved, but that's another story). Rhen
  2. Rhen

    Superhero Images

    This is a commision piece done of my Champions 4th edition character, Justice, created in the form of a tarot card for Championsfest VIII, a massive weekend of gaming many years ago in Winston Salem, NC. The drawing was done by Louis Frank and were used as props to draw the various characters into the game. Rhen
  3. Oh man, that is just SO wrong. Speaking of laughing til I cried..... Rhen
  4. In an old Gurps Supers campaign waaaay back in college, my character, Lioness had been cursed by a monkey, who magically appeared and tormented her anytime someone said the word "monkey". This was the conversation between her and the team's blaster, a cold projector named Frostbite. Frostbite: "Mon...." Lioness: "Finish that sentence and you'll lose your icecubes." The GM rolled on the floor, crying for hours. Rhen
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