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  1. Interesting system. I came up with a similar one by using a separate instance of Cramming for each "spell slot." I like many of the aspects of your system, to include Intelligence limiting the power of the spell being cast. Nicely formatted document too.
  2. Awesome resource. Thanks for keeping tabs on those characters. Someday I would like to convert to CC.
  3. This is a great breakdown of the character creation process with just the right dash of combat in there. My only suggestion would be to have some sort of "five room dungeon" scenario to build upon the very solid rules foundation. Great job at any rate.
  4. This looks like an excellent resource for a Champions GM. For a Heroic level game, there are some basic breakdowns missing. That said, I would recommend it for use at a convention or introductory game.
  5. I'd be willing to lay down $5 that nobody here would complain overmuch if you decided to do that.
  6. Re: What have you used Hero for? I was not intending this to be a negative critique. Just wanted you to be aware of the span of time between when the message was posted and now. To answer your question, I have not done a Zombie Apocalypse in any of my games. For the few times I used zombies in Fantasy or Pulp, I run a fairly typical D&D style zombie (slow, implacable). For most purposes, I would give them the "standard human" stats and add a the typical suite of Automaton powers (Does Not Bleed, No Hit Locations, Takes No Stun, and Cannot Be Stunned). If somebody wanted to chop a
  7. Re: What have you used Hero for? LOL. Can't argue with the logic.
  8. Re: What have you used Hero for? Er, ender42, you do realize that the message you quoted is over 8 years old? Luckily it looks like Silverbullet was last active around the middle of August of this year. Maybe luck will be with you and he gets to see your post.
  9. Re: Why Watched? This whole thread is the reason why I reduce the Disadvantage/Complication pool of points and limit the D/C to something inherent in the character (physical). Psych lims, social lims (including Hunted/Watched) are temporary situations at best. I do grant bonus XP if the player plays a Psych Lim to the hilt. I grant a small bonus if the character defeats the Hunted, particularly if it is in a clever or supremely heroic way. With 5E I also tended to up the base points a little to compensate. Since Complications in 6E are already counted against the base points, I just reduc
  10. Re: Why don't you play online? Indeed. Map Tool is a fine program and Ventrillo would counter the lengthy typing time. My group has personally used both OpenRPG and Map Tool. One handles characters and die rolls better. The other handles maps better. Oh but I would love to have some sort of JAVA based hybrid of the two. Not sure I would want to subject my players to having to look at my mug via webcam though.
  11. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Nice stuff. I like the cleric. Good stuff there.
  12. Re: Game of Thrones Not to break up the "SoFaI sucks! No it doesn't! Yes it does! No it doesn't!" argument, but I think that a Fantasy Political Intrigue HERO article would be useful. I honestly try to think about how to run one and the whole thought process ends up with a huge Null. Armies, not swords, are the primary weapons of politics. I noticed in Game of Thrones that individuals could be skillful with a blade, tough as nails or whatever, and still basically be meat if they were confronted by even slightly superior numbers. In that regard it is very realistic. Hence, you don't
  13. Re: Game of Thrones I think my complaint about the series is that it is not larger than life. If I wanted "realistic" I'd read the papers or watch the news. Plenty of people getting killed for no reason there. The really frustrating part is that I like GRRM's writing style. He really drew me into the story and if it weren't for the fact that I felt really let down when Eddard Stark received his "justice," I would have loved the first book. That is a hallmark of a good author. I just don't like the grit in his books. I look to fantasy to escape reality, not have it strike down the
  14. Re: Star Frontiers And, since I would be running it at a lower point total, that would work too.
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