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  1. C:TNM remains the only version of Champions I actually played more than one session of.
  2. Long As I Can See the Light - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  3. Been awhile since I ran a game and studied the deep esoterica of Hero System, but I would judge that Aid would require AoE. It is a good method if the spell wears off but might get prohibitively expensive to do so. Transform is not something I would recommend. Barrier is your best bet if the change is permanent. The special effect of transforming the rock to this new "dense rock" can easily be simulated using that rule more easily than others. Just toss on a "Only to harden the existing rock" requirement (which, at best, I would allow a -¼ Limitation on) and define it as the existing rock in the defined area. I know the Barrier power says "create," but sculptors "create" art from existing clay or stone. This is much the same concept. Just my $0.02.
  4. Thanks for the info. I will consider your offer.
  5. Hey Savinien. Long time. When and what format does your group play at/with?
  6. I came late to Turakian Age and I never actually fell for it as written. It always seemed better suited to something like the Wheel of Time to me, where humans were the overwhelmingly dominant species and there was a lot of detail regarding the individual nations and cultures therein. Even the map evokes that feel for me. Using Tolkien/D&D staple races always seemed to detract from the setting at large. I could force a sort of "Forgotten Realms in Hero" vibe overlay, but it just wasn't as satisfying to me. Ultimately, I gave up and just decided to work on more personalized settings. I still tinker with them from time to time, though I doubt that much will come of them. I haven't been involved in a game since 2009 and these days, where taking offense at every little thing seems to be a new art form, I don't feel really confident in looking for a new group.
  7. I too love Shadowrun 4/5 (essentially the same thing but with some finer points changed from one iteration to the other). For the longest time, I thought that the Hero 3d6 curve was BOR-ING. I spent a lot of energy trying to shoehorn different dice systems in its place. In the end, a Hero but Roll High method has become my favorite method for speedy dice rolls. I will stick with the Shadowrun system for Shadowrun, but for almost everything else, the Hero system pretty much has an easy to use dice system. Still boring though.
  8. This. This right here. I love Hero. I love the way it flows once you start actually using it. I just don't have the time, energy and motivation to create an entire setting from scratch. It's just easier to pick another product off of the shelf and run with whatever system it was built for.
  9. Hello Herophiles, I've corrected and re-uploaded my campaign to the RPTools site at http://forums.rptools.net/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=18939&p=199843#p199843 I will not be posting or responding here at the Hero Games site, but I will check the RPTools thread.
  10. interesting. There is a member here that spews far more filth onto the page than my little "stick" and appears to be unchallenged. I suppose if the rhetoric agrees with you then it is fine. Whatever. Go ahead and give those Moderation Abilities a whirl. It has been a fun ride but I am, quite frankly, sick of the bias around here. Thank you, and I mean that in all earnestness, for keeping this place going. I'm just not prepared to shut my mouth when I have to read insults that encompass me because of my ideology while a little poking earns me a threat. See y'all down the road someplace.
  11. Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I was just using the pretense as an "in" to slam Hillary Clinton. Juvenile of me perhaps, but somehow it still satisfies my inner gremlin.
  12. I've heard the equal and opposite view espoused by folks on the Right. They often miss the point that the Right pretty much holds the cards right now and is doing a much better job at playing 52 pick-up than they are playing their hand.
  13. I support your opinion. Hillary never need run again and trouble us with her evil cackle. Besides, I am willing to bet that the Democrats can field a way better candidate than Hillary Clinton could ever hope to be.
  14. Oh that tears it! Hillary fixed the Primaries! Why that.... Oh wait, I wasn't a Bernie Sanders supporter. The Democratic Primaries meant nothing to me. As for the rest, I already believed that Hillary Clinton was scum so no rage here. Not really any sort of affirmation for that matter. I didn't need that either. So no rage. No nothing.
  15. I went to a walk-in clinic last Friday. They prescribed Amoxicillin for the ear infection. I am completely cleared up except for the fact that I still cannot hear anything from my left ear. I am dreading the eventuality that I will have to have those tubes installed to drain the ears. The practicing nurse did tell me that it would be between 10-14 days before I see any sort of clearing but I have never had it last so long. Every time I take the Amoxicillin I also get really sleepy and irritable. I've slept more in the last week than I have the previous six months. And once I get all of that settled, I have to go about rebuilding my gut bacteria. Whoever invented this whole getting sick thing really needs a stern talking to.
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