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  1. Re: Custom Mechanon When 4th Ed first rolled out, I ran the 'Mechanon Tries To Melt The Ice Caps' Scenario. Our robotic villian jacked a bunch of tech (to save time because his resources were tied up) and recruited Armadillo to his team. The Armadillo armor was mass produced (see, the Mechanon factories were preocupied) and thugs recruited to wear the armor (building computer controls for all those power suits would take more time and resources - humans are cheap, free, and expendable). Once set up at the Frozen North, teams of heroes from all over the world responded. Our PC's got to meet other heroes - Everyone was shocked to see fifty Armadillos, and I got to explain why the Russian guy went from having 128 duplicates for 3rd Ed to only 8 duplicates for 4th Ed. Copy a power suit, put expendable humans inside - the heroes don't hit the living as hard.
  2. Re: WWYCD: The Invasion Is On...
  3. Re: Supers and the law Pretty well, as one of the team is a police officer on the city police force (technicly a patrolman), another is a PRIMUS agent (I decided PRIMUS has the 16 major bases in the big cities, and offices of 1 or 2 agents scattered in another 40 cities), and 3 others work under a Federal super-agent program. The rest of the team just hangs around the official types.
  4. Re: Supers and the law This kind of ties in with the question I was trying to ask elsewhere. How does the Law apply to supers in your campaign? In the 5E Champions Universe (p.48) it states that "sentient aliens, extradimensional entities, artificial intelligences, and the undead...are not 'persons' under the law" and thus are not protected by the 14th amendments guatantees. It also says Congress has passed laws granting at least limited rights to all 'independant, free-willed, sentient entities in American territory. Here is the real question: If an established hero, protecting a region for 15 years, happens to be an Ent (tree-person) and he is killed, is it murder? What about his long time teammate, explorer from the planet Luthia, when he got blasted apart by Sparkler, was it murder? Or can anyone do anything they want to aliens, undead ect, because they have no rights as 'non-persons'? What would you rule in your game?
  5. Re: WWYCD: The Invasion Is On... Prof. Genesis: Relay the invasion information to the world governments and the superhero comunity. Then, using his knowledge of alien technology, (which probably is not compatable with the invading races tech) try to develop a computer virus to stop the invading fleet. He will also ask some appropiate hero for a ride to the command center or computer core of a major ship in the hopes of capturing it whole, so he can study it, and use it later. With all these alien invaders coming to Earth and their stuff getting captured, and all these super scientists around, Why is Earth not part of the galactic community yet?
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