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  1. At that power level, I would suggest Unisystem(All Flesh, Witchcraft, Buffy, etc.) or Unknown Armies before WoD. Witchcraft being a free dl at the Eden Studios site, you might be able to grab some ideas from there. I've always liked Eden's fiction, it is well written. It seems like I go around mentioning these in all sorts of threads, to the point where I may sound like a raving fanboy. I just consider myself a "conissuer" of the less well known systems. Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (book and BBC tv show), and the Underworld RPG are also good sources. I've been wanting to play in or run a setting like this for a long time, so I have a nice little collection of source material.
  2. I have always wanted a system with such tiny magics. I usually try and wing it with a cantrip substitute. As names go, I vote for Charms. It evokes the feeling of something taught in late childhood, early adulthood. I am sure I have some RPG's somewhere in storage that have a couple good candidates for conversion. Anyway, here are my additions. Oh, and I have close to zero experience with Hero (just got FReD), so I don't have the skills to stat them out and make sure they are appropriately weak. Soldier: Shut Eye - By going through a small ritual and reciting a poem/prayer, a soldier can fall asleep anywhere, in most conditions, and get a decent few hours of sleep. (represented by either functioning on less sleep, or being able to sleep like a baby while wearing armor and sunk up to your neck in a foul smelling bog.) Tuck In - Similar to above, but allows you to eat slop, and eat it quickly. Scout: Far Sight - Slight Telescopic vision. Gestures, Incantations, and Extra time are the obvious limitations, plus a few others. Fair Maidens/Kids/Old Folks/(Possibly mages): Roll of Quarters/Brass Knuckles - When someone offends you, insults you, or pushes you around until you are so angry you crack, your first punch does far more damage than should be reasonably expected. (Not sure whether more damage, or regular damage with knockdown would be better. There should be a maximum STR to use this charm.) Zap - Kills small rodents and bugs, damages smallish animals (enough to stun a small bird), and has no effect on larger creatures (other than a possible small sting). Handy if you are allergic to cats, or are afaid of spiders. A one point Flash would also be appropriate, to give them just enough time to jump on the heel toe express. Couldn't have Extra Time limitation obviously. Forgetful People: Red Rover - By spinning around and chanting a rhyme you can locate any misplaced personal object in the room/vicinity(not sure on range, if not visible, will most likely give you a direction). You must own, and be reasonably familiar with the object. Hmm.. running with my preferance of calling them Charms: Charm Bracelet/Necklace, etc. - Either work as a Charm spellbook of sorts (each charm being a spell), or it could work to store charms so you could cast them instantly if you were prepared. Obviously you can't have two identical charms on the same bracelet, I mean come one, you ever seen two identical things on a girls keychain? Travelers: Hurry up and Wait - When waiting for something that has a reasonable chance of happening soon (someone to arrive, hitching a ride on a well traveled road, pot to boil, girlfriend to get ready) by performing a simple "downtime" activity (smoking a pipe, playing solitare) ritualisticly, the event will happen when you finish. (By GM fiat of course). Like Change of Pace, but instead of being less boring, it *encourages* the event to happen sooner. I yanked the general idea for many of these from Underworld. Since I just parsed through it I have to mention (though it is waaaaaaay overpowered for this thread): For people who are scr..eh.. in serious trouble: Umbrella of Impending Doom - Open the ubrella and cower under/behind it. Oh, and no peeking. Completely negates one ranged "attack" (EB, hail of bullets, falling boulder, subway train, etc.) If you peek, it doesn't work. If another attack is coming soon, finding real cover would be good. Wow, this is really long. That's what I get for writing at 4am.
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