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  1. I have a question for those of you running "low powered" FH. What sort of magic system are you using, and how competent are starting mages? Are they more along the lines of apprentice at the beginning (light spell, detect/read magic), 1-3 lvl D&D (some ranged damage, armor, and general utilities), or something else? Not having played, I don't really know what point levels map to what concepts.
  2. Also last night showed a close up of the gun firing. There were no casings, and and pressurized air shot out ports on the bottom of the gun. As to what it is shooting, it is green like the orbo necklace, so that would be a good guess. Can't tell whether it is a contact thing or pierces the skin. The benefit of using pressurized guns is that they are, by nature, silenced. There is no way the projectile is breaking the sound barrier, and the "pop" of firing would be quieter than an explosive charge. As for the continuing magic vs psi, at the very least it is a psi framework of some sor
  3. Uhh.. lessee... Creepy Mines/Forests Dark Conspiracy (controlled by nasties) Trapsing through Sewers/Subway Tunnels Meet a fallen angel to continue the Neverwhere riff, have two unstopable assasins trailing you Something killing off those that won't be missed in the sketchy part of town Meet neutral'ish supernaturals who are just getting by Meet Puck (he always seems to show up in modern urban fantasy) Have the crazy mumbling guy downtown be right Meet your exact twin Find the secret buried city Have the crazy mumbling dog be right Have the crazy mumbling dog give
  4. The sand thingie also points to something a bit more than just Psi powers. It was in a special glyph that Robin studied. But beyond that, yeah, I was hoping for more "real" witchery. The biggest tell is that each witch only has one limited range of power. Robin can't even put out fires she creates, so it's not even a "complete" PyroK. As for how many are around, from the show I don't seem to recall them chasing anyone who hasn't done something wrong. I'd guess that as long as you behave yourself, you are okay, unless you are really powerful and they collect you at an early age to t
  5. Well, for sources of technology looking like magic, there is the techno-mage on the short lived B5 spinoff Crusaders, or Excalibur, or something like that. They are looking for a cure for a plague. Anyway, one of the characters is basically a fantasy wizard, but it is explained away with the inverse of the rule mentioned. There is also the Anarchy Online MMORPG where NanoMages control Nano swarms to produce their effects. I think there was some mention of it in the new incarnation of Gamma World as well. If you are thinking a fantasy world with "High" science instead of magic running ever
  6. Everytime someone mentions running horror, I mention the Unisystem. It is like clockwork. To sum up, they have a lot of archetypes premade for modern horror gaming (a complete book, actually, of fan created archetypes). Witchcraft is a free pdf on the Eden website, as well as sample archetypes (check the All Flesh section as well), and some pretty decent fiction. One of the supplement books details players as wraiths/vampires/vengeful dead (Think Jason). It is hard to balance them, but not impossible. To borrow ideas from WC's metaphysics, you could have the wraith character be required
  7. How could I have forgotten? Doh. If you have a Gamecube, or know someone who does, play Eternal Darkness. It is one of the best survival horror games around. Not only is it creepy as hell, but as you lose sanity, it becomes even more so. At first you don't notice it.. perspective gets a little off, and creepy sounds start in the background. When you get really messed up, you start having psychotic breaks, where you'll enter a room, and your limbs will fall off, and then you'll recover and realize you hadn't really gone into the room yet. Then it *really* messes with you so that when you
  8. Since creating "true" horror is so much more difficult, most "horror" RPG's are more dark pulp or supers. For actually scary RPGs, the independants have more variety. Kult, Chill, Little Fears, etc. As for not being afraid since you describe the monster, the quick answer is "don't." Follow the movie greats. Don't let them see it until it is on them, then describe only what they'd notice, which ain't much when a large shape is rushing at you. Instincts kick in, and instead of your brain going.. hmm.. lets see.. big thing coming at me in a predatious manner? Uhh.. well, what kind of preda
  9. Doh, forgot one. This one was even made by goblins. In Warcraft 3, you can buy neutral units. One is a goblin lumberjack called a Shredder. There should be a picture of it on the Warcraft 3 site on http://www.blizzard.com .
  10. Well, 'Bretto from Battle Chasers has displayed a flame thrower, a high velocity ball bearing thrower (bullets) with laser sight type thing, and after he got hit with lightning, he discharged it into some baddies. He said a second lightning strike would take him out though. The Warmachine Miniature Rulebook has a number of "WarJacks" and gives detailed stats on each. It may be worth it for that info alone. I would heartily reccomend flipping through it if you get a chance. The Privateer Press website also has a number of concept sketches up for their upcoming expansion. Good Lu
  11. I've always loved the look of steampunk golems, so I've been keeping my eyes open. A comic called Battle Chasers has one named Calibretto that looks pretty nifty. The MageKnight line has a couple good ones as well. Of course, THE source for steampunk mecha is Privateer press, and their Warmachine setting. Their mini's are awesome. What else... oh yeah.. I don't know what game you are referring to, but there is one for the PS2 called Dark Cloud 2, where a machanic hero builds one to ride around on. It looks a lot more low tech, with the base model being made out of wooden barrels. Web se
  12. At that power level, I would suggest Unisystem(All Flesh, Witchcraft, Buffy, etc.) or Unknown Armies before WoD. Witchcraft being a free dl at the Eden Studios site, you might be able to grab some ideas from there. I've always liked Eden's fiction, it is well written. It seems like I go around mentioning these in all sorts of threads, to the point where I may sound like a raving fanboy. I just consider myself a "conissuer" of the less well known systems. Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (book and BBC tv show), and the Underworld RPG are also good sources. I've been wanting to play in or run a se
  13. I partially agree with your thoughts on Earthdawn. Awesome setting, and strange rules. That being said, I would be leery of divesting the setting from the rules, mainly because of how tied together they are. The Step mechanic, while unique, will generate some of the most realistic probabilities seen in the industry, and the magic is such an essential party of the world that reimagining it might get sticky. That being said, there are a lot of gaps, and some things don't work out right. So, if you want to convert, the flexibility of the power system allows you to make characters that h
  14. I have always wanted a system with such tiny magics. I usually try and wing it with a cantrip substitute. As names go, I vote for Charms. It evokes the feeling of something taught in late childhood, early adulthood. I am sure I have some RPG's somewhere in storage that have a couple good candidates for conversion. Anyway, here are my additions. Oh, and I have close to zero experience with Hero (just got FReD), so I don't have the skills to stat them out and make sure they are appropriately weak. Soldier: Shut Eye - By going through a small ritual and reciting a poem/prayer, a
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