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  1. Re: Alien Wars: DropZone PBP I always had a knack for the special units in Warzone let's see if can remember some... Martian Banshees Dragoons Etoiles Mortant (females only...) Purple Dragons Tigerdragons Deathbringers Blood Berets Warhounds Morning Wolves I know... I think the names are a bit cheesy but I liked them
  2. Re: WWYD if you could recieve ONE super power Is Magic allowed as a superpower and is it one superpower? If yes, I will become the first real world Dr. Strange (but I will use a trenchcoat instead of a cape... you know... capes are bad) for no, well... ok, do you consider "The Shadow(s)" (movie version) abilities as one power? Then I want to have the abilitie to cloud the minds of other people. (as far as I see it all his powers are different forms of telepathie)
  3. Re: Wow....that is a useless power for sure.... I think it is avaiable at the "Home of the Underdogs" page http://www.the-underdogs.info they often give a link to a place where you can buy or download it just search for Hoboken in the search field Btw the Waffler is still my favorite from the movie...
  4. Re: Wow....that is a useless power for sure.... Mhm... searched a bit around and found the supers from the game Let's see... The Power to clean nearly any mess, it was Robomop who did this, the "The Iron Tummy" could eat spicy stuff... the leader was "The Crimson tape" with the power to create organizational charts then there was "Mademoiselle Pepperoni", she has x-ray vision that only works on pizza boxes "Tropical Oil Man" and his power to increase his enemies’ cholesterol (a real nasty attack) "Captain Excitement", his power was... well this
  5. Re: Wow....that is a useless power for sure.... Ever heard of the PC (don't know if it was also for the Amiga) Game "Superhero League of Hoboken" The Supers in this game had some useless powers, but you end up needing them to save the world. There was the power to eat extremly spicy things, clean every mess... and others... Ok, this game would be a good background for a comedy-champions game but I still love this game... if you find it somewhere and get it to work you will know what I talk about, otherwise this world and the Supers, the Enemies and all are hard to describe.
  6. Re: Help me name my team; Part Two: Germany. As far as the german goes... well it's my mothertongue so... I know what I'm talking about, I was just trying to help. Oh, and I hope that I will have the same knowledge about the english language as I have now but I think if I would not use my english for 20 years... well... Yep, I'm german and I second your Idea that many supers would use english names. Einsatzkommando S, mhm... with our new government here and some of our officials with their "task forces" you could use also "Task Force S", just try to speak it w
  7. Re: Help me name my team; Part Two: Germany. 1) Die Kampfmaschine is the way to go I think 2) Feuertänzerin sounds good to me 3)White Witch is not "Weissenhexen" in german, I would use The White Witch which would be "Die weiße Hexe" (the character is a female, right?) Schould be spoken like "die" = deep without the p, "weiße" = why + the as one word, Hexe is easy I think, like hex but with an e at the end that sounds like the e in ex. Just for the pronunciation. If you have questions I would be happy to help btw, weissenhexen sounds just silly 4) Magni, I
  8. Re: Your Favorite Fantasy Weapon? If I remeber it most of the people who ended up having the lance in their possesion ended up dead, most often as a martyr. Longinus himself was cured of blindness, became christian and then suffered by the hands of some cruel king or landlord, this guy after killing Longinus also became christian and as far as I remember suffered a similar fate. (the only problem I have with this story is the fact that in this case Longinus was a blind legionear that stabed jesus in the side. Well, so the roman army had some blind people in their ranks
  9. Re: Your Favorite Fantasy Weapon? I finaly found a fantasy weapon I want, Lula the sword form Dave the Babarian... I so love her sarcasm oh and I wonder why has nobody mentioned the famous artifact with a lot of pop-culture reference The Lance of Longinus, after all, if they are right about this piece you can't loose if you possess this thing. (Ok, somewhere else, I don't remember where I have read that it also brings some kind of bad luck with it)
  10. Re: Your Favorite Fantasy Weapon? My Favorite Fantasy Weapon? The Sword Of Light from Slayers the series, this family hairloom of Gourry Gabriev is nice because it is one of the most powerfull swords in this world. On the other side, Excalibur is a nice choice. A note on Stormbringer and Mournblade, even as I like the 3 basic stories about Elric and his Sword I have to say I do not want to wield one of these two nasties. I do not even want to be on the same planet as these two, nor the same dimension. Stormbringer is a monster and only brings death and destruction to his w
  11. Re: Crazy campaign ideas (Silly or serious) After playing Makai Kingdoms for the ps2 I had the idea of a game with the players as ultimate powerfull but incompetent beeings, so called overlords. It would definitly be on the side of comedy champions (high rolls are disasters too and so on) paired with some kind of Birthright/Military campaign... the players would struggle for the domination of the netherworlds and you would have tactical battles, superpowerfull beeings... and a lot of stragne things that can happen... depending on how cruel and sadistic you are as a GM
  12. Re: Geometric Spacetime Mhm... can't get the pdf or the original site (forbidden at the moment) but all this sounds familiar, somehow I remember a theory that sounds similar from the short list he gave on this blog. http://www.quantum-vortex.com/quantum_vortex/quantum_vortex.htm It's the quantum vortex theory, understand all the fundamentals of the universe without the math. At least the 180 degree part and the "there is no dark matter" part sound familiar. I think that this site is at least a good read.
  13. Re: Post-Apocolyptic Hero Setting We here in germany had two real good PA games in the last years, one was "Endland", more a mix of fantasy and future end times (humans + four races based on the 4 elements) and was really going to end ingame. You had to roll a d100 at the beginning of the campaign and this open to everyone (ok, the open version is a houserule by myself). The number that showed up was the years left till the last pice of earth will succumb to the terror of the four elements. You had giant monoliths as the spine of world (the rest that was there) and only around these monol
  14. Re: Drakine pics? http://warlordhq.reapergames.com/?nav=Main&sub=Fan%20Mini%20Gallery Watch out for Reptus-pics, I think they are close to Drakines as far as minis go. Ok, pictures of miniatures but better then nothing. ...never played the game but I like these warlord-minis
  15. Re: What happened to the Champions? mhm... ok... well if this guy is seeker, who's the ninja? ...anyway, I like the concept, well the original backstory might be a pit over-the-top-cheesy and I would do away some of his weapons but I think he's fine. Ok, maybe this is because I designed an australian karate warrior for an Ninja HERO game... (btw... this revised history does not sound cheesy in my ears and I would like to play such a charakter in DC:TAS with slight modifications)
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