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  1. I've only seen the first two episodes of WandaVision, but I already have some theories, one of which is that the sitcom homage will "update" over time. Already by episode two there's a transition at the end to color, much like sitcoms transitioned to color broadcasts in the mid-60s. Perhaps we'll get a Normal Lear/Brady Bunch/70s homage later in the season.
  2. There's a lot of false equivalency being tossed around on the right to try to downplay and equate the insurrectionists with BLM, Antifa, and people concerned about Russian interference. I'm assuming this level of diversion and denial lasts until the first domestic terror act to occur during the new administration, likely committed explicitly in Trump's name.
  3. Coincidentally this is also the only thing UUs don't tolerate.
  4. Security at Federal and State government facilities should be tripled for the rest of the month. There's already planning and talk about a new wave of attacks/"protests" on the 17th. Sedition and insurrection are no laughing matter and a threat to liberty anywhere is a threat to liberty everywhere.
  5. To be more specific, the officer was beaten to death by "patriots" using a fire extinguisher.
  6. This is utterly shameful and every protester who stormed into the building should be facing serious charges for this. And Trump should be completely finished for this in any political sense.
  7. If you see someone who looks like this, JUST...WALK AWAY.
  8. Very glad to hear that. Survival rates have gone up dramatically in the last few decades, and eventually, hopefully, all but the worst case scenarios will be highly treatable.
  9. I have a campaign NPC megahero in Germany named Der Morgenstern whose archenemy is NeoMephisto. The two beings' origin starts when a sorceror/alchemist named Faust struck a "powerful demon lord" in the chest with the Spear of Destiny and a piece of it stuck in his heart... There's kind of a Sentry/Void dynamic going on there.
  10. It's sort of mind-boggling that we're on track for maybe passing WW2 in total US deaths by Inauguration Day(also the anniversary of the discovery of the first case here), and a significant chunk of the population still believes it's an overblown hoax.
  11. NSFW--dirty words DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels (Official Video) - YouTube
  12. Stochastic terrorism is a bigger threat going forward than organized terrorism. Organized terror groups can be tracked, infiltrated and disrupted, but "lone wolves"(inspired by extremist ideologies) are harder to stop and still capable of doing a lot of damage.
  13. Basically, you get faster, stronger, tougher, with bigger energy attacks, maybe even some boost to your senses and combat skills(a CV boost). The alternative to Aid is Multiform, with perhaps some limitations imposed on the requirements for assuming the form and for holding it.
  14. Meanwhile they're insisting that all ballots be counted in Arizona. This thing is basically over, but the margins will have an impact down-ticket(the Senate is not settled completely, e.g.)
  15. It seems like an unnecessary fight. She already agreed that this next term would be her last in Congress and as Speaker.
  16. 100 million votes "banked" before election day. Amazing. We're headed for all-time record turnout, especially considering that the old records from pre-1920 didn't include 18 year olds, women, people of color or, in some cases, non-landowning white males. We need to continue early voting and make mail in voting universal, do motor voter registration everywhere and end disenfranchisement of ex-felons who've paid their debt to society.
  17. Yeah, the problem is that SCOTUS may rule that ballots received after election day, even if it's postmarked before election day, don't count, an inconceivable ruling in the Before Time.
  18. If you still have your mail ballot or absentee ballot, walk it in to a drop box. DO NOT PUT IT IN THE MAIL BECAUSE IT'S TOO LATE NOW. Alternatively, bring it with you to the polling place and vote in person instead. Some states require you to turn in your unsent absentee ballot in order to vote in person.
  19. The last great thing I can recall is the year same sex marriage became legal across the country. June 26, 2015. I believe that's also the month Trump declared his candidacy for president.
  20. It's the "shiftless, lazy blacks" trope. And, sadly, there are plenty of white folks who silently nod their heads in agreement, and don't believe they're being racist, just "realistic". See, those ugly negative stereotypes, in their minds, are largely "true", and therefore it can't possibly be racist for them to believe such things. Archie Bunker writ large. It's kinfolk to the same mindset that disregards scientific experts when those experts tell them inconvenient truths.
  21. Strategies to win the EC while losing the popular vote, OTOH, strike one as a bit obscene. "we know the other party is more popular at the national level, but here's a way we can win by threading the needle with narrow victories in a handful of battleground states". Once a party rationalizes that, it's a short hop to rationalizing minority rule in general, which is yet another step on the way to authoritarianism and tyranny.
  22. Only one of those involves a challenger beating the incumbent, 1932. That's the marker imo. If Biden even comes close to that mark, it's a real "come to Jesus" moment for the GOP. Do they steer away, or do they hit the gas as they near the cliff?
  23. There's a great deal of variance in people's handwriting, and the people processing these ballots aren't necessarily handwriting experts. Plenty of opportunity for mischief going the other way to just let them toss the ballots. If need be, put them in a pile and count them provisionally until you can evaluate them further.
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