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  1. Re: BSG Hero Update Fracking awesome. I've been thinking about running a BSG one-shot in April, but have been undecided on the system. Naturally, I want HERO, but not everyone else feels the same way. Now I have a little more leverage. Thanks!
  2. Re: The Invisible World This is only slightly off-topic*, but the Lovecraft story is significantly different from the book. First off, it doesn't have the film's weird overtones of BDSM and sex. Disappointing, I know, but I'm not sure I'd want to read a graphic Lovecraftian description of sex. Second off, it's a much "smaller" story, involving only the protagonist, the crazy guy, and a household servant or two instead of a whole cadre of sacrificial extras. In any event, the story's classic Lovecraft, so if you're into that kinda thing (and I am), it's worth reading. We
  3. Re: My Cool Color Hudson City Map Have you considered putting it on a mug? Or on greeting cards? I kid, I kid. I'm out of ideas, so jokes are all I have left.
  4. Re: My Cool Color Hudson City Map See? I knew there was a reason. Well, keep reachin' for that rainbow, full-color-Hudson-City-map-wanters, and keep hope alive.
  5. Re: The Invisible World This discussion (the actual discussion-- not the "HERO is not just Champions!" discussion) reminds me of Neverwhere, in which much was made about the idea that most people in London Above simply don't notice anyone from London Below. In that scenario, I'd say nothing has to be done with the PCs or anyone else who's aware. It's the common ignorant rabble who have the Psych Lim. After all, it's not a limitation to know more than the average citizen, but it is a limitation to be ignorant of some aspect of the world around you. In Neverwhere terms, this lack of awa
  6. Re: My Cool Color Hudson City Map This seems so obvious to me that I'm sure there's a good reason why it hasn't been suggested yet, but.... You already have some products available through CafePress, and they do posters. Couldn't you just do it through there? Charge $20 a poster and you're making a marginal profit for almost no extra effort on your part.
  7. Re: Yin-Yang Dice (or The Continuation of That Alternate Dice Pool Mechanic Thing) Ditto!
  8. Re: Variation on Game Mechanics: Dice Pool This is a logical and interesting alternative, although from what I saw of the Yin-Yang Dice in practice, it would've overly complicated things with my players. Granted, almost all of them were HERO neophytes, and my somewhat simpler version slowed things down a bit. I'm sure a more experienced group wouldn't have a problem with this variation.
  9. Re: Yin-Yang Dice (or The Continuation of That Alternate Dice Pool Mechanic Thing) This I like. Good call.
  10. This is an update/report regarding a wacky little dice mechanic I mentioned in another thread. I tried it out for the first time last night, and it went pretty well. Since it was for a Wuxia HERO game, and because one of my players insisted I come up with a name appropriate to the genre, I've taken to calling it Yin-Yang Dice. A lot of Herophiles had great suggestions in that other thread. Here's what I ended up with. YANG DICE The Yang Dice are a pool of dice which can be used by the entire party in a few different ways. The initial number of Yang Dice is equal to the
  11. Re: Ability: "Check Enemy" - does this writeup work? It seems to me the only thing that doesn't work about this is the Instant aspect. A Suppressed Power or Characteristic only stays Suppressed for as long as the Suppressor pays END (or otherwise keeps the Suppress up), so if it's changed from Continuous to Instant, it seems to me it'd have no effect at all-- even if the Power is used directly before the target would act, even on the same Phase, I'd think the Suppress would take effect and expire before it could do anything. IMO, a more foolproof way to do this would be with Uncontr
  12. Re: Who would you recreate? I'd revamp Dr. Light, so that instead of a villain he's a periodontist.
  13. Re: Variation on Game Mechanics: Dice Pool Well, I had the idea that if the players wanted to add or subtract damage, as appropriate, using the pool dice, they could do that, but it'd mean permanently removing those dice from the pool. But I like the idea of removing dice as a penalty or via the actions of a powerful NPC, too. All in all, a lot of really good ideas so far. I'm going to go see King Kong now, but in the next day or two I'll post a revised mechanic that takes advantage of all this great feedback.
  14. Re: Variation on Game Mechanics: Dice Pool I don't see what the problem would be here. It's just-- Oh. Right. Yeah, that's definitely something to consider. Therefore, I'll consider it.
  15. Re: Character Challenge: Write up Bizarro-Apache Chief Yes. I believe that's part of the joke. If Inukchuk --> Growth ~ Phallic Symbol = Masculinity, then Eunuch = Loss of Masculinity ~ Shrinking <-- Eunuchchuck
  16. Re: Variation on Game Mechanics: Dice Pool I had thought of the game-breaking potential of swapping out your own high attack die with a low die from the pool to guarantee success, then taking that high die back for your damage. However, I think that limiting the die-swapping to once per Turn, or even once per Phase, would put the kaibosh on that. And yeah, maybe keeping the die added from Luck exclusive to the character who paid for the luck would be good. He'd have his own supplemental pool of dice. I don't mind some of the more "abusive" aspects of this, like changing the ST
  17. Alright, I don't post much around here-- not lately, anyway-- but I was thinking of running a Wuxia HERO one-shot in the next couple weeks, and I had an idea that I think is pretty nifty. I'm hoping someone can give me some feedback and/or tell me why it wouldn't work. The idea is a collective Dice Pool (Action Pool? Chi Pool? Fate Pool?) shared by all PCs. For each PC in the party, one die is added to the pool. For each level of Luck present in the party, another die is added. So if you had four PCs and a total of 10 points of Luck between them, that'd be six dice in the pool (note
  18. Re: RFC: Sharing the Cost of Powers True, but that's part of the tradeoff. It's more convenient to get that one dude to show up than it is to coordinate schedules between those other eight jerks.
  19. Re: RFC: Sharing the Cost of Powers Hey hey. Occasional lurker, infrequent poster. I too like the idea. Just to quantify things, if this were my game and more than one character were sharing a VPP, I'd have them each pay individual Control Costs in full, and split the Pool Cost. This way each can have different Limitations applied to reflect different methods of using the Pool. Part of me wants to apply no Limitation at all for the sharing aspect, regardless of the specifics (e.g., framework or no framework). PCs don't split the cost for Vehicles/Bases, but then again, they
  20. Re: Quark! Y'know, I don't really post around here, but when I saw this thread I had to reply. Though I was but a wee lad at the time, I loved Quark in its original run. I'll be in line for the DVDs when (I'm an optimist) they come out.
  21. Re: CHAR: Zelig I read it, and it's awesome. I'm doing the Chameleon as we speak. (I know that sounds dirty, but it's not.)
  22. Re: Lil' Slugger Question Well... not to derail this thread too much with NGD nonsense (hey, there's a whole separate board for that crap!), but while I liked Perfect Blue, I found the plot to be a little familiar and worn. The Split Personality premise (either variation: you think it's two people but it's not, or you think it's one person but it's two) is right up there with the Messiah premise ("So... the prophecy is true!") as one of the most overused in the past, say, ten years. Gorgeous look to it, even if I find the idea of a Japanese girl pop band in tafetta babydoll dresses
  23. Re: Lil' Slugger Question Yeah, that'd be a great non-standard Normals game, if you can find a way to shift the focus away from the people who are being attacked and onto those who are investigating the crime. I mean, it can't just be running from one crime scene to another without getting anywhere, which is pretty much what the cops on the show do, and it can't be an episodic series of introspective vignettes with a constantly-changing roster of solo PCs, either. However, I feel I should point out that it's not on Toonami; it's on the Saturday night Adult Swim Action Block. U
  24. Re: Anyone get DC: TAS yet? I have to say that, as a guy who did a detailed, anal-retentive test read on the playtest copy of DC:TAS, it's a little disappointing to hear about these typos. I caught them all, dammit! I caught them all! However, I do like the content regardless, despite the fact that it's nearly all characters and almost no "guidance." At first glance, several of the villains struck me as a little on the corny side, but a few tweaks here and there and suddenly they were worthy adversaries for my group.
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