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  1. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Robert Plant and Alison Krauss did an album together called Raising Sand . First thought - seems like a strange combination. Second thought - that's a TON of talent in one room. Man does it work. Best thing I've heard in ages. Hands down. Not that it will ever get radio play.
  2. Re: Personal Sacrifice Well, the initial question by Steve said the power could be re-used every 5 minutes. That doesn't sound like something that would do permanent or semi-permanent damage. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to use it nearly that often. On the other hand, if you WANT it to be such a sacrifice that it takes longer to heal, you can still use Drain and just move the recovery rate further down the time chart.
  3. Re: Decoupling Movement from Speed or Segement moviement I think you've done a good job here of summarizing the difficulty in separating SPD and Movement. The very nature of HERO makes it almost impossible to do without decoupling other things to the point that it no longer feels like the same game. Depending on your point of view, this may or may not be a bad thing, but reagardless of how you feel about it, it REALLY changes the game.
  4. Re: Unique, interesting powers Not really a power, but it's AMAZING what Well Connected and lots of contacts can do to a game. For actual powers, I had a samurai type character with 16D6 of Dispel vs. Fire as one of his sword's powers. Came in really handy a couple of times. Good for putting out fires started by bad guys -or just helping out the local fire department when passing by(never hurts to get some good press). And when the bad guys pulls out his flame thrower - fun to watch it sputter. Not to mention what you can do to "flying flame boy". It was almost an afterthought when I
  5. Re: Decoupling Movement from Speed or Segement moviement The world record for the Mile is around 3:35 or so. As for decoupling movement and speed, I haven't had much success with it. The game just doesn't lend itself well to it. About the best I can suggest is to basically figure out how fast in real life(in mph or kph) you want the character to be able to move, work out how many inches that is and then give them enough move and SPD to cover it, then handle chases cinematically.
  6. Re: Help needed, I new to hero system can someone offer me some advice? There are definite mixed reviews on HERO designer among my friends. Some really like it, some really don't. Partly, I think it depends on how good you are with computers(and maybe how good your computer is). For myself, I've never really found a need for it. I tend to be a guy who likes lots of characters. CKC(Conquerors, Killers, and Crooks) is THE villain supplement to own if you want to run in the established campaign world as it has most of the settings "classic" villains in it. These are the ones that have
  7. Re: Defences against the stun of KAs In some ways a large number of KA doesn't surprise me. If you look through the published characters, especially for 4th edition, it seemed like almost every villain with an energy power had a KA slot. But resistant defenses were less common. That kind of ratio leads to some bloody gaming. As a way to tone down the blood, we basically let anyone buy 8-10 points of resistant defenses as "necessary for survival in a supers game", regardless of anything else. They could buy it natural, call it an armored costume, whatever they wanted. We also
  8. Re: Your Dream Projects For Hero Books I don't remember seeing it. I have "You Gotta Have Character" but that's not the same by any stretch. Can you remember what it's called?
  9. Re: Your Dream Projects For Hero Books 1. An updated version of Normals Unbound, with an extra section for expanded write ups of the "normal, secret IDs" of important heroes and villains like Defender. 2. Around the world in 200+ heroes. One hero(or villain) for each country.
  10. Re: allergy disadvantage? I'd say Susceptibility, probably call it Uncommon unless you can be Susceptible from a long ways away. If you have to be close enough to smell it(in the same hex), it's really not going to be that limiting.
  11. Re: Common Items Generally, in our games, you can have a "one time" access to any item, if you can convince me you would have stopped off to pick it up(and that you carry some cash in your costume). HOWEVER, continued use of the one time pass will mean that you'll lose it and have to pay points for basically everything. There is one exception, however. Everyone can have a "Tracfone" type cell phone as a freebie. They're very cheap, very common, and can really help the plot along. But anything else you better pay points for it if you want to have it regularly.
  12. Re: Time travel in the Marvel Universe Marvel's use of time travel is a bit iffy and haphazard. But then, I've never been much for time travel anyway. List of those who can do it: Mechanical(Time Machine or objects) Reed Richards, Dr. Doom, I believe Quasar's power bands let him travel through time, Kang, Immortus, Black Panther(limited), Nathaniel Richards, I believe that the Eternals have a time machine and possibly the Inhumans as well whoever has the Time Gem of the Infinity Gauntlet(I don't remember who had it after Adam Warlock broke up the gems, I think Pip had it at
  13. Re: Willpower Generally, this equates to Damage Reduction or Armor with a -1/2 Limit, Requires a Skill(EGO) Roll. That character might want Resistance as well.(the talent that makes it harder to torture/interrogate you).
  14. Re: PRE Attacks I tend to only use PRE attacks against players with the following three rules in mind: 1. Try not to use them a lot unless the players do also. 2. Save them for epic/cinematic moments. 3. Only big bad guys get them, not run of the mill villains or agents.
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