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  1. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Robert Plant and Alison Krauss did an album together called Raising Sand . First thought - seems like a strange combination. Second thought - that's a TON of talent in one room. Man does it work. Best thing I've heard in ages. Hands down. Not that it will ever get radio play.
  2. Re: You know the GM has it in for you when... This is a huuuuge inside joke but I'll explain in a moment*: You know the GM has it in for you when....you're playing Ravenloft for Breakfast. * When I was in college a guy had a "campaign" called Ravenloft for Breakfast. Everyone brought a character, ordered breakfast and tried to surivive long enough to bring the character next week. No one ever did. Death was generally arbitrary and amusing. For instance, two people showed up with very similar characters so the GM ruled that they were too much alike and created a reality paradox which caused them both to wink out of existence. The record length for character survival was 45 minutes.
  3. Re: You know the GM has it in for you when... You tell the GM your character's name and he says "Oh, whatever. It's not that important - as long as you know you're the one taking damage, that's enough."
  4. Re: You know the GM has it in for you when... When the GM decides that your 250 point gadgeteer needs a few "Free" hunteds to liven up the character: Mechanon, Mechassassin, and Dr. Destroyer.
  5. Re: The most unbelievable trope in the superhero genre... I think the trope is necessary to maintain a positive/upbeat campaign view. If humans are basically constantly at war, or forced to cower in their homes to avoid uberbeings or even deal with being victimized by them a few times a year as the next super conqueror comes along and enslaves whole populations, it ceases being fantasy and becomes very dark, gritty almost Hobbesian stuff where man's lot is pain and there is a large dose of "humans are basically evil" since even the well intentioned tend to do more harm than good.
  6. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Mostly classic country on the IPOD right now: Merle Haggard - Ultimate Collection Conway Twitty - 25 #1 Hits Ronnie Milsap - 16 Biggest Hits Tanya Tucker - Best of My Love Roger Miller - Best of Roger Miller(which I find I keep on almost all the time no matter what. It's so fun and so infectious, it makes great psycho therapy when things suck.) Just picked up the new Sheryl Crow CD Detours
  7. Re: "Neat" Pictures It looks similar to one of London c.1600 that is sometimes found in books on Shakespeare/his works. But there are too many hospitals and too much buildup outside of the "old city walls". Given that it is from a "pocket atlas" it's probably from the last century.
  8. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Giant Robo: The Night The Earth Stood Still. Very good. Very dark. Castle of Cagliostro. The Scarlet Pimpernel starring Leslie Howard. Classic stuff. Howard is every bit as good as Errol Flynn who is better remembered.
  9. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Giant Robo on DVD. Good stuff.
  10. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts I think whether you use Martial Arts or whether you use Combat Skill Levels depends on the character. For me, the general guideline is that if I can't name the Martial Art the character is using, then they get CSLs.
  11. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast EBs are far less lethal. EBs almost never do BODY to anyone who belongs on the field(normals would take BODY but that's a different story). Anyone with decent police issue BODY armor or any super is generally not going to take BODY from an EB. But since Killing Attacks ignore non-resistant defenses for the BODY(all DEF counts toward reducing STUN if ANY DEF is resistant), you can kill someone in short order since a lot of people don't have resistant DEF(or at least don't have enough to totally stop the BODY damage). As heroes, you're generally not supposed to be trying to kill people. Also, Killing Attacks, if you're using the STUN multiplier, tend to do wildly different amounts of damage each time they are rolled. EBs are more consistent. Even if you aren't rolling for the STUN multiplier, Killing Attacks still have a lot more variation in how much damage they do. Finally, there is the matter of special effect. Sometimes, energy is potentially lethal - a lightning bolt for instance. But other times, it is not(a shock from an electric security fence like you use to keep dogs in the yard). Fido doesn't have resistant DEF, so you have to make the electric fence an EB(unless you really WANT to be rolling every time he crosses the barrier to see which of his BODY parts is no longer functioning properly.)
  12. Re: Odd Situation Depending on the situation, there are a lot of possibilities here. What was the NPC out to do. If they're robbing a bank and already have the loot, maybe they just leave since the hero isn't hurting them. You can try area effect attacks. Or use the area against the hero(rip out a lamp post and start sweeping hexes, collapse a wall behind the character). They could take time and Aim or Set to gain bonuses to hit. If there is more than one NPC, they could coordinate attacks to get a bonus.
  13. Re: Big Blue in control: WWYD Proteus would probably tell he/she/them that the work so far is nice, but that trying to change the type of government a country has is simply beyond the realm of super powers - unless you have LOTS of mind control - and suggest he go do something useful.
  14. Re: Lets Talk Disads: The Point Trap First, I don't worry too much about the "category" limits. I just want the disads that best define the character. If the guy is a hopeless neurotic with massive psychological problems, he can take all the Psych Lims he wants. If he's managed to tick off everyone he meets and has half the country hunting him down, fine. Second, I think that Hunted/Watched/Enemy is pretty easy to come up with if you have characters with well developed backgrounds and histories, though you as a GM need a well-developed world with lots of people in it to help this along. It's much easier to give a character a hunted if you can look at the character and immediately say "You might have had a run in with so-and-so, how about a hunted?" Age is hard to take in any genre because it really limits your physical abilities, which most characters depend on. Plus, most people don't think of heroes as "old"(the ancient mystic stereotype aside). They think of them as young, often "just starting out". Characters who are "just starting out" aren't usually over 40. But if you encourage people to play "experienced" campaigners(and open up the perks you'll let them have as well as let them buy an extra skill level or two) you might find it more common. Vulnerability/Susceptibility/Accidental Change are for things that aren't human. They work ok for mystics and magical creatures(e.g. - werewolves) and of course, superheroes, but not so well for normal folk who have gone out and picked up a sword. I think that people look at Physical Limitations a little too narrowly too. We tend to think of having a Physical Limitation as having a permanent injury or deformity(missing a hand or an eye, for example). But a Physical Limit is really just the inability to do something. You can take "poor depth perception" or "needs reading glasses" for 5 points if your GM will enforce it. Or you can take "cannot read" in a campaign where literacy is common. I could also see things like "mechanically inept" to represent a character who, not only isn't well trained but has the knack for making things worse. The guy that when you say "When I say, Now, turn this hard right" somehow manages to turn it so far that he opens the valve up too much, or inexplicably manages to break the control off. Unluck is always fun. One die doesn't do much more than keep things interesting. As for racial package deals, I treat them as suggestions of things to buy, but I never consider it a requirement that you buy everything in the package. You have to pay points out of your 150 for anything you buy and the disads you take count toward your 75, but you pick and choose whatever is appropriate and ignore the rest(with GM approval of course).
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