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  1. When the Players get these items are you going to: 1) Give them the build details and have them spend character points to keep them as a permanent addition to their characters. 2) Tell them this is what the item does. If it is option 2 I would just workout the weapon effect and decide on what is required to penetrate facade (Sense and/or Difficulty). Hero is a great toolkit system and I enjoy using it and working things out but sometimes you do not need to make additional work for yourself.
  2. If you read the Cyberkinesis rules in APG1 p.70 it gives details on calculating the effective Int of a characters Focus which Defender's Power Armor is. I do not have time to do the math but the effective Int is 1/5 of the AP of the Armors highest costing power and +1 for each additional power the focus uses and either + 50% or 5 which ever is less due to the focus being inaccessible. To be honest though with a new player I would hand wave some of the rules. This fight is some friendly sparring so make the target a little over an average roll for his abilities so he has a fair chance. I
  3. Interesting idea, I have seen it done in several books and television shows with the repercussions being different in each case. Questions: When does the elf remember their past lives? Are they born with these memories or do they develop over time. It could be that an Elf needs to be taught a technique to allow them to journey into their past lives and remember. The memories become part of them like a dream but one they remember. Or do the memories merge with their current forms becoming inseparable. Depending on how the Elf remembers will determine how they affect them mentally.
  4. Ragitsu you have explained the power but what context will it be used in. If this is a plot device and will be used by an NPC don't bother to build it. Just note down what its effect is and what methods are available for escaping it. If its a PC power I would treat it one of two ways: 1) If you want an absolute effect build the power to the level at which 99% of beings could not escape and House Rule it as Absolute. This was the suggested method in the Hero System if you wanted to have a absolute. 2) Tell the PC there are no Absolutes, you could build the power to the point that no
  5. Going back to Altair's Improvisation Question. I like my players to think outside of the box, coming up with inventive methods for using their powers in different ways. From experience I find Hero can handle this quite well, you just need a good understanding of the Hero System and the players character build and concept. Using Spiderman's Web Shooters for example: Player has used a Multipower with the usual powers; Swing, Stretch, Entangle. During a battle Spidery encounters minions who have non-sticky armour meaning he can't stick them with webbing, so he comes up with the concep
  6. Sometimes when designing characters I have trouble deciding which defense power to use. My general rules are: 1) Damage Resistance - For physical protection; armour, Tough Hide, etc: 2) Damage Reduction - For a beings innate resistance to damage. 3) Damage Negation - For Non-physical protection - Energy Shields, Mystical Barrier, etc. For a physical shield such as a buckler I tend to to have it increase DCV. I was wondering if anyone else has trouble with this and if they have any rules for what one to use?
  7. Thanks for the input. We have decided to handle the evolution of the armour as just buying the armour as Resistant Defense and Power Defense and if an extremely exotic Special Effect is used we will half his defense the first time it is encountered. He will also buy Life Support as standard. We still need to work out the adaption ability. Basically it is a similar principle to Tony Stark have multiple/interchangeable armours so he can change for what he needs. The Player wants to do that with his armour. It just occurred to me that an alternative method might be to use Multiform fo
  8. Firstly I refer to it as armour but it is not something separate of the PC, he is bound to it and can summon it as required. He gains no benefit from the armour unless it is equipped. Armour Forms: Base: The most basic form the armour takes with any energy reserve Balanced: This is where the armour's energy reserve is used to enhance the armour abilities in a balanced manner - This is it standard form. Evolution is improvement to the armour's base form. Adaption is the armour's energy reserve being redistributed to meet a specific requirements. Adaption is a matter of conscio
  9. I had a talk with my player last night and we attempted to clarify his concept. 1) The armour needs to be exposed to the environment to adapt to it. So if an attack used ice to freeze him initial it would work but if it was attempted again the armour would of adapted to be resistant to it. Mechanical I was thing Power Defense/Damage Resistance with the limitation: Only against effects previously experienced (-1/4). Of course there are only so many effects so the limitation could become redundant. 2) Some of the evolution is permanent. This is not only about what the armour experiences,
  10. One of my players wants to play a hero who wears a Living Amour. He says the armour was crafted from a creature which abilities allowed it to Adapt/Evolve to survive in any environment or overcome any obstacle or opponent. The creature's Life Force was so strong that is still alive even now its any armour. (I know what manga he has been reading - "Akame Ga Kill!"). The Armour grants the following benefits: 1) Near Invulnerability" 2) Enhanced: Strength, Agility & Speed 3) Selection of Weapon: Halberd, Projectile Blades 4) Adaptive and Evolutionary I have said that the abiliti
  11. APG stands for Advanced Players Guide. There are two volumes available and they companions to the core books with additional and expanded rules, powers, skills,etc. They are both quite interesting. Should be able to get the books or PDFs from the Hero store.
  12. A PCs power is based around his ability to create a movable barrier. It can only take the shape of a rectangular solid but it's dimensions can vary. He has used it for a number of things; movement, attack and defense. What he wants to do now is create a small barrier over his shoulder and charge the enemy. It seems a little pointless to me considering he can already attack with it at range, however its his character and choice. I was wondering how to build it. My thought was as a HA attack with AOE Line. The issue was do I need to incorporate an aspect that he has physically moved
  13. With Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) she received blessing from several Fairies, I believe these included; Wealth, Sing like a bird (Literally), and off course the ability to if she pricks her finger to put herself and everyone in an area of her asleep. That could be an interesting power. I believe she received about 7 in total, what these are could be up to you. With Belle (Beauty and the Beast) you could step away from the story a bit and treat Beast's curse as a form of Lycanthropy. When Belle fell in love with him it did not cure the curse but allowed him to control it. The curse could of
  14. I usually CAP PSL at offsetting 4pts. As with all abilities spending I determine what I will allow based on the game we are playing. Example of Exception: I allowed a character to offset all 8pts for Hit Locations. This was in a Monster Hunter International game. The ability only applied to only applied to Knives in melee. I allowed this considering that most Players used Firearms for the range and damage and that Monsters are generally melee users and could kill or take out a player in a single turn.
  15. It depends on the situation: If I am involved in the combat or I am observing it I watch the combat and figure our my next action. However if I am not involved in the combat or would have no knowledge of what was happening I either read a book or make plans for the game but I keep an ear out to what is happening. When i have GMed games with VPPs I have insisted that all power must be written up before being used, with some exceptions. I have no problems with a player writing up a power during a game or even a combat but it cannot hinder the action. I general have an a countdown clock w
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