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  1. Name: Echo Power: Sonic Absorption and Projection - Able to store sonic vibration (noise, talking, etc). She can replay it specifically or piece it together to form sentences. She is also able to combine all the stored sound and release it as a sonic force. With time she has learnt to manipulate the sound characteristics (Frequency, Amplitude, etc) this allows her to disintegrate objects and create areas of sonic interference to negate sound (Darkness Hearing - AOE). Story: Sarah was born mute, although all her other sense work fine. She was always the target of bullies and was left out of most things. Her home life was not much better, her mother had walked out when she was 6 with another man and her father had fallen to drink which lead to violence. She discovered in her early teens that she could absorb the sound from around her and release it. With practice she could talk by projecting pieced together conversation she had heard. From then on she carried a small computer with her and pretended that it was talking for her. When she was 15 she was at a football game and the school bully decided to pick on her as usual. When the bully hit her over the head she lost control of her power and absorb the sound of the cheering crowd and then released it as a scream at the bully. The stadium was destroyed by the combined sound of all the people. The bully suffered sever injury and was rendered permanently deaf. Luckily for Sarah no one realized that it was her, they were unsure what it was. This event changed her life, she realized that she did not have to be a victim and when she learnt of what had happened to the bully who had tormented her she was happy. She started to get back a the people who had always bullied her including her farther. People started to realize that something was wrong in town and when suspicion pointed at Sarah she fled. She used her powers to take what she needed to survive, never staying in a single place to long. It was in her early 20s when she first broke into a bank by disintegrating the wall of the vault. It was shortly after this that she came to the attention of the Mutants of Mythos.
  2. I am really looking for to this, I have run a couple of games using the quick start rules and my players have really enjoyed it. I even got one of my players who dislikes Hero to ask me to run more games using it.
  3. Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? People always say what would you do if you won the lottery. I can think I one very important thing straight off. MH is really looking interesting, thanks for keeping us informed on your progress. Of course the post I am really looking forward to is where you annouce that its being published.
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