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  1. Did a search over the forums, and the internets, and thus far have come up with nothing whatsoever. I'm working with a friend to create an original SF setting in the year 2176, and we thought it was pretty important to have actual interplanetary distances on the start date of the setting (1/1/2176). At first I was just going to copy directly from the Transhuman Space book that lists distances as of 2100, but I really would like to avoid just stealing their work. So, my question is this: does anyone know of an online program that calculates the distances of all the planets and (hopefully)
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Quick setup: Our game is fantasy using the Conan 1st ed. ruleset in a homebrew world. Our characters are Imperial Inquisitors, two former soldiers who after a terrible war have been stationed at a small city to keep the Emperor's Peace, and to root out any signs of treason or handle anything that is beyond that of the local city guard. My character is Belkin, a former cavalry soldier of the Empire's most elite squad, while my friend is Gannon, a former mercenary and general "ends justify the means... as long as I get rich" type. He's the
  3. Re: Mega Men Very cool idea, I'm always up for just about anything Mega Man related. The original Blue Bomber, of course. Though when I saw the post I thought somebody was actually making a Hero game based off of the post-apocalyptic Mega Man rock opera by the band the Protomen. That I would like to see done.
  4. Alright, I know this is pretty well treaded ground already, but all the software I've found for modeling galactic scale starmaps is for Windows (and most of those for older Windows OS's). I was wondering if anybody knew of anything made for the Mac? I have Astrosynthesis on my desktop PC, but it's buggy as hell on Vista and I'm never able to use the machine because I do all of my writing on my laptop (and most of that is outside of the home). Sorry if this is already covered, and I'm not holding my breath, but anything would help. Oh, and I do have Celestia on the laptop, which is g
  5. Re: Mass Effect Campaign Setting One of my gm's is actually wanting to start a ME campaign, but is intent on using the Star Wars Saga Edition rules and converting them over. Personally, I'm pretty against this, so I've been pushing for using Star Hero. In the interest of convincing him of this, any new updates on rules/stats/campaigns?
  6. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? You mean to prepare yourself by lowering your expectations so much that the Chun Li movie might be bearable? I watched the first episode of Desert Punk a couple of weeks ago on Netflix streaming, and while I liked the setting and the concept, the actual execution was terrible. Too bad. And Boondock Saints is an awesome movie. Don't know how many times we've made the characters into Cyberpunk pc's.
  7. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? I've only seen the commercials, but I have seen the first one. So, by extrapolating probable quality based off of these two sources, you could say I'm making an anti-recommendation. And yeah, I love the first two Mummy movies quite a bit, and even saw Scorpion King on opening day. Just struck me as a somewhat lame version of the original Conan movie. Which is too bad, because the "Rock" should be a fantastic action star (for the one movie where this is true, see "The Run Down").
  8. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Surely you mean "forget Scorpion 2 as well."
  9. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Just watched the first two episodes of Planetes, an anime series set in the late 2060's during the rise of space travel. It follows a space debris cleanup crew through their everyday life, working to clean all of the crap floating in orbit around the Earth after a shuttle carrying civilians was destroyed by a screw traveling at several meters a second. Like many anime, it has its goofy moments, which is one of the things I don't like about most anime series. But it has a surprising large amount of hard science behind it, and they're obviously tryi
  10. Re: Transporter Accident Ironhide, (a Colossus clone) after armoring up and ready to break some heads, would eventually cooperate and allow the medical officers to run their tests, all the while trying to glean as much information on his current surroundings as possible. He'd try to figure out what had happened to his team, and what their current status was. Once he found out that he was in a future identical to Star Trek, he would request a flight back to Earth, where he would scour the archives for information on Mutants and his own team, Legion X. Once he realizes that this may not be
  11. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Oh, wow, I completely forgot to mention that movie. Watched it for the first time about two weeks ago. Any movie that has so many casualties that over a dozen people die in the sex scene, I'm happy. Clive Owen is a good man.
  12. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Valkyrie. Pretty good, though not amazing. Visually very well done, conveyed the story rather well, and had a great cast. Unfortunately, the cast was a little too... international. The mix of accents that were all supposed to be actually speaking German was a little jarring from time to time, especially Cruise. Just weird when you had secretaries with German accents speaking to someone with a British accent being yelled at someone with an American accent. Other than that and a few other small things, pretty good overall.
  13. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Started watching MI-5 with the roommate (I believe it's known as "Spooks" in the UK). We'd been looking for somewhere to pick it up for a while, but just happened to discover it on the Netflix Instant View list and been watching it on the 360. Started out pretty bad. Like, hilariously bad. But once it hit the third episode, the kid gloves were off and we couldn't stop watching it. Brilliant show. Aside from the handful of episodes that have these huge plots that are extremely well done, but they wrap up in the last three minutes. Two big exam
  14. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Just finished Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: 2nd Gig. Loved it even more than the first season. Really phenomenal stuff near the end. Man I hope they get around to making a 3rd Gig.
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