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  1. Re: Southern Belle And a picture. Okay its a chibi picture but it's cute and it gives you a basic idea of what she looks like.
  2. Re: "It really isn't that unusual" Power Thank you for all of the suggestions. Ultimately I went with It really isn't all that unusual: Invisibility to Sight Group, No Fringe (30 points), Invisible Power Effects (Character can be seen just doesn't stand out as unusual or memorable) (+1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END, +1/2) (60 Active Points), Not vs. people with mental defenses (-1/2), Not vs. cameras (-1/4), Does not apply in combat (-3/4) Total Points: 24 I can put it in her multipower for two points and it seems like it should reduce her chance of being caught significantly. Being able to blend into a group and just slip away from the heroes or not having to worry quite so much about someone recognizing her and calling the police seems quite worth two points.
  3. Re: Vulnerability: You HIT me / You HURT me Thank you for all of the suggestions. The GM and I seem to have decided on the following: 10 I can't believe you hit me: Susceptibility: Belle takes 2d6 of stun when struck in hand to hand combat (Common 10, Instant +0, must be touched -5, 2d6 +5) The delaying a phase, half-phase, etc. would make a lot of sense as well, though it would definately need to just apply to the first strike in combat or else she could easily end up delayed for the entire fight. Oh and I really liked the pictures, especially the third one.
  4. Southern Belle is the character I'm submitting for a new play by post game. Comments and suggestions are welcome. The game itself is set in the Champions Universe and is basically a standard superhero level game, except that the active point limit is 60. Southern Belle / Annabelle Buchanan Powers: Southern Belle is a mentalist who primarily uses mind control enforced requests, such as "Would you please be a dear and hand me that cash box? Thank you so much." and an ego blast in the form of sleepiness, "My, it is warm out today isn't it. Doesn't this heat make just make you feel like taking a nice little nap?" She also, carries a parasol which can be used as both a shield and weapon and has a few defensive powers based on the fact that her enemies just don't really want to hurt her all that much. Origin: Annabelle Buchanan was born to into a wealthy southern family who never expected more of her than to be decorative, know enough to get along well socially, and to eventually marry well. Unfortunately, that was not to be. The year that Annabelle graduated with her bachelors degree in art appreciation, her father managed to lose the family fortune to a mix of bad investments and the results of the IRS discovering quite a few irregularities. Almost immediately thereafter, Annabelle's fiancé broke up with her, only to marry another heiress only a few months later. Annabelle reacted badly to the family's change in fortunes, suffering a breakdown and having to spend several months under psychiatric care (Possibly in the Goldenmeadows Facility). Ultimately, Annabelle's time under the psychiatrist's care had unexpected results. Annabelle isn't entirely certain herself what led to her gaining her powers. Perhaps, she'd had the potential all along and just hadn't realized it until stress and need awakened them. Perhaps, one of the drugs her psychiatrist gave her triggered them. Perhaps it was something else entirely. All that she knows is that while she was charming and attractive before the breakdown, now those gifts have been greatly magnified and thus Southern Belle was born. Personality notes: While gracious and polite, Belle feels entitled to the wealth and social standing that should have been hers. She has neither the desire, nor really the necessary skills, to work for a living, though she still has every intention of having the rewards that work generally brings. In addition to being, well lazy is such a harsh word, Belle really isn't all that bright. Part of this is due to the fact that she was never encouraged to excel intellectually, but even more of it is just a lack of natural ability. Even if she had tried, Belle probably would never have been more than an average student. And in both high school and college she focused much more on being popular and attending parties, joining the right sorority, etc. than she ever did on her classes. Finally, Annabelle is quite simply not entirely sane. She is perfectly comfortable walking down the street in clothing that went out of style centuries ago. She has been known to tell stores or restaurants to send the bill to the "Goldenmeadow Plantation," (which does not exist). Her statements and actions tend to imply that she may be living, at least in part, in her own delusions. Annabelle isn't fond of killing or messiness in general and is unlikely to kill anyone herself unless strongly pushed. Some schemes and plans of the villain: Belle doesn't tend to have highly ambitious plans or schemes. Most of her plans are along the lines of "ask nicely for the item I want and then once they give it to me, leave." Her primary goal is to live as luxurious and pleasant a life style as she can. Though, if thwarted or if a hero is especially rude to her, I can see her seeking revenge. Other details: Belle honestly is better off in as part of a group, or at least partnered up with a more ambitious partner. As long as she is treated well, and pampered, she is likely to readily assist someone else's master plan. She'd probably prefer that actually. It's much easier to let someone else do the thinking for you. I can easily see Belle taking on the role of girlfriend to one of the other team members or more likely the team leader. Character Sheet: 10 Strength 0 20 Dexterity 30 15 Constitution 10 10 Body 0 9 Intelligence -1 26 Ego 32 25 Presence 15 26 Comeliness 8 5 PD 3 5 ED 2 4 Speed 10 5 Recovery 0 30 Endurance 0 23 Stun 0 OCV 7 DCV 7 / 9 ECV 9 Total Characteristic Points: 109 Skills: 3 Slight of Hand (13-) 3 Stealth (13-) 6 Animal Handler (14-) (Equines, Canines, Felines, Birds, Raptors) 3 Bribery (14-) 3 Conversation (14-) 3 High Society (14-) 3 Persuasion (14-) 3 Seduction (14-) 3 Concealment (11-) 1 Familiarity: Disguise (8-) 4 Gambling (12-) (Card Games) 4 Transport Familiarity (Horses, small wind-powered boats, large motorized boats, skiing-snow) 4 Professional Skill: Appraisal (13-) 2 Professional Skill: Personal Finance(11-) 2 Professional Skill: Sewing (11-) 2 Knowledge Skill: Art (11-) 1 Language: Basic Conversation: French Total Skill Points: 50 Perks 1 Fringe Benefit: Passport 5 I've Started Rebuilding My Fortune: Money: Well Off Talents 1 Never Gets Mussed: (Player Created Talent): Hair and costume always stay neat and clean so long as that's what Belle wants. Powers: 60 Mental Powers 6U Penny for your Thoughts: Telepathy 8d6; Reduced Endurance (0 End; +1/2) (60 active points) 6U Sweet Dreams: Ego Attack 4d6; Reduced Endurance (0 End; +1/2) (60 active points) 6U Please: Mind Control 12d6 (60 active points) 5U Pretty Please: Mind Control 4d6, Cumulative (+1/2), Increased Cumulative points, x4, 96 points; +1/2), Reduced End (0 END, +1/2), Telepathic (+1/4) (55 active points) 3U Please Just Stand Right There: Entangle 2d6, 2 Def, BOECV (Mental Defense Applies; +1), Takes No Damage from Physical Attacks (+1/4), Works against Ego, Not STR (+1/4), Reduced End (0 END, +1/2), (60 Active Points), Mental Defense Adds to Ego (-1/2), Cannot Form Barriers (-1/4) Total Points: 34 6U May I have that? Telekenisis (20 strength) Fine Manipulation (40 points) Reduced END (0 END, +1/2) (60 active points) 2U It really isn't all that unusual: Invisibility to Sight Group, No Fringe (30 points), Invisible Power Effects (Character can be seen just doesn't stand out as unusual or memorable) (+1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END, +1/2) (60 Active Points), Not vs. people with mental defenses (-1/2), Not vs. cameras (-1/4), Does not apply in combat (-3/4) Total Points: 24 Total 94 5 Southern Charm: +10 Presence (10 active points); Only for pleasant interaction- based presence attacks and skill rolls (-1) (Note: Would make skill rolls for pleasant interactions (16-)) 10 Mental Shield: Mental Defenses (10 + EGO/5) (10 active points) 12 Protective Costume: armor 6 PD, 6 ED (18 Active points) OIF (-1/2) 7 You Wouldn’t Hit A Lady, Would you?: +2 DCV (10 active points); Only vs Beings with Minds/Emotions (-1/2) 20 "Y'all don't want to hurt lil' ol' me, do ya?": Energy Damage Reduction, Resistant, 25% and Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant, 25% (Active Points: 30); Only vs beings with minds/emotions (-1/2) 13 Parasol (20 active points); OIF (-1/2) 1U Parasol Strike: HtH Attack 4d6, (20 active points), OIF (-1/2), Hand-to-Hand Attack (-1/2), Total Cost: 10 points 1U Sharpened Tip: Killing Attack-Hand-to-Hand 1d6 (1d6 +1/2d6 with strength) (15 active points). OIF (-1/2), Total Cost: 10 points 1U Protective Shield: armor 4 PD, 4 ED (12 active points), OIF (-1/2), Non-persistent (-1/4), Total Points 8; plus Flash Defense: Sight Group (5 active points), OIF (-1/2), Non-Persistent (-1/4), Total Points 3 Total: 16 20 Mary Poppins Had the Right Idea: Flight 10" (20 Active Points), Prefers to fly while holding her parasol (-0) Disadvantages: 15 Psychological Limit: Believes she is Entitled to the Finer Things of Life (Common, Strong) 10 Psychological Limitation: Delusions: Occasionally lives in her own little world which seems to be an idealized Old South (Uncommon, Strong) 10 Psychological Limit: Code vs. Killing (Common, Moderate) 10 Always Act Like a Lady: (Common, Moderate) 5 Psychological Limitation: Easily Manipulated by Flattery (Common, Moderate) (Should be a 10 but can't have more than 50 points in any category) 20 Hunted by the Police (and/or Primus) 8- (More Powerful, NCI, Imprison/return to mental institution) 20 Hunted by City Superhero Team 8- (More Powerful, NCI, Imprison/return to mental institution) 10 Unknown Hunted 8- (Either a stalker, or a business/group that wants to use her abilities) 15 Social Limitation: Secret Identity: Annabelle Buchanan 5 Distinctive Feature: Southern Accent (Easily Concealable, Noticed and Recognizable) 10 Distinctive Feature: Mutant (Not Concealable; Always Noticed, Detectable Only by Unusual Senses) 10 Enraged when effectively taunted or humiliated (common), 8- to become enraged, 14- to recover 10 I can't believe you hit me: Vulnerability: Belle takes x2 stun the first time she is physically struck in combat (Uncommon x2) OR 10 I can't believe you hit me: Susceptibility: Belle takes 2d6 of stun when struck in hand to hand combat (Common 10, Instant +0, must be touched -5, 2d6 +5) Total Disadvantage: 150
  5. Re: Vulnerability: You HIT me / You HURT me
  6. Re: "It really isn't that unusual" Power I'd seriously considered buying her appearance as a distinctive feature disadvantage. But she doesn't always dress this way. Usually its just when she's committing a crime or in the middle of one of her dillusions. So I wasn't quite sure I could justify the Distinctive Features which are pretty much permanent. I suppose part of me is just busy applying logic when I should be thinking mechanics. It just seems like being able to walk out of a bank and into a crowd wearing a hoop skirt and parasol and not stand out more than someone who had say robbed a bank in a black t-shirt and walked into a crowd, is an advantage. I still think I want something in my multipower to make her a bit more forgetable and both the Social Invisibility and the Hightened skills options sound interesting.
  7. Re: Vulnerability: You HIT me / You HURT me I love that. You evil, evil man. You are going to make me have to figure out how to reallocate my points again. I'd had something similar: 7 You Wouldn't Hit a Lady, Would you? +2 DCV (10 active points); only vs. beings with minds/emotions (-1/2) But yours is so much better. And thank you. I do think I'll probably post my character to the forums for comments when I'm done with her. Though I'm not sure that I'll be able to come up with an actual picture. I'm not an artist unfortunately.
  8. I’m trying to figure out the best way to build a power for one of my characters, Southern Belle. Southern Belle is a slightly delusional mentalist super-villainess that has both a secret identity and a bad habit of walking around in extremely full skirts and parasols. That is the type of thing that tends to draw notice and make a person just a bit too memorable. Fortunately for Belle, she tends to instinctively use her mental powers (when not focusing on other things) to convince those around her that her actions and appearance “really aren’t all that unusual.” Thus allowing her to go have a nice meal in a restaurant, or walk into a bank without drawing stares and phone calls to the police. And making her landlord and the other people she deals with no more likely to realize that she is in fact a wanted villainess than he would if she was dressed in perfectly normal clothing. Looking through the UNTIL Power Book the closest powers would probably be either psychic invisibility with some modifications or mind control with a set power. The power has to be 60 active points or less. It needs to be something she can have up for long periods of time, so it probably needs to be 0 END. And it needs to be able to affect multiple people.
  9. Re: Vulnerability: You HIT me / You HURT me Southern Belle currently has 20/10 defenses for both ED and PD. With 6 of the resistant defenses being a protective costume and the other 4 being part of a parasol multi-power. Since she is a mentalist, I am wondering if I should reduce her defenses slightly. Though I may wait and see if she is approved and what the GM suggests before deciding for sure. If I reduce them, the resistent defenses will probably stay at 10, and the non-resistant may drop by no more than 5 points. Her DCV is 7 natrually, 9 with skill levels that only apply against beings with minds/emotions (ie not robots, zombies, etc.) The relevant campaign guidelines are as follows Power level: Standard Super heroic CV: 7-14 (including CSLs) DC: 6-14 (including martial arts, but not pushing or haymakers) Max Active Points: 60 (but leeway given for cool powers; ask first) Max Def/rDef: 20/10 (25/15 for gimmicks)
  10. I’m trying to determine the point level for the following vulnerability. The character in question is a mentalist villainess who tends to react with shock when someone strikes/harms her. However, I’m a bit afraid of taking something as incredibly common as hand-to-hand combat as a vulnerability. I’m currently thinking of something along these lines: ? You HIT me / You HURT me: Vulnerability: first time she is struck in hand to hand combat and Vulnerability: when she takes more than 2 points of body damage from a single attack. She would be taking the extra damage as Stun. Does this seem reasonable and playable? I don’t mind being knocked out occasionally, but I still want to be useful in combat. Also, would you classify this set of vulnerabilities as uncommon, or common?
  11. My Champions character is going to need to come up with a way to quickly stop one of her teammates when she loses her temper (enraged) and decides to attack on newspaper reporters, protesters, and other innocents. My character is a matter controller/creator with a fairly extensive VPP (think Firestorm’s powers set). My teammate’s character has magnetism powers (pretty much anything Magneto can do, she can duplicate). While I can easily create the drain itself, I’m having a hard time determining the special effects/justification. If it was drain fire powers, I’d just create water. But I’m not quite sure what to create to drain magnetism powers. Any suggestions? The fate of the campaign’s reporters rests in your hands.
  12. Re: [Plot—Supers] Stalker Ideas Needed I like that.
  13. Re: [Plot—Supers] Stalker Ideas Needed
  14. My players, please don’t read this thread. S P O I L E R S Yes, I know it’s tempting, but surprises are fun too you know. A player in my superheroes game has requested that her character be given a stalker. She has described the type of stalker she wants as a little bit scary, but cool, and with possible romantic overtones. The description has me thinking she wants something like Lotor from the Voltron Series. The setting is one where approximately one in one hundred people have some sort of mutant ability, though most have minor and or non-combat abilities. The PCs are moderately powerful and work for the city government of Denver as the Denver superhero team. The tone is primarily silver age. The PC in question is playing a mentalist named Asia. Prior to gaining her powers, Asia had lived in Japan and was being trained as a Geisha. She gained her powers after her virginity had been sold (at a higher than average price) but before the contract could be fulfilled. Asia would have been more than willing to fulfill the contract and was perfectly happy being a geisha, but as a side effect of gaining her powers, she gained an unusual and occasionally disturbing marking on her face. Her geisha house reacted badly, kicking her out and leaving the contract unfulfilled. Asia still has an incredibly low self esteem and is convinced she is ugly, though she really is quite beautiful. The player has also mentioned more than once that she’d like for the person who bought her virginity to come looking for her. So I’ve decided to combine the two and have the stalker be the person who had bought her virginity back in Japan and who is rather upset about the fact that he didn’t receive it. I’ve already decided that the stalker has mirror related powers which includes the ability to teleport between mirrors, to use mirrors as scrying devices, and access to a mirror realm. I’ve not yet determined the full extent of his powers or provided him with a name. I’m thinking that he probably sells his abilities as a mercenary and possibly as an assassin. So far he has done the following: 1. Given Asia an attractive antique mirror, which was specially prepared to enable him to use it to enter her room/the base and get around the protections in place. (The PC currently doesn’t have any suspicions about the mirror at all.) 2. Watched Asia though various mirrors, leaving her with a feeling of being watched and occasionally triggering her danger sense. 3. When Asia was astral projecting, caused her to end up in the mirror realm rather than where she was actually going. She eventually made her way out through the mirror he gave her. Dealing with all the mirrors upset the character quite a bit, since she has major self image issues. (The PC doesn’t realize the stalker was responsible for this) 4. Entered her room, via the mirror, and covered her bed with dark crimson rose petals. He didn’t trigger any of the base security devices while doing so. (The PCs rooms have less monitoring and no cameras in them). Ultimately, he will probably end up kidnapping her leading to scenes where she gets to talk/reason with him and a scene where her PC boyfriend rescues her. (I’m fairly certain she’d prefer to be rescued than to rescue herself.) But I’d like to build a bit more suspense and have a bit more happen before the kidnapping and would appreciate ideas and suggestions. One of the main problems is that Asia is a very good mentalist and is able to use psychometry on objects, and places. So far, I’ve been lucky, her dice have rolled badly for all of her attempts to track the stalker. But, I don’t expect for her to keep failing rolls in the future. Any other suggestions about how to make the stalker more interesting, what the story climax should be, etc. are welcome as well.
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