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  1. Re: John Carter (of Mars) Trailer Good luck finding the books ! I tried the local library ... no joy ! Hope you have it lying around the house.
  2. Re: Justice Inc Rides Again! OK ... not surprised ... the PBEM thing is hard to organise. Gor to do a lot more prep. F to F you can wing it but online you need the doc and material ready or things will slow down. Pity !!!
  3. Re: Justice Inc Rides Again! So guys .... did this happen or nor ? What is the Hero Central campaigb listing?
  4. Re: Indiana Jones World Map Nuh ... lots of changes during the time. It is hard to just stop time and say this the the Indy map when the time being covered is over 40 years. EG to take the USSR. It moved from Czarist to through a number of revolutions with White russians etc until the USSR was bedded down. Also, during this time, Phillipines moved from Spain to a Commonwealth to Independence in 1945. There were also changes in European Borders at the end of WW1 and changes in Africa as countries like Italy took over territories. Much of this is subtle and should not undermine the fine work within the map. You got to draw teh line somewhere and sometime?
  5. Re: Indiana Jones World Map I know of the Harnworld Product. Very "pretty" maps etc for Harn. Not sure how the layered pdfs work. But I should note that he was going for just one map.
  6. In the 1920s, Ronald Knox, Sherlock Holmes enthusiast and himself author of several detective stories, was engaged in trying to codify the ground rules of detective stories. Like others of his generation, he saw the genre as a kind of game – ‘a mystery whose elements are clearly presented to the reader at an early stage in the proceedings, and whose nature is such as to arouse curiosity, a curiosity which is gratified at the end.’ The ‘Ten Commandments of Detection’, laid down by Ronald Knox in 1928 are in this link ... http://www.crimeculture.com/359/Rules.htm
  7. Re: Urban Fantasy Hero Looks fine ... "Science, if suffiently advanced, is like magic"
  8. Re: Indiana Jones World Map Having checked out the promotion video, it is is impressive. Fair comment about the date of the map. However it seems to me that he is trying to cover a lot here. From Young Indy to post WW2. There were lots of changes in borders etc in that time. Also current geography helps us relate more. 3 years ... gee wizz !
  9. Re: Staff of the Druid I would support the desolidification. Tunnelling implies damage to the trees. Alos might try activation rolls as this could add some fun and variety.
  10. Re: John Carter (of Mars) Trailer How cool does it all look ... though more Fantasy than I thought it would be
  11. Sydguy


    Re: Zeppelins Hi, Could be interesting but soooooooooo slow. But it might be a mode of air travel where the flight takes longer than the security. See some comments on its impact here (the audio files are great) http://www.bbc.co.uk/threecounties/content/image_galleries/beds_zeppelin_gallery.shtml
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