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  1. Surely Peking Duck has Clairsentience and/or N-Ray vision? As we have Rubber Duck and Firedrake, how about No-Peeking Duck, the Invisible Woman spoof? That leaves the ever-loving blue-eyed...Ostrich. Once, Ben Grebe was a simple mallard, happily doing whatever residents of Duckworld do. Then the accident with the cosmic rays turned him into an, an, an Ostrich? Reviled by those he tries to help, at first only his good friends and adoptive family welcome him, but he still has a heart (and liver) or pure gold. EDIT: I'm not entirely happy with ostrich, but I wanted a strong bird, that wasn't some kind of bird of prey and ostriches are sort of odd-looking.
  2. Apologies if anyone else has put these ideas up already, there have been too many posted to keep track of. How about: Beta Ray Bill: He has a huge bill that emits beta rays. Obviously. Touchdown: The football playing superduck (as in the sort of down you get from a duck). The Mandarin: Basically, Iron Man's enemy, but of course he is a Mandarin duck. Dynamite Duck: Explosive powers or grenades. His catchphrase is, "Duck, you Sucker!" (Little Spaghetti Western reference there for you). Wood Duck: Can transform into solid wood and has control over trees. (Yes, it's another type of duck). Don't forget to keep on doing the "Duck!" joke. As if you would.
  3. [*]Atlantean Could be a Weapons Master called Trident. He might be a barbarian, like Attuma. A Brick would fit, as has already been mentioned. Lots of Marvel Atlanteans have huge strength. Could be an Atlantean mage. That's more the DC Atlantis, IIRC, but could work. I'd go with Trident. He might also have a net and you could pattern him on the Roman Retiarius. Perhaps he is a "noble savage" and has a gladiator's idea of honour. His trident might have special powers (a bit like the Swordsman's sword), but he never uses those in an honourable fight. [*]Baseline Human I'm going with Mage on this one. Apart from possibly the Atlantean, none of the other races really strikes me as producing a magic-using character. Of course, you want to avoid anything too "cookie-cutter". I think a lady magician would work well. How about a tribute to Zatanna (ie stage magician costume), rather than the slightly portentious Marvel Mages? [*]Deviant I think Brick suits a Deviant the best. Maybe he can Grow a bit too. I see what you mean about Deviants being difficult to deal with. Male, definitely male. Actually, a hideous female Deviant sounds kind of fun... [*]Eternal I am inclined to agree that this one should be the energy projector. The Eternals already have a Speedster. (Nice thing with the "Aplo" name, by the way, LL). How about a female Eternal called Yuterpi? She has sonic powers (Euterpe being the muse of music - not all Eternals have named patterned after gods - Sersi/Circe being the best example). [*]Inhuman I'd go for Mentalist here. Could he or she be an illegitimate child of Maximus the Mad and want to make up for some of the evil he has caused. Failing that, I'd go for Speedster. [*]Mutant Anything you like. I'd see what gaps you have after dealing with the others and fill in the blank. Once you've made up your mind on the other six, if you still can't think how to play the mutant, ask us again. [*]New Man (aka Knight of Wundagore) How about Sir Kameel? His base is a chameleon. He can Regenerate, look in opposite directions (360 degree eyesight) and has a comic book version of the chameleon's ability to blend into the background. You can even give him a stretchy, sticky tongue. I see him as quiet and thoughtful, aware that, even among this odd collection of people, he is out-of-place, but is determined to do the Knights' name proud. He might be underestimated often, but his wide range of powers makes him versatile. Imagine everyone chained to the wall. Master villain gloats how no one can defeat him so long as he holds the Atlas Key. Gulp! Out pops Sir Kameel's tongue and snags the artefact. I'd go for either two or three females.
  4. Sounds like we need more categories. At the moment, we have Best Dressed Worst Dressed Best Use of Cape Most Functional How about: Be Still My Beating...Heart - sexiest outfit (I suppose we'd need both male and female ones) Brown Suit Award - most terrifying costume Best Accessory - (weapons count, although the Punisher needn't get his hopes up) Best Logo or Device - (he stands a better chance here). Most Fitting Costume - (no, not BEST fitting - that probably comes under "Be Still My Beating...Heart") I am inclined to give the power armour wearers their own category for Best Armor (better use the US spelling there). Any others?
  5. But, LL honey, where's the imagination? Where's the zing? Where's the va-va-voom? Black is just SOOOO last season. Best leave that to the Marilyn Manson wannabes. Besides, they gave it to Bats last year and he never showed up to collect it. I'd go for the slightly kitsch camp of Doctor Stephen Strange's cloak. That beautiful border combined with rich, eldritch red. It sends shivers down my spine! Er, sorry, I appear to be channeling someone at the moment.
  6. Have you ever noticed that green and purple is a villain colour combination, especially in the Marvel Universe?
  7. Captain Ultra is a spoof character, though. His gaudy costume is, I think, a pastiche of the bright, primary colours used in many super costumes. One character I wish would get a decent costume if Martian Manhunter. I think he's great, but what's with that trunks, harness, cape and turned down boots combo? I think Faith has a great costume. I am also very fond of Zatanna's costume (the stage magician one, not that weird flying squirrel style one). That has nothing to do with fashion though...
  8. Champions return "Who are these five new heroes?" Seeker quietly weeps. Detroit lay ruined Millennium City rose Destroyer watches.
  9. Or maybe we could just call him NOODLE-NOGGIN.
  10. How about: Renaissance, one meaning of which is "A revival of intellectual or artistic achievement and vigor." Or Reformation, one meaning of which is "The act of reforming or the state of being reformed." Both have a "Classical" feel and relate to his desire to bring about a new birth or change in society, as well as to (in the former case) the fact that he has been reborn himself thanks to the nannites and that (in the latter instance) can reform his body.
  11. Combat Luck's "luck based" Limitation isn't the same as the version of "Requires a Skill Roll" which is based on Luck. Confused? I was until Steve Long set me straight. The Combat Luck Limitation is a summary of the things detailed in the Talent, eg you must be conscious and aware of the attack for it to work. I haven't got the USPD with me, so sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree hee. Or just plain barking. CvK. Didn't Seeker have a big sword and an Autofire RKA, but a Code vs. Killing? It's awkward because some characters regularly use attacks (even EB or HA ones) at levels which could seriously harm ordinary people, but in the comics never seem to matter. Throwing blades that never seem to do more than stick in someone's hand are a classic example.
  12. I am not quite sure if you're backing me up or disagreeing with me about "fire and forget". Perhaps it was my comment about dangerous consequences. What I meant about it being a danger to others was that, if the target gets into a car and drives off and the Nega-Beam strikes while the victim is at the wheel, a massive traffic accident could be caused. A villain wouldn't care, but a hero would.
  13. Uh huh, see "Squadron Supreme", or "A Clockwork Orange", for that matter, but a really nice idea. The "fire and forget" thing doesn't really work well for heroes; what if things go wrong? Even stuff like NND attacks (which would not normally do BODY) could have fatal consequences (for lots of people) if the victim were, say, driving at the time. A villain might not care.
  14. That picture is positively tame compared to some comic art (even regular ones, not "adult content"). Nice drawing, though. Hmm, who wants Jonathan Davenport to draw MORE HERO art? I think this book has some of the most consistently good art of any HERO 5th Ed. product to date, with the possible exception of USPD. What was that Young Justice villain called with powers associated with her...torso? Was it "Knockout"? IIRC she could not stand up without assistance and was, I assume, a parody of a certain trend in comic art.
  15. Winterhawk, did you ever finalise your 70's team? Looking at what you have so far, I'd say you need a flier. It's possibly that Horus and Wildfire fly, but if only one of them do, you might need more air support. As many of your characters are split archetypes, I am not sure you need to cover any ones in particular. Reviewing everyone's comments, I think a cyborg might be good (flight jets, armour etc.) and preferable to my original bionics suggestion, as the character might feel he is a freak (a bit like Victor Stone). He could be an outsider for a different reason. I like Doug's summary of 70's comic themes. How about a female monster? How about a qeeen bee/wasp woman type, a female vampire, or lady werewolf? The bee could shoot stinger blasts, like the Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, or have a more realistic stinger (all sorts of analogies there). Maybe you could try a version of the Bride of Frankenstein (tie in 70's feminism - "They created me just to be someone's mate! Can you believe that?"). There's also a little parallel to the "She" character, intended to be Adam Warlock's mate. Give her some super strength, resistance to damage and, if you want, some electrical powers (cheesy and not connected with the story, but you already have a couple of bricks). She wouldn't be limited to the hours of darkness (unless you pull a "Blade") or phases of the moon. I've also thought about an Atlantean ("The Man from Atlantis") for an outsider role, but that always has its problems with adventures not being near bodies of water (cf Aquaman). He's not really grabbing my imagination though.
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