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  1. Dead Pool Society A group of private school kids learn about life from a different kind of teacher...
  2. I know I am very late to this discussion, but how about an update/mutation of the organization that ran Sanctuary (from the 4th Ed Classic Organizations/Neutral Ground)? I might have to be updated so much as to be a different organization, but a place for supers to relax is sorely needed.
  3. Two teenage Canadian yoga enthusiasts team up with a legendary but disgraced coach to take a small-town high school in Indiana to the state basketball championships in ... Yoga Hoosiers.
  4. A time-travel accident leaves several alternate versions of the older Logan in a small town in Minnesota in: Grumpy Old Men Logan
  5. When your CD arrives, find "TH SB1 Grand Fleet HERO Edition.pdf". On pages 110-112 is the Gazelle write-up for TH.
  6. Antonio Banderas, voicing the adorably deadly cat in several modern visions of popular movies: Puss in Reboots
  7. I think he's with Sir Not Appearing In This Film.
  8. Lewis Carroll meets modern horror drama in ... The Galumphing Dead
  9. The one law that never changes, no matter how far we travel in space or time, is neither Newton's, nor Einstein's, but Murphy's. That's cool. I wasn't asking you to re-do the CD. This is just an errata.
  10. Say, Shadowcat, by any chance, do you have (or can get, or direct me to who I should contact) the deck plan for the upper deck of the LSP Modular Starship? Page 10 of TH GAS7 has the deck plan of the Armed Free Trader (from TH GAS8), rather than the expected upper deck.
  11. There appears to be quite a bit more on this disc than just the 2 book set that I remembered from before. Not that I am complaining. I am happy to see this return to the light of day. Good show!
  12. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Downton Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
  13. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares How about some movie/game crossovers? 12 Angry Birds Dude, Where's My Water? Plants vs. Zombieland Fruit Ninja Assassin
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