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  1. ChaosDrgn

    How to Wildfire

    Desolid always on with a naked advantage to turn off the always on. Look in champions powers under force powers. Same way youd do fuji from stormwatch
  2. Has anyone tried using Hero Designer being run from a portable usb install of JRE?
  3. ChaosDrgn

    Tag list

    If I want a full list of current tags I look in htmlwriter, correct?
  4. I've been looking into htmlbook for css3 and html5. I've also been playinflg with denali and bootstrap
  5. Just curious, what all is changed?
  6. This is me playing around a little bit monday. Just playing with the code. The font is Blambot's ManMachine
  7. I need help finding several images. One of the biggest ones is from Wizard Magazine talking about the "second phase" of Heroes Reborn. Liefield had a sketch of his version of Spitfire and Union Jack, if anyone has a copy of the magazine could you PLEASE scan and send me that image? I've attached the cover so you know which one I'm talking about.
  8. I was thinking last night why not use the Notes[1-5] area for custom CSS for the character. yeah it'd depend on an html/css sheet; but that's where my mind is at right now.
  9. Partly the reason I ask is I've seen a good number of how to questions on here. I'm thinking of doing a thing called "Hero Bits"... not full code just samples on how to do different things - my main languages (as a web developer) is HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript. I'd want to do it if there was enough people interested and I'd prefer to use things that anyone can get ahold of for free or easily (i.e. Atom, Brackets, etc)...and since Atom seems to code in pretty much ANYTHING...
  10. Just a general question, what do you do your exports in mainly? HTML, RTF, etc... I'm mainly doing them in HTML using Atom from Atom.io (A VERY nice code editor I might add)
  11. Thanks, I was actually talking to R.Miller about these the other week.
  12. "We're traveling through time and space to NEW worlds. You DON'T think I'm d9g1jo5-27f79f7d-fe9e-48fe-bad7-b5fd6a47fdd2.thumb.jpg.4179a21afe794ce729222dcf07116e49.jpggoing to do a little shopping while I can?" - Companion to the Time Lord during a Dr. Who game last wekend.

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