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  1. Red Hood and Cyber Force. and yeah the DC in the title is supposed to be Dark Champion's, not just DC (as in Comics) And just because I want to toss it in here real quick....I like the car...trying to remember where I've seen it before. More Pulp then Dark Champion's I know.
  2. Horror hero and the hero almanac one had the spirit rules, also adapted to androids. APG1 for 6th talks about it a little as part of desolid I believe along with possession
  3. Tried dl'ing the file, kept failing. Isn't the point of some games to be compatibility one way or another?
  4. I am now back in Waco. YES!!!

  5. Hadn't thought about that until just now.
  6. Change Environment for both wind level and a negative to ocv, area of effect: radius. You could link telekinesis to it as well depending on effect. Oh, may want to add hole in the middle
  7. I would go with Dark Champions: The Animated Series for him. To me the Ultimate Spider-Man series really showed how it could be 50-50. At times pretty light but can get into some pretty dark situations when he meets other heroes. Dr. Strange and nightmare demons, Iron Fist/Power Man and the Kingpin, along with the X-Men on Genosha running from a live mutant hunting show.
  8. Twitter! Brett Booth is a wonderful artist along with the rest. I agree about the van, it could just be a wip. Both that and the bike are due in Nightwing Annual.
  9. With Billy it depends on as written. At times he's a different character and at times it's Billy with more abilities.
  10. APG1 [optional] -- SPDs of 13 and higher grant a character extra Phases in certain Segments — the same Segments that SPDs 1-12 grant. In other words, distribute the remaining actions throughout the Turn according to the standard Speed Chart — just subtract 12 from the character’s SPD to figure out which Segments he gets an extra Phase in. For example, SPD 18 gets one Phase in Segments 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11, and two Phases in Segments 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 — the Phases that SPD 6 (18 minus 12) gets. Thus, a character with SPD 24 would get two Phases every Segment. In the event a character’s SP
  11. Your avatar reminds me of Gates Becker and Macbeth.

  12. I operate mainly on a cell phone currently. So this helps - plus I can take a normal stapler and flat eraser and staple them as booklets. To clarify - these are my personal copies. I do not mass produce, sell, give or anything else. For example the Hero Designer doc has my notes in it in what tags work and don't. The grimoire and superskills have highlighters in them, green for will consider red for no way. The parole card was marking a page. And this is what Mr. Walter's has to say:
  13. Linked goes to a power. Trigger can go to anything including an event, which link doesnt handle. My thunder fist of k'un is linked to my martial strike. I can either use it or not, either way I have to use that strike. I have a trigger on my strike that when I'm visibly hit ((no sneak attacks)) my energy blast strikes back, but it takes a segment or eight to reset. The wizard triggers the door to set off an attack if the proper phrase isn't spoken; an attack that is a energy blast linked with a psychic attack.
  14. That always came as a gm option. Also why I made a note for ncm.
  15. Ok, I'm taking it that Character "A" is using a 3 shot autofire attack to hit Character "B" who has damage shield. I would allow the character to get what he paid for (and rolled) and land all three shots. While every thing is going on in one second the damage shield is a reaction. [I'm being an @$$ I know. The way your question reads is is that the damage shield has autofire 3. It's not until the second sentence it makes it clear. And Autofire on damage shields are fun ]
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