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  1. Hence Knockback vs. Knockdown. In my games you don't HAVE to buy Martial Arts to swing a sword, you can get CSLs or PSLs to help you with that. I use the Dex/DCV penalty while wearing armor (depending on weight of armor). I've been using the suggestions in FH6/HSEG to allow people to buy "feats" to offset those penalties along with the movement within limits. I also allow them to buy "Sword Muscle" which like Gun Muscle allows them to get past the Str min on certain weapons. You want that little girl swinging the big @$$ sword? No problem. While I play and run my games intelligently it's still
  2. If it works I use it. The same author also had a few maneuvers in that book too to hat were later tossed out, by him, as being too powerful. And yes I still sneak them in once in awhile. I love being an old gamer with out-of-print books. And I agree, this is good for those who know how to fight with no standard training (some agreement that you only put so much in what) or the ones who know so much it's useless to define each and every one. Plus it's "rules legal" so your not shoe horning anything into a multipower or power pool. Same as ideas from Skill and Fantasy 6
  3. One of the characters I had before started as a Martial artist with 2 MAs. It got to the point where I was dumpijng points into it all and me and the Reff at one mid-season session discussed character rebuilding and growth. I could re-dump all the m.a points I spent into the 8 CSL, some +HTH attacks (4 pts either way) and take wf's and knowledge skills with the idea of "I know all of these and this is how I mix them"....if I didn't have the skill though I didn't know the art.
  4. HSMA has it where you can do a non-defined martial art. 8 3-pt CSLs where you can mix OCV, DCV, and dmg. I'm putting the character in HD tomorrow and I'll post the file. She's part of a X-Crawl / Urban Fantasy Hero game. But to topic. Has anyone else done this and how has it worked for you? This is the 5th character I've done for this, the last a Half-Orc who took the levels with a -1/2 "only with bladed weapons" to represent all the sword mastery she learned as part of her training by her Orcan mother and in King Thar's (an orc) army. A lot of training without any rea
  5. For tomorrow: "God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" ----- "In my world we keep people in chains and ride them like ponies." "Hi, my name is George, and this isn't about my life, but my death."
  6. You could do ks:dancing to represent knowledge of all dancing, while breaking it down by country or style. Could also do professional: dancing for those who are REALLY serious about it.
  7. Hearldry could also be a language or a knowledge skill. High Society as a complimentary roll.
  8. HeroGM

    1963 [Image]

    Supposed to end in a shadowhawk annual and for some reason it was never released. For real bronze/silver age try byrne's danger unlimited
  9. It's a screen capture. Outside of the options (I'd cut/paste that in) I could do it with an export template and the proper font.
  10. HeroGM

    1963 [Image]

    Welcome back to the Silver age people.
  11. I have most of this and the policeman done. Tring to figure out the best way to do the options for it and some of the other packages as well. i had to go with a custom Disad/complication since Wealth/Money isn't listed in the Complications tab and Destitute/Poor didn't appear to be in the Money section under Perks.
  12. Yeah I was looking at some of the store brought templates and it seems to bounce around different ways and a few I'm trying to figure out how to do and make sense (policeman and plucky orphan from Golden Age 6e)
  13. *I* posted the photo as I found it. So no, *I* didn't flip anything.
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