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    He's played Champions yes, I've commented a few times about him doing a cover for Dark Champions and from his replies I'd say he's gamed at least D&D. Zircher of course did Hero stuff along with Storn. And of course Albert D. is gone (RIP 😭) and he was working for comicraft as a letterer for awhile. Oh and Panosian of course worked at FGU along with Willingham (who did TSR). Phil Foglio from what I've seen still games and does comics. I put some $$ down for Anybodies, not to turn this into an ad.
  2. HeroGM


    The Anybodies mentioned earlier. My understanding is they were all normal people until one character "powered" them similar to how they did it in Stormwatch.
  3. That can work, the thing is though is if you start draining one powers the rest should decrease as well. That's why I suggested linked, or in pre-6th Element Control.
  4. One of the biggest issues with the Distinguished Competition is how high of a point values the characters have. IIRC (from Facebook talk) that's why it's been Marvellous characters so far - easier to define as 400 or so points. What if like to see honestly is a book of templated Villian's and vehicle/bases. I view this series the way the 80s had OHotMU and Who's Who. Dark Champions and Pulp Hero go a long way for that IMHO.
  5. HeroGM


    Inspirational stuff hopefully
  6. https://herogm02.wordpress.com/2021/07/18/book-of-templates-i-ii/
  7. Unifying power and/or linked.
  8. HeroGM

    6E1 POD

    Received Vol1 today. Apparently it was hardcover. Oh well.
  9. HeroGM

    6E1 POD

    The cousins that have nothing. To do with me have my 6ed books, and it was agreed I'd deal a bit better with paper copies at the moment then play PDFs and get distracted with the net.
  10. HeroGM

    6E1 POD

    Vol 2 arrived today from Amazon ( Used - Good) and 1 is due next week.
  11. HeroGM

    Pulp Images

    Try her Bettie page cosplay
  12. Shiv first appeared in the Stars & STRIPES mini-series and it's been awhile since I've checked out JSA, they did a LOT with JSA next generation. While more young adults than teens go look at Infinity Inc, pre-CoIE. Young Justice is also a nice book, or at least the first series with Peter David and Todd Nauck. Naucks artwork really fit the teen tone at the time.
  13. HeroGM

    Pulp Images

    Rikki Lecotey aka Riddle.
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