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  1. We've replaced the normal campaign with a rival company's abreiviated named version. Let's see if the true hero players can tell the difference... Ok, I'm being quiet here now 🤐
  2. 20pt VPP at most. No focus or IIF or Physical Manifestation.
  3. And it's also cannon as seen in Book of the Machine. Get yours now! But don't let Dr. Destroyer find out!!
  4. Because I love you all here so much💓 Just remember the pizza - 🍕
  5. Jake: It's not my fault man. I was racially profiled! Cop: Let me get this. You're a Vietnamese man racially profiled? (Jake nods vigourously) Cop: IN CHINATOWN????
  6. I see it as this. As the GM I have the full books (6e vol1&2 and Fantasy) - my players can go through this option or get the Complete book with the understanding I may using things not in their book, and will advise them as such as part of my Campaign notes. "For Mystara Hero I will be using these from the Core books plus APG1.....Class and Race packages are Xxxx(pg REF).... Magic is written as....." I try not to be crunchy or a rules lawyer, I just want a clean game with as little debating as possible.
  7. Wedding Ring: Mind Link, only one way to one person. IIF (ever tried to get it off her??). Plus Mind Control (set effect - Always agree with her) 30d6 invisible effects.....
  8. HeroGM

    Urban Hero

    I really enjoyed the Buffy series. I'm getting a kick out of the re-imagined Boom! series. Putting a few of the tropes on its ear. Magicians - I enjoyed the books. The series I need to get into more.. Tanya the Evil - magic in an alternate World War 1. I have really enjoyed of what I've read in this series so far.
  9. Foxbat is kidnapping cosplayers to try out his new fashion line, that or he's doing a miss Foxbat contest - rather they want to participate or not.
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