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  1. Just the images and a little bit of background now. Will post the full character and HD file when I get it done today or tomorrow. This is an Old (and I mean OLD) D&D (Basic/Expert) character that was created in the mid-1980s when the Gazetteers for Mystara started coming. She was originally from the Heldann Freeholds until her family was slaughtered by the Heldannic Knights. She was saved by her fathers friends (that included some old characters from previous games). The game (and character) lasted for roughly 10 years until we had to fold it up and get grown up jobs and
  2. This is a character Counter...no...nor HERO characters It will count the number of characters you write out into the window. This will allow you to type out your info in the box and copy/paste it to Hero Designer. Also help if you only have so much space that you can fill for a character sheet. Yeah I know you can use notepad, word or whatever. Saw a tutorial and figured I'd post it up here when I was done. count.zip
  3. Wordpress could do the same
  4. Ahab was a Doctor who used to with Excalibur. During an interview with a mutant the defense system activated cutting off his arm and leg. IN Days of Future whatever he used controlled mutants as Hounds (Rachel Summers being one). Bastion was Nimrod and Master Mold merged after going through the Siege Perilous and turned human (more or less). The last Sentinel (from X-Men: Gold) is a group of nanites who merged with the Sentinel programming to hunt mutants. The design to make it a long shore man. Who the F* knows. I go more with Adams' and Byrne's versions
  5. I brought this when it came out way back then. Came on a 3.5 inch diskette. Was recently able to grab it off a dvd I burnt with it, all my Hero stuff (With Hero Creator) and some of the characters and fonts I made..


    Now just to get DosBox to work. 


  6. You know looking back at this I was a real jerk. It was my son's 10th birthday and I was here creating an account. 💔



  7. Simple unless it calls for it for some odd reason.
  8. How tall is your Minuteman [Sentinel] mutant hunting robot? 20ft? 200? The classic ones. Not the 6'x" Nomad ones.
  9. HeroGM

    Human Torch

    That's the main reason I brought the Villain books. See how the builds were.
  10. HeroGM

    Human Torch

    And way too expensive the way Hero is designed.
  11. I've tried to tell people for years. D&D and Pathfinder have it all built for you. Need a spell? It's listed. Need a "Feat"? It's there. Hero pulls the curtain back [Ignore the GM behind the curtain!!] and you build it all from scratch. I knew one guy who argued with me about it, then he picked up The Warrior and Mage books for Pathfinder [I honestly don't recalled what they're called, not enough coffee/coca-cola] where it talked about building things and options for spells/armor/etc. He finally realized what all I was talking about. I have other opinio
  12. I switched to Fantasy Hero from D&D. While I like Pathfinder it's mainly for the setting (still prefer Mystara). That's what I loved about the 4th Ed books. So complete you didn't need that much else
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