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  1. So the code on Pg55 for OCV, DCV, and ECV shouldn't be used for 5th edition?
  2. I'm not getting them out of the Characteristics block though, getting them out of the OCV, DCV, ECV block....
  3. When I was doing an export today this is what I got for 5th edition. 6th will give me a 3-3 or something close to it. It's been a LONG time since I've loaded a 5th file. Is this correct or ? This is the code I'm using: <h4>Combat Tags</h4> <ul class="list-unstyled"> <li>OCV: <!--OCV--></li> <li>PRIMARY OCV: <!--PRIMARY_OCV--></li> <li>SECONDARY OCV: <!--SECONDARY_OCV--></li> <li>DCV: <!--DCV--></li> <li>PRIMARY DCV: <!--PRIMARY_DCV--></li> <li>SECONDARY DCV: <!--SECONDARY_DCV--></li> <li>ECV: <!--ECV--></li> <li>PRIMARY ECV: <!--PRIMARY_ECV--></li> <li>SECONDARY ECV: <!--SECONDARY_ECV--></li> </ul>
  4. HeroGM

    Logo file

    Is there any way to get a transparent (png) logo file for Hd?
  5. Was given permission by Steve Long on Facebook to post this. It's not fancy. It should fit pretty well on a 3x5 card or at least some card stock. Mainly did this so I could put mine up somewhere safe and not loose it.
  6. HeroGM

    Pulp Images

    Thank you for those. They're interesting to say the least.
  7. I believe the either or is a drop down or in the modifiers for the power. My laptop is fried otherwise I'd look.
  8. Yes, I know that the PDF doesn't work because JAVA broke it. What was the last version of Java it worked with?
  9. HeroGM

    Pulp Images

    I personally have no issues with videos
  10. But we're actually using that Atteibute_value with the item inside? So [a_v]item[/a_v]
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