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    gift card

    This what I get. When I put in the code nothing.
  2. The newest update came out in the last week or so. Choose Focus and it'll be in the list along with breakable and multiple.
  3. HeroGM

    gift card

    Never got to a step 3. I entered in the code given in coupon and nothing. Just confused.
  4. Ok, silly as it sounds how do you apply a gift card to your order? Jason sent me the card #, when I put it in coupon code nothing.
  5. Thanks. Wasn't 100% sure if android
  6. @Simon When you do the store on the menu all it does is pull up the sub-menu, it won't pull up the store. I have to do the "desktop site" button to get there.
  7. HeroGM


    Like I said. Not great to look at but it gets the info across.
  8. HeroGM


    File as a jpg. Formatted as 11x8.5 I included a table of file types, extensions and what pages they are discussed in the HD manual.
  9. After typing it I was thinking compound power. I really need to find that listing in apg 1 or 2 that has what I'm talking about in it.
  10. Ok. Looking back I think there was some confusion. Say you build a mental power that has two costs to it. CostA is control and costs 3pts plus +1 per 2cp as a normal skill, meanwhile costB is 5 cp for 1d6 and +3cp for each +d6.
  11. Also Vampire didn't introduce all of those at once. A book here and a book there detailing things.
  12. I'd go with summon personally. Transform POSSIBLY depending on what you're doing with it.
  13. I've never seen it on here but I'm curious. Has anyone ever set aside a certain amount of points on their NPCs when you're passing them to friends? For example, in a Fantasy Hero game you have Madame Grizelda. She has been around for as long as the family has ruled, probably longer then the castle itself was built! She's the one who's raised (or seems to have raised) the last 3 generations of Royal Family. The Royal Mum remembers visiting the castle as a little girl and Grizelda being there. Now Grizelda may be the spirit of the Castle protecting the Royals (to a degree) or she may
  14. To the community: 1: How can you export armor out so you can view it by area, especially with the sectional armor? Working on a Fantasy template. 2: how do you get additional speed to work properly on the phases? When I try it just seems to export the same thing.
  15. Was able to load it last night and no issues here.. thank you again.
  16. Thank you. Wasn't sure if it was windows or...
  17. Has anyone with Windows 10 had an issue with tear-away tabs? I did it last night on a HP Stream laptop and there was no windows icon to close/min/etc and wouldn't resize - just max out. Had to alt-tab and click to close it.
  18. I made a quick and dirty cheatsheet last night. Not pretty or professional but works. If anyone is interested I'll put it on the downloads.
  19. I'd use the burnout option of RSR.
  20. I think that basically got folded into Dark Champions
  21. Think it's the fact that it's.one or two core people's concept and I'd rather do what I want in my game.
  22. Personally I divorce the cause of Super-Heroes as magic. They may wax and wane through the years though.
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