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  1. I think the relationship with OCV to block and dcv to dodge is the biggest factor for me. If you have a dude with a higher DCV than ocv then he will probably dodge. If his OCV is higher, cos he has a shield, skill levels are in ocv, he is at a lower dcv for whatever reason then he will block. The situation and ocv dcv spread will dictate actions in my experience.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tutankhamun's_meteoric_iron_dagger More food for thought
  3. I am toying with playing the backstory to my campaign which is basically the Bronze Age time of myth and legend. I am interested in a time when an Articifer develops steel weapons and armour (magical process) (straight to quenched weapons here) I know Bronze is softer than steel but not sure what it's hero stats are? Is bronze armour less effective against steel weapons? Do Bronze weapons have less def or what? How would you build the difference?
  4. In a long ranged combat 100+m the first thing anyone would do would be to lie as flat as possible. So I had a quick and dirty house rule that said range mods were double against a prone character. I don't like this rule really so decided to have another think and notice that the size penalties work well for this. So if you lie flat and your opponent is sufficiently far away that they can only see you in at ground level then I'd rule to them you are roughly 30cm tall and give you both the advantages to dcv accordingly. What do you think?
  5. Yeah but we're talking fantasy science... anything is possible
  6. My thoughts exactly. I'd build it as Change Environment with the special effect being a massive mushroom/ tree or whatever growing out of the ground, spreading out and blocking out the sun. Do you have anyone in your campaign who could create suck an effect and who wants those night monsters to attack the PCs? I think I'd be tempted to make the PC's tamper with something and they somehow create the giant mushroom/tree/whatever works in your campaign, which creates the night effect which unleashes your monsters.
  7. Indeed, it's either change environment or darkness. I'd gor for Change Environment myself as an eclipse isn't as dark as the darkness power, it's only the -2 you have for seeing at night.
  8. To create an eclipse like effect we 'just' need to block out the sun. So anyone with a knowledge of astronomy and the magical know how could build a large (megascale) opaque force wall and place it between the sun and the characters POV. Obviously if it's closer to the characters it won't have to be as big as the moon but it still needs to be extremely large. It shouldn't be that expensive. An unusual way to create darkness but there you go.
  9. I like King Cobra as a character so he is The 'face' of Viper
  10. I seem to recall you used to be able to buy a physical or energy barrier which would let the other through for an extra cost. Will check later to see if that is still the case
  11. One viper plot arc I ran was Viper Nest in Edinburgh was kidnapping the best HTH fighters in Scotland. But only Scotland. (other nests had control of other areas in other parts of the UK and didn't want to step on anyone else toes) They'd basically go for any really famous and fighters; Olympic Boxers, Capt of Scottish TKD kumite team, strongest man in Scotland, army combat instructor etc. When they had them they started experimenting on them injecting super serum to make a new Snake based Superteam. Quite a few didn't make it so either wound up dead or horribly mutated and dead. But a few did make it so by the time the team followed all the clues they had to invade the nest, hunt for a way to reverse the serum, fight off the new Viper superteam and hunt the scientist behind it all. I ran it in between other things in the background for a while and it worked out nicely.
  12. That makes perfect sense when it is explained to me. Also I'd agree with your second point re. charges in VPPs.
  13. Other things you might think about. ​Distinctive Features: Mage. Maybe even Martial Arts type Style Disadvantage so that people would know you are a Pyromancer and then they could guess what spells you can do. What you can't do, weaknesses etc. Analyze Style would come in handy. KS: Magic, Famous Magicians, Magical Styles, famous magical Artifacts etc. could all be complimentary rolls. Stealth, concealment etc. could all be bought specifically for magic to hide your traces. One thing you might consider for extremely sneaky or subtle mages is Invisible Power Effects, Invisibilty, Darkness v magical scrying etc. And lastly as my mind explodes with the possibilities you can use Martial Arts for Magicians who regularly go into mystical combat (Doctor Strange movie!!!!)
  14. What does talking to the dead do for you? Cam you see the past through the memories of dead people? What do dead people know? Can they interact with the living? Can they teach you cool things?
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