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  1. Re: My first Terran Empire Campaign idea... Make sure the PC's understand that nanobots have been implanted in their brains which allow Mr. X to track them wherever they go, and begin eating their brains when he tocuhes...this...button. Then, allow them to discovery more and more info on Mr. X, to discover what a total b@st$rd he is, and let them figure out a way to get rid of the nanobots. Stellar radiation flying too near a blue dwarf? Radiation only found in a comet's tail? As a result of black market procedure performed by a legendary and reclusive surgeon? Sounds li
  2. Re: D&D vs. FantasyHERO vs. Palladium "You're accepting all the lovely stuff that came in Unearthed Arcana as non-broken? " Unearthed Arcana shoulda remained buried.
  3. Re: D&D vs. FantasyHERO vs. Palladium "Unless you grab a setting. If you make a unique setting with a unique magic system for D&D, you have to do the same. if you say, 'no, just use whats in the book'..I point you to the FH books." Okay, but have you READ the FH settings? Incomplete, unbalanced, hastily cobbled together--in a word, pathetic, when you compare them to, say, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, etc. I was excited by the prospect of FH settings. I bought both FH settings. Read them, and realized they were utter non-starters. D&D has a magic system in place
  4. Re: D&D vs. FantasyHERO vs. Palladium 1st Edition AD&D wins. d20/3rd Ed/2.5 Ed. stinks. The main problem is that their character progression/prestige class concept is terribly broken. We will see what 4th Ed has to offer. Fantasy HERO is pretty terrible. It's really not a fair fight. The other game systems are actual systems and compelte games. With FH, you, the gamer, have to design, playtest, and implement the entire game using the HERO system metarules, including designing and implementing an entire magic system, and balance it against other forms of damage deali
  5. Re: ". . . Just a face in the crowd, even when it's all alone." If someone photographs him, is a single image seen every time, or does this cat actually change in appearance? My guess is that this effect is something that happens in an area effect around the targets and in their minds. A type of limited mind control would be the most efficient build imo.
  6. Re: FH book compatability Will not be compatible. In fact, the whole system is being re-written for use with d7's which, in addition to being one more than d6, are also more lucky...
  7. good one This is a pretty weird one, so bear with me... What about a spell which causes a ball of fire to issue from the hand of the caster, moving towards a target, and exploding in an area effect? This is a real game imbalancing spell, so use with caution, because it combines a range attack and area of effect with the element of fire.
  8. Re: Furious Counterstrike How about buying a naked advantage moving incoming damage down the time chart? See p. 244-245, FrED. I don't have time right now to sit down and figure it out but my guess is you buy a group naked advantage (to account for Max campaign DC STUN and Killing damage) apply the extra time, 1 Turn disadvantage, consider it an advantage +1 1/4, deduct the difference between a maximum DC attack in the game from the cost of a maximum DC attack with a plus 1 1/4 modifier, and the difference is the cost to defer the damage 1 turn (post segment 12). You might want to
  9. Anyone do this in your game? How do you handle the net?
  10. Re: FH Gripes I am ashamed. I used to 'think in HERO' so well. Now, shoot, after reading the recent posts in the forum, I could slap my damned forehead. I think an EC with END reserve/slow recovery is EXACTLY what I have been trying to do with magic all along. It might take some balancing. I might do without the EC. Could cause too much point shaving, but it would also allow characters to get new spells more frequently. I am going to re-read the END reserve rules as soon as I get home from work...
  11. Re: FH Gripes I agree--Combat Luck cannot stack with worn armor in a Fantasy game or everyone is going to buy it for its utility, rather than for character conception reasons. Dude, of course werewolves have 'nads. Hunters typically refer to a 'vitals' shot as one that hits the heart and lungs and essentially ensures a kill with one shot. I am leaning strongly towards a campaign rules revision, and allowing PC's to redesign their characters with applied experience, and maybe another 5 point bribe to quell the objections. They might actually enjoy re-imagining their PC's wi
  12. Re: FH Gripes I am not bashing the system, I am requesting advice and feedback, and I applaud your efforts at misrepresenting. I am not interested in 'winning' or 'bashing the system'--just making conversation and hoping to benefit from the experience of others. I apologize if I gave you the impression that I am trying to beat you up.
  13. Re: FH Gripes I would primarily repeat what I said about there being options, but no real approved approach sanctioned as 'official' in many aspects of FH, and mention that while the rules are, indeed, printed in black and white, theur effect in game is not--a FH game requires alot more decisions pre-campaign than many other games and the consequences of those decisions are not as obvious as I believe you are making them out to be. I dont think I ever said FH was broken--just that the pre-campaign decisions without obvious consequences pre-play are a mixed blessing at best.
  14. Re: FH Gripes Also, the rules in FH for Deadly Blow SPECIFICALLY state that it adds the the BASE DAMAGE of the weapon, as AmadanNaBriona wrote. Actually, I couldn't believe it. FH p. 106 "The damage added by Deadly Blow counts as base damage. That means it not only increases the damage a character's weapon does, it also improves his ability to increase the weapon's damage further via STR, COmbat Skill Levels, Combat Maneuvers, and the like."
  15. Re: FH Gripes Deadly Blow is a part of the Paladin Package Deal. Completely reasonable to allow a character to take a talent which appears in a package deal for the type of character they want to play. I neve dealt with it before, and so when it became part of the game, I found it to be tremendously imbalancing, and, as others have commiserated, it is hard to put the cat back in the bag without player dissatisfaction. And to be fair, I think allowing a talent which appears in a Package Deal list is a far cry from allowing a flying pixie fairy with a Holy Avenger. Please try to be mo
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