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  1. Re: Matt the Bruins' character art thread I've seen that Mondrian patterned dress somewhere before, and I liked it then. Nice work. That type of design would be nice for a light controller with holographic powers. You have a great style. Are you using Photoshop for coloring over the black lines you scan in, or are you in Illustrator for the whole thing?
  2. Re: Gliding = Untrackable? I suppose I could see the Desolid build. What that limitation worth, -1 ? Actually, I was thinking more of something exotic like a mental sense or enhanced hearing or something. Invisibility to smell/taste would take care of tracking by scent, which is why i suggested it. However, the Desolid build is interesting. It is actually more efficient for being completely untraceable. It's a little uber, but it is efficient. I guess what gives me pause is figuring out a remedy to it. Tracking by scent that affects desolid? Dispel Desolid
  3. Re: Gliding = Untrackable? I would say that the gliding build would cover leaving no footprints. Combine that with invisibility to the smell/taste group (no fringe) and you've pretty much got it. The only problem with that would be someone that had tracking and/or discriminatory built onto a non-tracking sense. In Hero terms it's hard to build an absolute, but how often would you see that sort of tracking build. Sounds like a nemesis in the making. Makes good dramatic sense to me.
  4. Re: Need some serious help GM 101: The PCs should never be powerless any longer than necessary to move the plot forward. The PCs powerlessness should rarely be the method of moving the plot forward. Any downturn in their fortunes should be balanced out by some sort of reward down the road. Depending on the personalities involved, the wait for that reward should not be that great. It depends on just how sadistic the GM is trying to be to me. Will going along with the plot result in a dead body with you to blame? If you do decide to go all vengeance is mine, will your characters
  5. Re: Pixar's the Incredibles The 2 DVD set for the Incredibles has extras that include personnel files for the supers that appear in the background that were presumably on Syndrome's computers. They list the powers attributed to all of them, and that is what guys are referring to above for the most part. I never saw Dash do a hardcore Champions style Move Through, but he did a lot of Move Bys on his sister. He wasn't really trying to hurt her, so the damage involved was negligible. On the other and, he did bowl over a guard on the island at speed to save his sister. I might
  6. Re: Pixar's the Incredibles Sure, to some extent that's true. However, you also have to take into account the mechanics of the game system. If you are playing someone who may use Move Through and Move By on a regular basis or my have a turn mode related accident, you need to be somewhat tough. Also, you don't want to fold like Kleenex when a low-level NPC gets in a lucky shot.
  7. Re: Champions Villains Volume Three: Solo Villains when will it be on the shelf? This is not something that they have prioritized for many reasons that they have explained before. I finally broke down and bought the PDF. It was OK, not great. However, the extended anticipation was not worth it. If they ever get the thing printed, I may or may not buy one for the sake of completeness in my collection. I have resolved the issue in my mind, and would humbly submit that the wait has probably gone a long way to killing what they said was already lukewarm demand. No one is perfect, and
  8. Re: Somebody needs to write this villain up now!
  9. Re: Pixar's the Incredibles While I agree he's tough, I don't think I'd read too much into things like this in the Incredi-verse. Either all of the supers have some sort of resistant protection, or the rules of physics are generally played much looser (maybe both). The only person I saw who really suffered the effects of derring-do was Mr. Sansweet, and that was part of the gag. People were worried about dying, but it didn't seem like it was actually that easy to kill a super by accident unless it was funny. Dash clearly did not want to be shot, but he shrugged of damage that
  10. Re: Alan Moore's "1963" I loved that series. I have to admit the Fantastic Four stand-ins didn't impress me, but the Spider-Man homage, Fury, was note perfect and is waiting to be used in that game I am always threatening to run. Moore really got the whole tone of 60s Marvel books right in that series though. I'm sorry he never finished it.
  11. Re: Pixar's the Incredibles Man, I've seen that movie maybe half a dozen times, and I've never realized that Gazerbeam was Bob's lawyer, though it makes so much sense.
  12. Re: Hand Attack Power + Martial Arts One of the few things I genuinely like more in 6th is the care they took in sorting out that adding damage mess. It is much easier to deal with than ever before even with advantaged attacks .
  13. Re: Pixar's the Incredibles All the supers in the Incredibles universe seemed to have a fairly high degree of resiliency.
  14. Re: 11 Victoria's Secret models hit the catwalk as superheroines This really illustrates what we are talking about when we add Striking Appearance and Distracting Costume to a build.
  15. Re: Pixar's the Incredibles I didn't realize those characters had been done up in any detail. Are you basing that on the Incredible DVD extras from the two-disc set, or is there another source? I have to admit that I only watched part of the extras though I own that set. I do remember some lists of powers in that. I might dust it off an take a closer look. I forgot to mention Violet because basically I think those powers go together now after reading the Fantastic Four for so long. Also, strength and toughness together are a given in supers builds. The only time you
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