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  1. Re: Civilians Miniatures? Another option is to go to the WizKids site (before it closes down!) and download the various Bystander tokens from the various Marvel and DC sets. There are about 90 such tokens that can be printed onto card, and cut out like Pogs...
  2. Re: Civilians Miniatures? I have used paper minis from http://www.seven-wonders.co.uk/paperfriends.html and you can find some civilians amongst his vast collection of Marvel, DC, Dr. Who, and other characters. Try: http://www.seven-wonders.co.uk/downloads/mg51.jpg and http://www.seven-wonders.co.uk/downloads/mg14.jpg Have trawl around his website & see what else you can find!
  3. Re: Wizkids closing It might not be truely the end! Pinata Games (http://www.pinatagames.com/) has been formed by some of the employees of what was WizKids and they plan on buying the license to HeroClix. See here for more details on saving HeroClix: http://www.saveheroclix.com/
  4. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I feel a little cheeky bumping this, but I love looking at Storn's latest creations, and I didn't want the thread to be forgotten...
  5. Re: How Much BODY does a human body have? Clarification: The original question was about dissintegrating/ disolving corpses, not the effects of dissintegration on living things. The reason being I am creating a henchman for a nasty villain that 'cleans-up' after his boss. He basically destroys/ dissintegrates any corpses left using a nasty TK ability (needs concentration at 0 DCV & throughout use of the power) that only works on inanimate things (ie, not usable against living targets), corpses are inanimate. I was wondering about how much BODY a corpse would have because this would add a time constraint on the ability to dissintegrate a corpse, and may lead to the henchman being caught in the act by someone due to the full concentration required (ie, the more body a particular corpse has the longer it takes to dissingegrate it). I'm tempted to go with the corpse having as much BODY as the victim had whwn alive (with some variance depending upon the source of that BODY, ie BODY through willpower doesn't count etc.) Thanks for your help, and some interesting ideas. Any more?
  6. Re: How Much BODY does a human body have? Hummm. I'd just assumed this refered to inanimate objects (pg 449 H5rev), never thought that it could apply to corpses? However I think it sounds a little too simplistic, especially for super corpses! I think I'll use that for normals though. Thanks.
  7. Re: How Much BODY does a human body have? Naughty Alibear! I know about the STUN- semi/un/conscious thingy. My query was regarding BODY. Am I correct in believing that a character falls unconscious when it reaches 0 BODY (the rulebook just says you begin to die, I assume you are not still up and about at 0 or negative BODY) although I have, for dramatic effect, allowed a charcter to crawl off to do some last heroic deed (ie, pressing the button that saves everyone else) before falling unconscious in the past.
  8. Re: How Much BODY does a human body have? AAaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Re: How Much BODY does a human body have? Forgive me, I'm not sure if I've understood correctly, but are you suggesting that a character with 10 BODY when dead at -10 BODY needs to reach -20 BODY to become dissolved? I was wondering if it should be a flat additional 10 BODY to dissolve. Why should someone who is slightly fitter/ more healthy take more BODY to dissolve? I'm talking about (relatively) normal humans/ heroes here not strangely formed mutants/ aliens.
  10. I hope this isn't too weird a question but... How Much BODY does a human body have? If a charcater has 10 BODY, he falls unconscious at 0 BODY, and eventually dies at -10 BODY. If someone wanted to get rid of the body by use of a disintagrator gun, acid, or whatever, how much BODY needs to be done to disintegrate/ disolve the body? Thank you.
  11. Re: [Review] Gestalt: The Hero Within re. (2): That is a damn shame. The character layouts was one of the things I really liked about the Algernon Files & Flames of War products. I really don't like it when characters share the same page, or when half of the characters stats and/or power descriptions were on a different page. I like all the gaming stats neatly together on the one page whenever possible. I used to photocopy all the characters out of the books I bought and stored them alphabetically to make it easier to find the character I was looking for, team-mates would be kept together in individual files. Having the character sheets individually also made my life easier when I was using characters from different books, or even from the same book, and avoided all the unnecessary page flipping that would otherwise occur. The amount of literal cutting and pasting I have done over the years is way too much! All to make GMing easier! It looks like I'll be doing a lot of computer cutting & pasting for this document to print the characters off individually... :-( Thanks for the info and the quick answer. :-)
  12. Re: Gestalt Now Available In Color I don't have this product yet, I'm hoping to get the pdf in the next couple of weeks (when I can get access to a broadband conection - YES, I'm still using dial-up, well at least until Christmas) I was wondering how well the characters would translate to a standard CHAMPIONS campaign. I've been thinking of creating some Gestalt-style characters based on mythic beings or gods (basically avatars) but decided to put this off until the Gestalt book was available to see how it's done. I really couldn't be doing with starting a brand new campaign on a brand new world after all the work I've put into building my own world over the past couple of decades, however I have frequent adventures to other dimensions and alternate Earths. This is why I was wondering if the Gestalt characters could translate well into a Champions campaign. Thank you.
  13. Re: [Review] Gestalt: The Hero Within Well I've discovered the answer to #1) thanks to another thread at http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59115: Both colour & b/w options are available with the pdf. (Thanks Lapsedgamer)
  14. Re: [Review] Gestalt: The Hero Within Has anyone bought the pdf version of GESTALT? If so, two questions if I may... 1) I was wondering if the artwork was in colour or b/w? 2) Are the characters laid out to make them easier to print off one character per page as in the ALGERNON FILES? Thank you for your time.
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