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  1. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I feel a little cheeky bumping this, but I love looking at Storn's latest creations, and I didn't want the thread to be forgotten...
  2. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I've been away for quite a while and have missed a lot of stuff! I've had some spare time this week and decided to pop in and mooch around... I've spent a good few hours over the past few days looking at Storn's work. What can I say that hasn't already been said, so here goes! "WOW! Fantastic. Keep up the great work, and most importantly of all, thank you for sharing." PS I may have mined a few score images too!
  3. Re: Physics students needed Don't forget that in the movie his first few attempts failed as his webbing broke, but he had still slowed the train down a bit before he actually succeded.
  4. UK-X Trainees 2: Black Rod is another manipulator of the Shadowforce energies, and is a favoured pupil of Raven (for obvious reasons). Stonehenge is a large (~8' 6") stone-fleshed 'brick'. I have made use of the Ultimate Brick book for some of his abilities. There are other members of UK-X, such as Barrier (female, TK & FF), Churchill (male, military background and hi tech prototype weaponry), Bulldog (male, top secret cyber-agent), and newest member Mesmer (female, a psi who needs a name change to something more 'traditional', not that she wants to!) The other trainees include Spitfire III (female flying fire generator) and Tower (female, permanent 2 levels of Growth plus moderate STR).
  5. UK-X Trainees: With the increasing numbers of paranormals in the world, especially in the UK due to the influx of mystical energies from an open gateway (in Cheshire) to the Elfan homeworld, the British goverment initiated a training program for those who wished to learn how to better use their powers, and maybe even become government sponsored heroes. Here are two: Beefeater is a 'brick' with tough skin. That's all! Swithin is a water generator and manipulator. It is theorised that she may have some faerie conection, as she doesn't register as a mutant!
  6. Re: Tinkerbelle I like her. In my HERO campaign (based in the UK as it's were I am) I have lots of faerie type folk of different species and sizes. She'd fit right in there. In fact, she may just make a guest appearance some time... Here is Gaelic Guardian, she is friend to the faerie folk, and occasionally has a couple as companions. She has a mystic bow, and a book of nature themed magic spells.
  7. Raven and Rose Here are two more from UK-X. Raven is a pseudo-mystic, she manipulates the energies of the shadowforce dimension (ie, I ripped off Marvels Darkforce dimension ) Rose is another ex-member of Plantlife. She has minor cybernetic enhancements that allow her to shot fletchettes from her fingers, and has some sight abilities. I added the rose motif to her thigh using Paint.
  8. Re: Superhero Images This is a before and after shot of the heroine Oak. The 'before' was from when she was a member of the 'vaguely' heroic all girl team of mercenaries Plantlife, folowed by a short solo career. The 'after' shot is her now, as a member of UK-X.
  9. Re: Superhero Images Here are a few of the characters from my campaigns leading British hero team, UK-X. They are a government/ military sponsored team, and have a 'friendly' rivalry with the London Knights (basically a merging of The New Knights and London Watch from the real CU). Most of the UK-X team members have names linked to British legend or tradition to make them more poular with the public. The costumes have a 'red, white, and blue' theme (colours of the British flag) to represent patriotism Big Ben is a mutant with growth powers. Herald is a psi. Herald was slightly touched up in Paint (yes Paint! I've not had time to master anything more complicated yet)
  10. Re: Superhero Images And here are a couple more...
  11. Re: Superhero Images Using the HeroMachine v2.0 I created a batch of UNTIL agents of the various archetypes. Here are a couple:
  12. Snakey bad folks! I've just come across this thread and have managed to look through the first 30-ish pages, so I thought I'd add a couple of images for starters. They are created using the HeroMachine v2.0 program. These two are the main villains that the players in my campaign will eventually meet as they journey through a magical 'Aladdin-esque' parallel dimension in search of one of their missing team-mates. The lady with the snakey lower torso is a powerfull mystic, and the 'brick' is her created bodyguard.
  13. Q: Describe the latest 'Pop Idol/ Fame Academy' music band! A: C3PO.
  14. Q: How would you describe your gaming friends? A: Small and furry.
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