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  1. I believe the current assumption is that the Anasazi built their cliff dwellings for protection from other people who might raid them. Having been to many of these sites, they are almost always near a relatively reliable water source and there are places to farm nearby. The Chaco Canyon site was near a small river. There is still an underground stream of some kind because there are cottonwood trees growing in and around the old riverbed. There is almost always a good reason why people settle in a place. Las Vegas was along a trade route.
  2. Amen to this statement. Coming from a resident of the Twin Cities and who is also BIPOC.
  3. Excellent solution. In my campaign world there is a spell just like the one you have described. The player would have part of a shield that had been used in a battle. They would cast the spell, the shield part would be destroyed a magical force would 'block' incoming attacks, i.e. +3 DCV.
  4. I would be willing to help you out. The fastest way would be with a Zoom call. Heck we could even record it and post it for other folks.
  5. You might want to consider the excellent work that has been done using Tabletop Simulator (see this thread and specifically this post)
  6. 😃I live in MN but I am not a Minnesotan 😉 Having come from the Southwestern part of the USA, I have an understanding about what ¡Olé! means and what Ole (Danish male name mean). Confuses me sometimes...
  7. So a 45 AP attack on a normal will most likely leave a normal bleeding to death and knocked out (maybe long enough that they can recover). Then ask how lethal do I want that attack to be fore the player characters. For a really lethal campaign then 2 rPD/rED + 5 PD/ED will result in some seriously wounded characters within a phase or three (vs. 45 AP attacks). And just work back from there.
  8. Providing pre-built characters with only the essential information can work very well for beginners.
  9. Release Notes v1.13: Defects fixed: HCM won't start on a Chromebook because System Icons are not valid for ChromeOS / Linux Documentation errors have been fixed. Features added: Resize windows and UI elements resize as well - Partial implementation. Main window is now sized based on the display resolution. Resizing the windows will not automatically change the UI elements.
  10. bluesguy


    When we played face-to-face for my new players I would use Word/Excel to make a bunch of square boxes to represent END, Stun & Body. Then I would give the players that sheet + a plastic protector sheet. They could use an erasable marker on the sheet to track everything. Since we are playing VTT these days I just trust them to keep track of those things.
  11. You are looking for this https://www.herogames.com/files/file/505-jsonexporterhde/
  12. Travel in a jungle is very slow are full of 'pitfalls'. For instance someone might have created a road through the jungle but every year it needs to be completely cleared out. Also if the road is nothing more than an area cleared of trees and vegetation and some leveling, with wooden bridges across the most difficult crossings, when it rains the road will become a muddy mess. My campaign world has a large swath of jungles and mountainous jungle regions. Most of the time people take boats as far up a river jungle as they can and only venture into the dense jungle for a day or so.
  13. Here are snippets from the Human template in my campaign world. I included both the language & Musical Instrument Familiarity. <LANGUAGES DISPLAY="Language" EXCLUSIVE="No" INPUTLABEL="Language" OTHERINPUT="Y"> <TYPE>LANGUAGE</TYPE> <OPTION XMLID="BASIC" DISPLAY="basic conversation" BASECOST="1" /> <OPTION XMLID="FLUENT" DISPLAY="fluent conversation" BASECOST="2" /> <OPTION XMLID="ACCENT" DISPLAY="completely fluent" BASECOST="3" /> <OPTION XMLID="IDIOMATIC" DISPLAY="idiomatic" ID="IDIOMATIC" BASECOST="4" /&
  14. For the benefit of anyone else who might need to do this: I have never installed HCM on a Chromebook. Since HD is working then you have Java setup. Here are somethings to know: The hcm-package.zip is not an installer and there isn't an installer available. When you unzip the hcm-package.zip, you will find a hcminstaller-1.12.zip (current version) and a ReadMe.txt file Copy both of those files to a temporary folder Unzip the hcminstaller-1.12.zip and you will find there is a folder called HeroCombatManager
  15. bluesguy


    I have had players who played characters with noble lineage. Two of the cases involved female characters being disowned. In one case for not fulfilling her family duty to marry a nasty older nobleman. In the other case because her brother caused her to lose face. The third character was not disowned but found out that his 'dear sweet' grandmother is the high priestess for a very evil cult. The player had no idea that sweet grandma was evil priestess and his character didn't find it out until much later. Everyone loved that. BTW: The campaign in which this is unfolding is ab
  16. Thank you for purchasing HCM. I will look into this. Can you also provide me with the HDC files?
  17. As for the training, my world has a wicked monsoon season and there is a separate month in the year when all kinds of crazy/random things can happen. These points in time on the calender make natural places for training. Also sometimes if one player has a set of skills that another player wants to learn they will tell me about it and over a period of time the 2nd player can buy those skills.
  18. In my Champions games every player gives up 5 XP with their character build for a base & vehicle. I will sometimes supplement that XP if I think it is appropriate (small number of players). In my Fantasy games this isn't a problem since they almost always are getting around on horses. I limit flying and teleport in my Fantasy games.
  19. The Body is applied after armor is subtracted. The stun is before! Head shots are wicked.
  20. Did you follow the instructions in the user manual, starting at page 13 about how to create a Combat Record? Creating a combat record (File Menu) is different than the Export (Current File menu) in HD.
  21. Hi, Thank you for purchasing HCM. Can you send me the XML and HDC files and I will check to see if I can figure out what is going on? Also if you could post the exact path name you placed the files in? Thank you again,
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