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  1. Better article Neil Gaiman’s boost for Petersfield Bookshop is no fantasy https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/neil-gaimans-boost-for-petersfield-bookshop-is-no-fantasy-jwsxfzwjf
  2. Twitter does good. Oh what a night! Twitter brings £1,000 worth of orders to empty bookshop Petersfield Bookshop had no customers for first time in 100-year history – until a sad tweet attracted 1,100 new followers https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/jan/15/twitter-brings-1000-pounds-worth-of-orders-to-empty-bookshop
  3. Actual pick Monster That Threatens the Entire Kingdom: Idris Elba as The Green Knight. Is The Green Knight a - angel - devil - wild man - civilised man - skin is all green - more A: all of the above. Other actors considered: Orson Wells, Alec Guinness, Clark Gable.
  4. Boris & Nigel aren’t actors. Plus it is a joke.
  5. Monster That Threatens the Entire Kingdom "Brexit" the Trojan horse. Boris Johnson at the front with Nigel Farage as the rear. This is a joke.The real pick will be made later.
  6. I guess this means...offically, 1) no more Smallville, or 2) the earth designation was not shown due to time restraints.
  7. There is no "I" in team...but there is a nose.
  8. 1) to make it easy for you to keep track of things. 2) Gotta keep some secrets.
  9. I thought he was and checked to see if he had been picked. Didn't see that he had. I'll never hear the end of it now.
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