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  1. This is a real composition, the composer is Leroy Anderson. The piece is called "The Typewriter" written Oct 9. 1950. 1st recorded by the Boston Pops on Decca Records. Only 2 keys on the typewriter functioned and a professional percussionist plays the typewriter. Tchaikovsky: I used cannons to make an amazing performance Leroy Anderson: haha typewriter goes tap tap and bell goes ding I don’t know why it reminds me of Mr.Bean
  2. Well until this whole pandemic thing is under control and pre-pandemic society returns as normal, the billion dollar box office will be off-the-table.
  3. Who told you? That was a secret.
  4. Hayabusa Captain Marvel Boxing Gloves https://www.hayabusafight.com/products/marvel-captain-marvel-boxing-gloves
  5. Was The Winter Soldier a documentary? Inclined to answer...
  6. Thank your for your reply. It is not at all what I was expecting. My “agenda” is to verify two postulates/axioms of realistic philosophy which are: (1) There is a world of real existence which humans have not made or constructed, (2) This real existence can be known the human mind. This has been taken from John Wild, Introduction to Realistic Philosophy, page 6. For completeness, the third axiom is “(3) Such knowledge is the only reliable guide to human conduct, individual and social." Historically, this is the intellectual environment that grew out of Plato, Aristotle, to the Arabs, to the Schoolmen who passed it to the onwards which formed the environment for the creation of modern science(*). Modern science, obviously constructs and uses mathematical models as quantifiable descriptions of reality (realness & existence). (*)Can suggest books and lectures if required. And, I’ve read that psychologist James Gibson’s ecological approach of visual perception verifies scientifically that the external world has realness, and existence. But, as of yet, have not verified this from a second source, particularly James Gibson (as his book is over $100 AUD). But I might have to.
  7. To most people ‘reality’ is a bubble of unreality, and have been so conditioned, are in deep denial.
  8. So existence is not real and/or, reality does not exist? If so, we're in trouble.
  9. Okay, continuing the discussion, above (which was at the beginning of the month) asking the scientists: what is your understanding of this phrase: "real existence"?
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