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  1. GRRM cites Tolkien as an influence. Song of Ice & Fire is as much a commentary on LotR.
  2. There is a further precedent with Chris Evans bouncing back with a “second tier” superhero film.
  3. How Star Trek: Picard explains Dune's unique take on sci-fi robots https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/dune-2020-star-trek-picard-ai-robots
  4. Agree with Pariah. I watched all ten seasons of SG-1, and Pariah nails it above. I didn't watch Farscape* so don't have that comparison, and wasn't aware of RDA's knee or AT's baby, but year, SG-1 should have stopped at Season 7. *Happy that Claudia Black is an Aussie. Another thing is that as it is, with ten seasons, it made Stargate Atlantis a possibility, and then afterwards, Stargate Universe. If SG-1 stopped after season 7, these sequel series may never had been produced. To my mind, there is an uncanny resemblance between the overall themes between the TNG era of Star Trek and Sta
  5. last night -- attended a music concert. Wahoo.
  6. We have super drafts that will allow Dr. Thurgood Elsen and Dr. Harold Medford to be on the same team. You'd just have to pick the draft. And we are nearly finished our Monsters vs Aliens super draft that can made that happen.
  7. TO be fair, 90% of that was backlash because Pluto was demoted.
  8. Hungry Jack's returns serve in bun fight with McDonald's https://www.smh.com.au/national/hungry-jack-s-returns-serve-in-bun-fight-with-mcdonald-s-20200925-p55zaf.html (HJ’s is basically Burger King in Australia)
  9. THE WORST SUPERHERO MOVIES OF ALL TIME https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/guide/worst-superhero-movies/ How many have you seen? The “highest” one on the list I’ve seen is Fantastic.
  10. That basically is the premise of the show. Penny being the non-nerd is the POV character for the mainstream audience to see Geek culture through.
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