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  1. Herein I thought the controversy was an archangel possessing a dead man...
  2. Hey Mod*, since this thread is basically a continuation of the earlier “Brandon Routh Returns As Superman” thread, can we merge the two threads, but keep the Crisis On Infinite Earths title? * cc @Hermit
  3. ‘Superman & Lois’ Series Is Coming to The CW’s Arrowverse https://collider.com/superman-lois-lane-cw-arrowverse-series/
  4. First ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ Images Reveal New Team-Ups, Crossovers, and Superman’s Son https://collider.com/crisis-on-infinite-earths-images-superman-lois-lane-batwoman/
  5. "The wonderful thing about rationality is that it is irrational."
  6. When I read it on the day you posted it, it gave me hope that the flash forwards would be something to look forward too as I had not watched that season yet. Now that I have, I must disagree with you. The flash forwards breathed new life in the series as we see that the next generation are just as heroic as their parents. My fav new character is Mia Smoak.
  7. Ive told you. Zod doesn’t work on me. You are cute when you post Zod. You must terribly miss Zornwil.
  8. Nope. I’ve seen The Final Cut edit, and the above was my reaction. One of the worse movies I’ve “seen”.
  9. Finished Season 4 two days ago. Edit: Two episodes to go be up to date. With marathoning the later half of Supergirl S03; last seasons of Arrow, Flash & Supergirl; and current to date seasons of Arrow & Flash, I’ve enjoyed Arrow & Flash much more than Supergirl. Supergirl just gets more laughably absurd each season. The MVP of Supergirl last season was Andrea Brooks (Eve) whose character got ruined in the current season.
  10. Great, if you mean “watching paint dry”.
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