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  1. Here lies Roger Waters, cowriter of The Happiest Days of Our Lives He didn’t eat his meat, So he didn’t get any pudding.
  2. He’s gonna step on you again.
  3. The author The Dark Herald is correct in identifying the virtues prudence, temperance, justice, and courage as important. However, he misses the mark in that they are not just for heroes, but are for everyone. This is why they are referred to as the cardinal virtues; cardinal here means basic/fundamental. For those looking for more information: notable books on virtue ethics have been Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue, and Edith Hall's Aristotle's Way. Other notable virtue ethics scholars in the twentieth century were G. E. M. Anscome, Iris Murdoch (Booker Prize winning author) a
  4. The Surface is pretty much a netbook.
  5. To me, each episode is just over 20 mins, which makes it an hour, not 90 mins. news/promotion is that Episode 4 picks things up after the slow start.
  6. I think that is official, WandaVision will lead into Dr Strange 2, as will Spider-Man 3.
  7. The software that powered NeXTStep, OpenStep (Java is a ‘spinoff’), Mac OS X, and iOS (iPhone & iPads) was because of Brad Cox. It was because of Objective-C, that Tim Berners-Lee was able to create the WWW and its bowser, on NeXTStep.
  8. Watch the third one as well. And welcome to “no clues-ville”.
  9. Title: The Squirrel, The Stinson and The Wiccan riffing off “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”.
  10. Option: Yellow Crayon moment https://fanlore.org/wiki/Yellow_Crayon Option: Carmen Sandiego (Netflix series)
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