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  1. That is true. Remember to periodically look over your shoulder and overhead.
  2. The picture for Quicksilver is MIA. And what an incredible selection so far. So Colossus is Mr Incredible, and Quicksilver is Dash. Now all we need is a Violet analogue.
  3. The Kid Who Would Be King. Enjoyed it.
  4. Maybe it was a stick.
  5. So this likely Sociotard’s next pick?
  6. Me neither. In Australia he is purple..
  7. That probably should go in the politics thread...
  8. Similarly I have never watched an episode of Star Trek The Original Series.
  9. First Heroine: She Hulk (Jennifer Walters)
  10. Please forgive me from hitting you over the head with a heavy book to knock some sense into you. I don’t have a condition, I just enjoy it.
  11. Maybe I should draft all newbies as they are “green” ie lack experience.
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