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  1. On 3/3/2021 at 3:05 AM, death tribble said:

    As you are under the same Covid restrictions that most of us are under you have not kidnapped the Divine Gillian.

    The Northern Territory survives a year of coronavirus without death or outbreak



    Last April, as coronavirus was taking hold in Australia, Northern Territory health authorities issued a stark warning: community spread of the deadly virus would be inevitable in the NT.


    But a year to the day since the NT recorded its first case — a 52-year-old tourist who had been overseas before flying from Sydney to Darwin — the pandemic has so far proven that prediction wrong.


    The NT is one of the last Australian jurisdictions to have avoided community transmission, and it also boasts the nation's lowest caseload and no deaths.


    The majority of the NT's 106 cases have been linked to the federal government's repatriation program. Its locally acquired cases — all linked to interstate travel — can be counted on one hand.


    What is behind the NT's success in its first year battling coronavirus?


  2. 5 minutes ago, Old Man said:

    What if we're a simulation in a simulation?  What if it's simulations all the way down?


    Then we are getting to change, actuality and potentiality. 


    Werner Heisenberg wrote:


    If we compare this situation with the Aristotelian concepts of matter and form, we can say that the matter of Aristotle, which is mere “potentia,” should be compared to our concept of energy, which gets into “actuality” by means of the form, when the elementary particle is created. (Physics and Philosophy p. 134) 


  3. 10 hours ago, Old Man said:


    Does a simulation count as existence?


    Depends how you categorise simulation. if it is a thing-in-itself, then yes it has existence; if it is a property* of a thing-in-itself then its existence depends on the thing-in-itself.


    Further inquiry would lead to what kind of thing, the thing-in-itself is, which would be the essence or nature of the thing is. the essence then would determine the form the thing takes in the matter/material, ie the form gives the shape/pattern to the material (as in a statue). The three main categories of properties of the thing, are quantity (as it can be measured, hello physics), quality, and this thing's relation to other things. 

    *property, technical term is 'accident'. 

  4. 24 minutes ago, Cancer said:

    ... but not provably.

    Only if one is using a method based on empirical positivism measuring quantity alone. 

    Existence, like actuality, are outside the scope of science. They both come under ontology. 

    23 minutes ago, Old Man said:

    Isn't it more likely that existence is a simulation?

    A simulation of inexistence?

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