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  1. Two picks for today as didn't pick yesterday Detective: Wolfgang von Strucker, Baron Patriot: Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull
  2. Mjolnir, builder or destroyer of thunder gods.
  3. Home Base: Dover, England Shapeshifter - Plastic Man (Patrick Edward "Eel" O'Brian)
  4. “Critical thinking makes you a conspiracy theorist” ~ paraphrased from CIA.
  5. Zeta Prime (G1) New topic: ships, boats, and other watercraft.
  6. Starscream Prime, er, let’s try that again, Starscream.
  7. GOAT: Greatest of all time. “All Time” includes the future which hasn’t happened. Ergo, the term “GOAT” is silly as how can you decide something that hasn’t happened?
  8. Cricket test matches can go 5 days before there is a result, and if no result, it is called a draw.
  9. Oh good, Aussies are thinking...about time.
  10. Zebras. New topic: things you might find around the house
  11. Woman's staggering find in library book https://au.news.yahoo.com/womans-staggering-find-in-library-book-070050214.html
  12. Replicators. ST TNG 3x1 aired 23 Sept 1989. Replicators was first mentioned on Stargate SG-1 S3 E3 “Fair Game”, 9 July 1999 and their first appearance was S3 E22 “Nemesis” 8 March 2000. Coincidence?
  13. Higher than real mathematics.
  14. Zoo New Topic: Words with 5 or more letters.
  15. Bottom line: the cosmic MCU is vastly & significantly different* is subtle ways to the MU. *I’ve lost count.
  16. The answer you are looking for is called natural law.
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