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  1. There is definitely real “mad science”.
  2. In Historic First, Janet Yellen Becomes First Female Treasury Secretary To Request Ethics Waiver For Wall Street Speaking Fees https://dailycaller.com/2021/02/03/janet-yellen-ethics-waiver-gamestop/
  3. I’m waiting for the crossover King Kong vs Mario & Luigi.
  4. DOGDBTR: Department of grenades, detonators, bazookas, tanks, and rifles.
  5. Zürich, Switzerland New Topic: Song titles (excluding "A" and "The")
  6. Yes. I enjoyed it. Hope there is a season 2.
  7. Dog Database Trainer obviously.
  8. Hedgies are long on The Justice System.
  9. “There are two types of people in this world. People who think the government is looking out for their best interest, and people who think. “ ~ Nathan Fraser
  10. F-111 (Yes the song is about the aircraft crashing. Songwriter is a physicist who has some connection to this aircraft as part of his post grad studies.)
  11. Is ‘change’ required for physics? Ergo, can you do physics without ‘change’?
  12. Fair enough. The tweet i saw earlier looked like it was affiliated with WSB which suggested they were going after silver next. No, we are in 2020+1. Still at least 8 more years to go.
  13. Looks like silver is the next one.
  14. Disney is releasing the D+ shows weekly, is because of Game of Thrones. Yes & no. It is to allow each show to build an audience, and that happens when you discuss it over the “water cooler” with friends, work colleagues, social media, etc. The more people talk about the show, the longer future it has, and more successful it becomes. To maximise this mean to air episodes weekly, regardless if it a episodic or a serial storytelling structure.
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