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  1. According to science, dentist don’t exist, neither do scientists.
  2. After 20 years it seems Kevin is not slowing down at all. He is not suffering from Feige-tigue.
  3. Well, Johns has written some of DC’s biggest story arcs in the past 20 years, Stargirl is based on his late sister, and he was CCO for most of the 2010s. Also, the Lantern Corps Emotional Spectrum, is his idea.
  4. Have you tried kidnapping Lolth? I would;dn't recommend it, twice.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, but I’ve taken Gillian hostage. Because I'm a evil, but sensitive New Age Zod.
  6. Board policy says I have to “play nice”.
  7. Hey, stop using my likeness without proper authority!!
  8. What goes bump in the night?
  9. The closest editions I’ve found are 1400-1500 pages.
  10. Outlawed just seems to me as Civil War retred but applied to youngsters.
  11. Oh, the universe is way saner/insaner as you move up ontological “levels”.
  12. That is a joke. More likely, no ethics reprimand, and research funding doubled. Lord of the Rings, large print edition?
  13. I ask as substance in a technical sense is one of Aristotle’s categories, and another is quantity. Ie substance is ontology/natural philosophy which is unexpected from a scientist.
  14. The show’s purpose is to lead into Doctor Strange 2 — that was always the plan. Spider-Man No Way Home as well.
  15. Are you sure it is a substance?
  16. for @Old Man again. Psychedelic folk / world music. This British band performed at the Woodstock.
  17. So a group of nerds, reaching for the stars by playing sports.
  18. Roy Thomas, Former Marvel Editor, Pushes Back on New Stan Lee Biography (Guest Column) https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/roy-thomas-former-marvel-editor-pushes-back-on-new-stan-lee-biography-guest-column
  19. The Astronomers Union is actually named “The Astronomical Unit”.
  20. Actually, said “debating manual” is more akin to a book on logic, which has been VERY influential.
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