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  1. Re: Succor Timing Question Just as I suspected, it was good to get a second opinion though.
  2. Re: Succor Timing Question OK, here is the root of it, I am converting a hero to 5er and the character possesses a kinetic boosting ability to enhance the velocities of objects he touches. FOREX, one of his powers involves accelerating a knife as he throws it. Each individual "charging" of the attack is supposed to be an instant power. Succor seems to fit the bill, except that the wording states that the effect ends instantly. So the question it what effect does Succor have on Instant Powers? Does it indeed provide that 1 phase boost?
  3. Re: What's in the moon? Hmmm...an alien species (Greys) using the moon as a forward observation base. The resting place of the gods after their fall from power in millenia past (Valhalla for the Norse forex). A core of lightweight metal that will be fought over as humankind reaches for the stars, Duranium alloy leaps to mind. Cthlulu type creatures biding their time until the world ends.
  4. Re: This Power Armor suit [shas'o R'myrs] You do not lose points for having a vehicle or base destroyed, I cannot find the reference in the RAW, not have I heard of a game where the GM skrewed his players in such a fashion. Vehicles should not be used in leiu of powered armors *except* in the case of genre giant Mechs. In all other cases IMHO Foci or OIHID should be used.
  5. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I hope not, I was wanting to commision him for a pic, not to mention Death Tribble's weird world commissions were intriguing. I hope he comes back soon. Perhaps a PM to RDUNeil would help clear things up?
  6. Re: Google Earth This sounds like an excellent idea! Repped!
  7. Re: The Champion Protocols (ie how to take down your character) Chimera Her alien battlesuit renders her vulnerable to poisons and pesticides so hitting her with those is a straight forward vulnerability. More psychological attacks involve her family: the wealthy Belusconi family. Threaten to reveal her identity to them and she might make careless mistakes or venture into the "grey" areas to protect her freedom from a domineering father. Jake Harker Jake is a low level super with phenomenal recuperative powers and not much else (two-fisted streetfighter). Frame him for a crime or set him up (Enraged makes it easy) and have the cops arrest him. As a felon, he will likely cool his heels for a while.
  8. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Oh, I get what Legatus was saying now. Psybolt used 2 on the color palette for each body segment. I've been playing a bit with transperency, but haven't yet gotten the look I wanted. The Hawk God/Hawksmoor -Gotta get my lazy hinnie in fixing my passwords.
  9. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine HA!!!!!! repped!
  10. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine How do I export the picture once I make it...I am currently feeling very inept.
  11. Re: Worth a thousand words? Ummm Gak, the man of many contradictions Powers: Super Presence: 12d6 Flash Attack "What is he wearing" and Invisibility to sight Extra Time (one phase) "I am not going to look anymore"
  12. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? crushcrushcrush - Paramore
  13. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Bored, with the offspring off to the GPs and what do I do? Run outside, do yardwork, play Hellgate? No, I fire up the DVD and watch some of my Buffy DVDs. After Hush and Once more with feeling, I set it to random and come up with a rare gem from the 4th season. One of the best lines in the series is uttered by the commando 2nd Forrest Riley: "Have you heard of a Slayer?" Forrest: "Slayer? Anvil headed thrash band with delusions of Black Sabbath." Gold Pure Gold
  14. Re: Musings on Random Musings My wife is very likely to get a knee replacement. She has been suffering with a gimp knee for 15+ years. Now, I finally get her to go in and the Doc is unnerved by the grinding in her knee. :empathetic pain:
  15. Re: Musings on Random Musings In thoughts about sensitivity, I have always found that being a good listener is far more... hey! I was :drums fingers impatiently: ...where was I? oh listening... being a good listener is far more important than simply staying awake while someone is talking.
  16. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Entered out the wilderness of 40 weeks into the desolation... and was... Weirded. The Hawksmoor Returns
  17. Re: Is anything in the system correctly priced? My answer to Killer Shrike is yes. Hawksmoor -revenant poster
  18. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Currently. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by Big and Rich Britney Spears Opps I did it again Depeche Mode' Question of Lust New Order Bizzare Love Triangle Nickelback Savin' Me Oingo Boingo Weird Science The Smithereens Girl in Room 12 Yeah I am such a slutty kitchen sink when it comes to music Hawksmoor
  19. Re: WWYD if you could recieve ONE super power I am going to have to go with invulnerability, absolute total invulnerability, as well. If nothing can harm you ever that is damned cool. Want to see the absolute top of the Sears towers...go ahead, after all a fall from that height will only hurt the pavement. Explore the seven seas..go for it. If you get eaten by a creature, well it might be interesting to wrassle your way out. After all those muscles are not that strong. Yep to be invulnerable. Hawksmoor
  20. Re: Duplication/Multiform Combo Pretty much what DR said. Buy this power as both Duplication and Multiform but put each inside your special all GM approved Multipower. Slot 1 Superduper FireStorm Mode Slot 2 Smart guy and Jock duplication mode That is how I did it. More bang for my buck. Hawksmoor
  21. Re: I can't wrap my head around a.... I don't get playing an essentially normal person with a schtick. Stats lower than an agent or near enough too them and some sort of powers (gadgets Magick or what have you) at the main omph for the PC. I always ran with the idea that come hell or high water my PC would and should be able to run up to a Viper Agent bop him on the head and steal his mega blaster. Of course this tactic relies heavily on sneaking up to said agent but the idea is sound. If you aren't better than a normal why are you a hero again? Hawksmoor
  22. Hawksmoor


    Re: Firefly But he gives Zoe and Jayne a 14. This seems a bit off. If anything, Zoe is never shown onscreen to be very durable, and Jayne seems to have a Disad (or is it a merit (Flesh Wound -All Body damage is applied to the legs)). In War Stories in particular we see Mal beaten and electrocuted, In Out of Gas he is shot, in Ariel he is run through with a sword. Not to mention the severe beating he took from the Operative in Serenity (movie) (remember he can barely walk and is about to collapse like the rest of the Serenity crew. To me this is not Stun damage. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. That is Body at work. I'd give him a Body in the 16-18 range, plus a 16-18 Ego. Mal is just unbreakable. Hawksmoor
  23. Hawksmoor


    Re: Firefly I looked at that site susano. You need to get in there and do some of your writeups. I looked at his Mal and snorted. Mal a 11 Body??? Huh? Did he not see the massive amounts of punishment Mal has taken and lived? Or well died and been resurrected from? (War Stories) Maybe the Hawksmoor will Star Hero the crew of the Serenity. Hawksmoor
  24. Re: help my friend is overpowered!!!!! The long winded response by our esteemed GA brings to mind a simple and elegant point made by an old gamer buddy of mine back in 1990. "Powerful people can afford to be humble." If you didn't get that, if you can make mistakes, or play untactically, and still have a reasonable, if not assured, chance of success then you are likely going to try out a different type of gaming. The chumps, I mean normal powered characters, are trying to do all they can to meet challenges. Often mistakes are going to end up in a game FUBAR. And the Characters and Players know this! They do not have room to act in the way Ghost Archer would. They have to do everything they can do, all the time. Please note that I do not advocate this, I want my PCs to be willing to commit In Game mistakes so that the Game actively moves towards Genre simulation, it is just that most of the time PCs cannot afford to make those mistakes, or take other routes, or not use certain powers. The humorously monikered Captain Thousand might or might not ascribe to the GA way. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that the same character is played over and over and over again. In the same world! Now, attachment is one thing, but I think this goes beyond that. From my personal experience some GM bullying is going on. Meaning that the Player is saying, perhaps subtlely that his 'character' is going to play, or the player is not. Which means that the GM is forced to deal with the uberPC whether he wants to or not. This just smells wrong to me. YMMV. The other issue is the GM, and I suspect the UberPC's Player, insistence that the other players be saddled with inferior character's because he (the UberPC's Player) has 'dutifully and through great trials' worked his way through the power rankings. Utter smelly regurgitated tripe! The game is about enjoyment of all participants. If the other PCs are upset by playing sidekicks to CT then one of two things has to happen. CT gets removed from the campaign, i.e. called to higher planes by the PTBs, or the other players recieve characters of a similar power level. Not 500-600, but 1000 point PCs. Which of course could (would) likely send the GM into spasms which would result, rapidly IMHO, in a rebooting of the world in which no character is above say 500 CP. And of course end the career of CT. Hawksmoor
  25. Re: ExrtraDimensional Bases & getting to them I agree with Markdoc on both his suggestions. EDM Teleport is the way to go. Now the tricky part is getting the exact level of control on the EDM so only those that "should" go do. Otherwise the power is essentially Independent since it is not attached to any character build. Perhaps by adding the Trigger advantage you can get around that. Teleport 1" UBO Usable by 16x, Extradimensional (one dimension only), Trigger (attuned Characters only, Auto Reset, Activated by Incantation) Would that do it? Hawksmoor
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