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  1. Re: Surveying my players to get just the right campaign style Yeah, I don't do post game surveys either. I do pregame ones, and my group calls 'em quizzes. Ours came from playing Amber (where it is pretty much a part of the rules) and got imported into a lot of the other games we play.
  2. Re: Help with campaing fleshing! I am sorry that this is not exactly what you asked for, but this is what jumped out at me: Something that might affect the way cities are built/placed and sea trade in general for your world might be tides. With 9 moons of varying size and distance from the planet they could be quite fickle or complex. Being a navigator on a ship might be a VERY highly paid position (with the dangerous tides revealing hidden reefs AND the lack of visable stars), and in cities there could be mages whose exclusive responsibility is to prevent the city from flooding and har
  3. Re: Surveying my players to get just the right campaign style In my experience, the players who don't answer the quiz or survey (especially if it is relatively brief and painless) are the ones whe don't really care about the world or rules because they will roleplay the same character in every game. The thing I would do if I wanted to have maximum response is basically make sure that it is a "Multiple Choice" style form, but with room to write in more specific suggestions for those who want to. That way, the buzy/lazy folk can just choose what they would like to see, and those with
  4. gauss

    Deadly Blow...

    Re: Deadly Blow... Oops. I was just responding to this one as I have not read the forums in a while. My bad if this was redundant.
  5. gauss

    Deadly Blow...

    Re: Deadly Blow... Just to even out the conversation, I like Deadly Blow. It is a simple solution that (for my purposes) aids more concepts than it "breaks". I love how it quickly and simply solves the notion of "Demon Slayers" and the like. I don't think it would be too difficult to prorate either for attacks with AP and the like. Of course, I am of the opinion that every GM should use Hero as is appropriate for his campaigns and players, whether that means making spells cost less (ala The Turakian Age) or rigidly following the "letter of the rules". I tend to fall into the former c
  6. Say I am creating a speedster. I want a way to represent his ability to do normal tasks much faster. Would it be acceptible to buy a number of 3 pt Penalty Skill Levels to represent this? Or should I buy 8 pt. Overall Skill Levels with a limitation (if so what should this limitation be worth?). Thank you.
  7. Are there any plans to create race sourcebooks or one big alien sourcebook for Terran Empire (and probably also useful for the Galactic Federation setting)? I couldn't find anything in the release schedule so I am not optimistic.
  8. No, I have not, but I REALLY want to. The type of characters you can create in Transhuman Space are very cool, and DO NOT fit with Gurps rules. Don't get me wrong, I like Gurps. It was my first real RPG experience (aside from owning the DnD books), but it is too gritty, and too focused on playing normal humans. How the hell are you supposed to play AKVs? Or a wearable computer? It just seems that Hero would do this so much better...
  9. Thanks nblade! I should have checked the FAQ first. I apologize. Thanks again to everyone who responded.
  10. On Page 154 of Space Hero, there is an sample "Multi-Purpose Energy Weapon". In this example some of the multipower's slots automatically use more than one charge, at a limitation cost of -1/4 for the first 3 charges, incrementing by -1/4 for each doubling of the number of charges used. Is this an official ruling? Is it somewhere in FRED? Thanks.
  11. gauss

    Rifts HERO?

    Thanks Champsguy! This should prove helpful.
  12. gauss

    Rifts HERO?

    Sweet! Will you post it to the net when you are ready? I would really like to see it.
  13. gauss

    Rifts HERO?

    Has anyone done any Rifts conversions to the HERO system? I love the background (though I admit it is cheesy), but damn if I don't pretty much hate the rules. Most of all, I hate the fact that it takes me about the same amount of time to create a Palladium character as it does a HERO character, but all of the Palladium characters of a particular class seem to be exactly the same. Anyway, thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.
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