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    Hyper-Man reacted to Nolgroth in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    To all the people with the big C, hoping for your collective triumphant cries of "beat you mutha fu<censored>!"
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from SteveZilla in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Well, after 2 rounds of brain radiation treatments my hair has thinned out considerably, my sense of taste/smell has been reduced and my eyesight and hearing have been affected asymmetrically (music always sounds partly out of tune now).  Thankfully my 10 finger typing is getting closer to being back to normal.  I still can't drive though and with my cancer drug regimen I don't see returning to work anytime soon.  Luckily I had upped my short term disability to the max 26 weeks.  Coincidentally the end of which happens to be when the lease is up on my apartment meaning I will soon be moving back with Mom.  And that means if/when I return to my job it will be working remotely since her home is nearly 40 miles away.  Cancer sucks.

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    Hyper-Man reacted to GM Joe in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    I'm glad the treatments are working!
    So, are you shooting for mentalist, or hoping a hyper-glandular response makes you into a brick, or what?
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    Hyper-Man reacted to BoloOfEarth in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    HM, I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties, both in terms of physical side effects as well as work/apartment related.  I hope the treatments are successful and that you're kicking cancer's a**.  (The disease, BTW, not the Hero Games board poster.)  And I hope the aforementioned difficulties are only temporary, and you're back to normal in no time.  (For a given level of "normal," that is -- this is the NGD after all.)
    Dude, mentalists are evil.  I thought with a handle like "Hyper-Man" he'd go for speedster.  IIRC he wrote up a pretty kick-butt version of the Flash for 400 points.  And that way, his high-speed healing would keep future tumors from being able to form. 
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Bazza in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Wasn't Hyper-Man a reality changer?
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    Hyper-Man reacted to DreadDomain in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Sorry to learn that. Best of luck Hyper-Man
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    Hyper-Man reacted to BoloOfEarth in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    I didn't realize until you asked and I did a Google search that Hyper-Man was an actual DC comics character.  Apparently, he's basically a Superman analogue from another planet - same origin (infant sent from a dying planet to an Earth-like world with a yellow sun), same basic powers. 
    I believe HM used Freakazoid! as his avatar for a while -- I think that character might have been a reality changer.  I know he was a sanity changer. 
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Enforcer84 in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Best Wishes, Hyper-man!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to bigdamnhero in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Sorry things suck, HM, but good to hear from you!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to SCUBA Hero in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Aye.  Sucked when SCUBA Heroine was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, too.  We're still standing - glad to hear you are too.  
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Pariah in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    It's great to hear from you again. Stay strong-- we're all pulling for you!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to death tribble in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    It is a blessing that you are still with us.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Lawnmower Boy in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Wow. As a galactic defender, Vartox seems like a bit of an underachiever. Please do not take inspiration from the man who keeps losing the planet Valeron, Hyper-Man.  You raise the tone of the joint. 
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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Killer Shrike in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone. Today is the first chance I have had to be in front of a full size keyboard in over a week and it feels good!
    I had a reoccurance of Melanoma cancer... this time in my brain. Probably a lucky break since the symptoms presented like a stroke. They've cut out the big/easy piece and have just done a hires/3d MRI of my brain stem so they can target with radiation next week. The next big hurdle is the results a PET scan of eveything else in a couple of weeks.
    I am much better than just few days ago. The fine motor dexterity and strength of my right hand is the biggest issue right now. Typing this was good exercise.
    I know I am not a frequent contributor to this part of the forum but you guys always put a smile on my face.
    Be sure to have yourselves checked for skin cancer!!!

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    Hyper-Man reacted to Old Man in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Surely brain radiation will result in superpowers.  Could there be a more obvious origin story?
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Sundog in Hyperman R.I.P.   
    Cancer sucks, treatment for Cancer sucks, being over it is bliss. All my wishes for no. 3!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to steriaca in Welcome to Hero Forum - Please Introduce yourself (especially Lurkers)   
    Welcome back. Welcome home.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Durzan Malakim in Welcome to Hero Forum - Please Introduce yourself (especially Lurkers)   
    I keep reading your handle as 1-up-us as in "one-up-us", which may be putting unreasonable pressure on you to perform but sounds way cooler in my head than lupus. In any case, welcome to the HERO-hood.
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    Hyper-Man reacted to PhilFleischmann in Welcome to Hero Forum - Please Introduce yourself (especially Lurkers)   
    Hi.  Remember me?  I used to be very active on these boards some years ago.  I remember some of you.  Hi.  I've been away a long time, and haven't been Heroing or RPGing at all.  I don't have the group I used to have to play with.  Then t'other day, the thought occurred to me to look up something I wrote on these boards way back when.  And thoughts have been going through my head of my old fantasy campaign world.  I don't know if I'll resume my former activity level here, but maybe I'll at least stop in to keep up-to-date.  I have the 5th edition (FREd), but not the 6th, and many of the 5th edition books (and some earlier ones, too - 4th, 3rd).


    If you were around when I last e-roamed these e-halls, you may remember my avatar.  I probably should change it, since it's source is no longer relevant.  But I'll keep it for now in case it jogs your memory.


    How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)?

    My parents came up with it, actually.


    What was the first tabletop RPG you Played?  

    Red Box DnD, like everyone else, followed quickly by 1st ed. AD&D.  It was the only game in town.


    What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed?  

    Module B1 - "In Search of the Unknown"  A rather generic title - couldn't any module be described the same way?  Was there ever a module called "The Place that We Already Know Everything About"?


    What are you currently Playing/GMing?  

    Not currently playing/GMing any RPGs, but if I could, I'd love to start GMing Fantasy Hero again, or playing Hero in nearly any genre.  I've been mostly playing board games recently, which I also greatly enjoy.


    When did you start to play Hero?  

    I guess it would have been 3rd ed. Champions in the early '80s.  Never went back to that previous system, except for a few isolated times when that's what they were playing, and it was deendee or nothing.

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    Hyper-Man got a reaction from Cancer in The Last Word   
    What a FUBAR!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to Old Man in Cool Guns for your Games   
    X Products Multi Use Launcher
    For all your grappling hook, net, harpoon, beer can launching needs.

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    Hyper-Man reacted to DShomshak in More space news!   
    Heard this week on the radio, and read about in The Economist: LIGO has detected a third pulse of gravity waves. As The Economist notes, gravitational wave detection is transitioning from physics experiment -- just proving that the waves exist -- to astronomy, as a technique to observe events not observable in other ways.
    Dean Shomshak
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    Hyper-Man reacted to DShomshak in More space news!   
    In the June issue of Scientific American, theoretical physicist Yasunori Nomura discusses an idea he's had to resolve one of the big problems with the Cosmological Inflation theory. I hope that I understand him well enough to adequately summarize his argument.
    The starting point is that a fraction of a second after the Big Bang singularity, the nascent universe experiences a moment of incredibly fast expansion that flattens out space-time, accounting for the near-perfect flatness of space seen today. The problem is that the phase change from the inflation phase to normal expansion can't be perfect: Parts of space keep inflating, almost instantly becoming bigger than the "normal" universe. Bits of space-time keep bubbling out of the perpetual inflation, creating new universes in a "multiverse."
    Unfortunately, it follows that in such an endlessly multiplying Multiverse, anything imaginable -- no matter how improbable it may seem -- not only happens, it happens an infinite number of times. This makes the whole notions of probability and prediction meaningless.
    Nomura, however, tries to link inflation with another theory that seems to predict everything: the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. In this interpretation, every possible outcome of a quantum mechanical event actually happens, in an endlessly splitting "tree" of diverging universes. The math works; it's just hard to imagine the universe actually functioning this way.
    Nomura also draws on a similarity he sees between the event horizon of a black hole and the "event horizon" of the observable universe. Just as no matter or energy can pass from the interior of a black hole to the outside (but information possibly can), nothing beyond a particular distance can ever affect us because it's receding faster than the speed of light.
    Nomura thinks the bubbling multiple universes of inflation theory do not exist in a super-energetic but otherwise ordinary, larger space-time. Rather, he thinks they exist in the probability "space" of Many Worlds quantum mechanics. Even if every possible outcome in some sense occurs, they still have different mathematical probabilities. (How, I don't know. I just take mathematicians' word for it.)
    Now, I tend to roll my eyes when another theoretical physicist says his Great Idea will Revolutionize Everything if the math pans out. Nomura, however, says his theory has produced a testable prediction: The universe should include observable areas of negatively curved space. (He doesn't spell out how one detects negatively curved space, but I presume the effect would resemble that of a negative gravitational field. Perhaps "gravitational" lensing, but the lens is concave instead of convex?) If the "conventional" inflation theory is correct and all the multiple universes exist in a wider space, any instances of negative special curvature can still exist, but the curvature should be much less -- so much less that Nomura doubts they could be detected at all.
    So, that's one more thing for the deep-space astronomers to look for. Kudos to Nomura for producing a theory that can be tested.
    Also, unrelated: I just heard that LIGO detected another pulse of gravitational waves.
    Dean Shomshak
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    Hyper-Man reacted to GM Joe in Need More HERO   
    Sounds like a great excu...er, reason...to me!
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    Hyper-Man reacted to GM Joe in Need More HERO   
    I decided to make some adjustments to my collection. I am now 100% PDF-only for the old sixth edition line (not for the CC/FC line). I came to the realization that it is simply occasional reference material for me, yet people will pay good money for it. So I decided to take the money and allow someone else to more fully enjoy it.
    Also, earlier this year I reversed my policy on third-party books from the 1e-4e era and have begun purchasing them when I can find them in great condition for an inexpensive price. Many of those books are quite good, as was said upthread. I'm enjoying them immensely.
    I realize that the above two statements are somewhat at odds, but I never claimed to be consistent.
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