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  1. “Even If you’ve only got a 1% chance of winning, but you convince yourself you’re gonna lose, that 1% becomes 0%.” – Lina Inverse
  2. “If you can’t find a reason to fight, then you shouldn’t be fighting.” – Akame
  3. That which is dreamed cannot be grasped. But work towards it, day after day and you will find it in your hands.
  4. The Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver is a rare gun that is perfect for a unique Pulp hero gun. The Webley–Fosbery Self-Cocking Automatic Revolver is an unusual, recoil-operated, automatic revolver designed by Lieutenant Colonel George Vincent Fosbery, VC and produced by the Webley & Scott company from 1901 to 1924. The revolver is easily recognisable by the zig-zag grooves on the cylinder. It was made in 6-shot Webly .455, and in 8-shot .38 calibers. The Webley–Fosbery is a recoil-operated revolver. It has three functional sections: the barrel and cylinder section, the lock and hammer action, and the frame which houses the trigger, recoil spring, grip, and safety. The process of opening, emptying, and loading the Webley–Fosbery is identical to all other contemporary Webley revolvers. A pivoting lever on the side of the upper receiver is pressed to release the cylinder-barrel section, which tilts up and forward ("breaks") on a bottom-front pivot, simultaneously ejecting the contents of the cylinder chambers. Once loaded the section is tilted back to lock closed. Once loaded the Webley–Fosbery is cocked by pressing the entire action-cylinder-barrel assembly as far back as it will go, using the free hand. An internal spring then brings the assembly to ready position. When the action-cylinder-barrel assembly moves back, either by hand-cocking or recoil, a pivoting lever connected to the frame cocks the hammer while a stud on the frame rides in the zig-zag grooves on the outer cylinder, revolving the next chamber part-way to ready position. When the internal spring brings the assembly forward the stud revolves the cylinder completely, and the chamber lines up with the barrel. Neither pulling the trigger nor manually cocking the hammer alone rotates the gun's cylinder; the entire assembly must be cocked to ensure that a chamber is properly lined up with the barrel. The Webley–Fosbery is intended to be carried at full cock, ready to fire. The revolver therefore has the unusual feature of a safety catch, which is found on the left side of the frame at the top of the grip. When disengaged the safety lies horizontally along the frame; it is set by pressing it down, which cams the upper assembly slightly backwards, disconnecting the hammer from the sear. It can only be set when the pistol is cocked. -- This is the Gun that shoots Sam Spade's Partner in both the book and the 1941 movie of The Maltese Falcon (the movie writer didn't know the gun and assumed the 8-shot meant it was a.45 automatic). Its available in Battlefield 1 as the 'automatic revolver' And its the gun used by Ange Le Carre in the anime Princess Principal
  5. "Believe in justice, and hold a determination to fist."
  6. Tina Smith, Police Detective. all the usual police skills, plus N-Ray Vision. JUST N-Ray Vision N-Ray vision on its own is fantastic for police. She can spot hidden weapons or drugs, which for her is 'in plain sight'.
  7. the multiform build isn't too much worse: Adult Professions: Multiform: 50 point character (Heroic level) x 32 forms=35 points. push it to 75 point characters to be superlative, and it's 40 points.. 32 forms should be plenty for what was a 52 episode show, more can be bought with xp
  8. not exactly. So, for example: the +2 HTH would add to all those melee-range attacks. but it woudl make the OCV a 9, instead of a 7, or they could be put into DCV for a 7 OCV/9DCV, or split for OCV 8/DCV 8. the +3 to all skills adds to the final skill value. So, for example: If Batclone has a 3 points in Deduction, and a 13 INT, he would have a 12- in Deduction, the +3 makes ita 15-. Meanwhile if its an 18 dex, with 3 points in Acrobatics, that would be a skill of 13-, putting the +3 to that would be a 16- it woudl only apply to skills he is fully taken, it cannot apply to familarity (8-) or skills he never bought
  9. Or just watch the 1980 Superman movie. Chris Reeves pulled it off completely
  10. “If you can just nurture the strength to stick to your convictions, the results you seek are sure to follow in time.” “Wishing won’t do any good. This is going to take work.” “You use other people’s power as an excuse for your own weakness. There’s almost nothing more pathetic than that.” ''You're not defective, there's nothing wrong with you. So don't give up!"
  11. Minky Momo is an old anime, made twice (in 1982 and 1992) with a sweet little girl princess from two dreamlands (the 1992 and 1982 versions were from different places and eventually met and interacted) Her mission was to help people revive their hopes and dreams, to better connect her dreamland home closer to earth. To do this, she transformed from her child-self to an 18-20 year old adult form, in which she would name a profession, and she would transform into that, complete with whichever skill set and outfit are appropriate for the situation at hand (nurse, police officer, etc.). So, if she chose, say, Racer Car Driver, she'd get the equivalent of a 17- in Combat Driving, if she chose Nurse, she'd get a 17- in Paramedics, Conversation (Bedside manner), and probably at least a 15- in several science skills related to medical treatment), and so on. The easiest way to model this would be a VPP that granted high levels in skills. Except Rules As Written state you cannot put skills into a VPP. So the challenge is: how do do this in a reasonable amount of points, and stay within Rules as Written?
  12. I just restarted this past weekend, hanging out on Everlasting and recreating some favorite toons...problem is that I am an Altaholic -- back on live servers I had over 120 toons
  13. Dark Champions seems to belong to that 90s-Anti-Hero era more than anything else. The Rob Liefeld staple of a guy with a buzzcut, 5-o'clock shadow, and angry scowl, heavily muscled arms and 6-pack abs, toting an arsenal of guns while dressed in black and/or camo. He'll kill the 'villains' but isn't really any better than they are. The Punisher is the first and best-known example -- and he was supposed to be a Spiderman villain. In the 90s (and look at that 1993 publication date!) that was considered Edgy and "mature" when it was really just nihilistic. Lobo was created as a parody of them, Deadpool started as one, but quickly became the insane 4th-wall destroying clown that made him stand out. The expansion to cover action heroes is a good thing, IMHO. Without it, it would be nigh useless
  14. 350 seems too small...thats TinyHouse sized, or a very small studio 500-600 for a 1 Bed seems a bit more manageable (when I was young and single, I had 1 bedrooms from 550 to 620 sq ft)
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