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  1. ^^ The Pendragon Emerges, 1940. Arthur King was always teased about his name, growing up as he did in Glastonbury in the 1920s and 30s. At the start of World War Two, he joined the RAF and qualified as a pilot. During a training mission, Lt. King crashed his Spitfire in Dozmery Pool. Trapped in the plane, he sank beneath the lake. To his surprise he awakened on a fog-shrouded island being attended by a beautiful woman in a white dress. "Arthur, you have indeed returned in England's Greatest hour of need, brought to me by the wings of Merlin. As before, you shall lead England against a terrible foe to the East." The picture here is of Arthur, now the Superhero The Pendragon, emerging from the Pool just before his flight to Dunkirk. HE would go on to stop multiple supernatural Nazi menaces. (So, going full Arthurian Myth here: LAdy of the lake, Arthur King, a Spitfire's engine was a Merlin, England's Darkest Hour)
  2. how do these interact: Electric Surge: Major Transform 3d6-1 (Electronics into Junk, Repair only), Does BODY (+1), Reduced Endurance 1/2 END (+1/2) (50 Active Points); All Or Nothing (-1/2), Limited Target: Only Electronics; -1/2), Limited Range (-1/4)(max of 50 meters) - END=2 and this: Cell Phone: Mind Link , Human class of minds, Any Willing Target, No LOS Needed, Unlimited range in this dimension (30 Active Points); OAF (-1), Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), Only to Activate, -3/4), Gestures (Dial Phone Number; -1/4) - END=0 how do you determine the BODY of the focus?
  3. Hunteds are a favorite. Don't forget that you can be creative with hunteds A great teen hero disad is: Hunted (Only Watching): Parents: as pow, NCI
  4. of course the abilities can be modeled...the question was howe to include these without making a 'juggling planets' power level game, so that players can pull off this kind of awesome regularly, while still facing down henchmen
  5. Chris has it partially right. On a regular 12-15DC game, these are impossible mechanically. To model them, it seems like its GM Fiat 'describe what you want to do, the cooler it is, the more likely you are to suceed!' (possibly with a Power skill roll as a stunt.) Modelling that punch as a power (Or Flash's round the world movethroughs) is too prohibitive in cost. Most of the time these are one-off 'Moments of awesome'. The GM Fiat can be houseruled as a 'Once a session' limit or something, but there really isn't a good way to do it already in mechanics other than stretching the Power skill like taffy
  6. to visualize the mountain punch, here is a GIF of it:
  7. YEs, I know these are unusual feats. The question, though, is if such feats can be modeled in the game other than GM Fiat?
  8. Is there a way beyond GM Fiat to do off-the-scale feats of strength or speed? example: In Episode 1 of Symphogear GX, main character Hibiki punches between 100 and 150 feet in height of the middle of K2 (reducing it from the 2nd to 3rd tallest mountain) in order for a crashing space shuttle to fly through the gap. this is 100-150 feet in height and somewhere around 1-2 miles in diameter. Hundreds of millions of tons of solid rock. STR required to do this is easily in the high hundreds, if not 1000! In Superman, Supes flies so fast he goes back in time In Justice League Unlimited, the Flash does 8 Movethroughs on the Lex Luthor/Brainiac merger, where he runs clean around the planet in under a second But modelling any of these straight would seriously skew point values well out of the scale of normal gameplay. Is there something in the mechanics that allows this cinematic 'push well above your stats'?
  9. would anyone want to put together a regular game?
  10. I'm in Raleigh. For me Event Horizon is probably closest. Gamer's Armory and Game Theory are also relatively close and yes, I'm also on Cap's Discord
  11. the new Wonder Woman costume is controversial.
  12. one minor change I've added: drop 'Power' skill (to 11-) added a 4-point fixed shot: Teleport Objects II: Teleport 10" x8 NC. x2 Mass. usable as attack (spends end, maintains full control, target must be adjjacent), (only vs inanimate objects). 3END Which, i spite of the name, was her initial power: to teleport small objects she touched. She's used it as an attack (the RKA), for pratical jokes (she once teleported someones clothes off their body) or practical things (teleporting boxes from a moving van into an apartment)
  13. I'd possibly be interested in joining a game
  14. @Grailknight @Gnome BODY (important!) I forgot to include this before Powers/Tactics: Kuroko has a combination of being able to teleport herself and up to a couple hundred pounds (usually just one other person, but two if they are small) a distance of about 81 meters. She has very precise control over this, even able to teleport clothes off a person, or blink around a person in combat. She will abort to teleports often as a form of dodging. In addition, she has police-trained martial arts abilities, with a variety of takedowns to immobilize suspects, including her signature move of using metal pins teleported into clothes to pin someone to the wall or floor, unable to move. She will threaten to put a pin inside a body in order to get a opponent to back down. She has the skill and ability to do it, but prefers to use it as a threat rather than actually following through.
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