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  1. A fun bit I've used is the future supervillains are your Teen Heroes' classmates, or perhaps are all in the class across the hall, on the Supervillain Track instead of the Hero Track, but School is Neutral Ground.. You can't beat them up at school, but have to deal with them some other way -- Skills, good Role Play, clever thinking. One existing character who should be a challenge to a Teen Team is Icicle. She's about their age (18), has a challenging powerset, but isn't too tough to take down once you figure out her tricks.
  2. that fixed it. must have been my change from 1920x1080 to 2560x1440
  3. This just started for me. I haven't tested all of them yet, but I know when I click on 'Hand Attack', 'Blast', or 'Drain' then select "Modifiers" to add advantages or limitations, nothing happens. I redownloaded the June 2020 version of HD my java version: D:\HERODesigner>java -version java version "1.8.0_261" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_261-b12) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 25.261-b12, mixed mode) any idea how to fix it?
  4. The Goop Gun, or as I like to call it the Goopzooka is another of the silly weapons from Teenagers From Outer Space. Its an oversized bazooka firing instant-hardening marshmallow cream filling that instantly roots you to the spot. a basic entangle. Its the side effect I'd trying to emulate. The Marshmallow cream sticks to you even after you are able to move again, and all positive or negative appearance bonuses are negated until you can clean up. (Basically its like a giant, extra sticky version of getting a pie in the face) The entangle part is simple enough nd6 En
  5. I do want to thank you, Scott for helping make it. TFOS is by far my favorite RPG system. As the OP, my goal is to try to translate TFOS stuff into something useable in a standard Champions game. this question though is very much a Doylist vs Watsonian argument: Watsonian: Its a major change in my life, Major Transform Doylist: The only thing it actually changes is the 'sex' / 'gender' line on my character sheet, Cosmetic
  6. A 'weapon' from the anime RPG Teenagers From Outer Space, the Boy/Girl Gun is exactly what it says, a point-n-shoot device that when you are hit by the beam, changes your gender from M to F or F to M, and a second blast puts you back where you started from. (for the moment, I'll avoid cases from the Trans part of LGBTQ, because I want to keep it simple for now. individual GMs choice on that!) to make it in HERO, its pretty obviously a fairly high level Transform -- it has to exceed your BODY to succeed. with an OAF limitation The question is: is it a Major transform -- it's compl
  7. that didn't come close to my listed 130 posts, though it did go back a ways
  8. a bow used to hit someone will be damaged, dented or warped and shooting arrows will be inaccurate and lack power at best, and impossible at worst. even one made of metal has to be able to bend, which means thin material that cannot take stressors outside the expected pull.
  9. the thing with Stripper is, if you're good at it and relatively young and single, you might get by on a lower-middle-class lifestyle working only a few days a month, which is why its good as a superhero day job. It is considered morally questionable, so would not work in several 4-color campaigns, but might be perfect for a Dark Champions game
  10. I usually get around the problem of archers in melee by giving my archers a bit of martial arts. Because a bow is usable as a melee weapon exactly *once*, and then its useless as a bow, and arrows are going to be less effective than a knife in melee.
  11. that's disappointing. Most forums let you see back to your earliest posts
  12. is there a way to look at ALL my posts, going back well, as far as my first post, however long that was? I haven't found a way to look back at more than a few most recent posts
  13. Sorry for the long delay, but Quackhell is the winner
  14. I was expecting more responses, but I'll give it another few days
  15. THE GOAT Ever since he was cursed by a mischievous witch 'hero' who caught him in his first bank robbery with the head of a goat, Gordon Atleigh was determined to make sure the GOAT would be 'greatest of all thieves', and not, well, goat. He ended up a ruthless killer and rose quickly in Mafia ranks, becoming of of Hudson City's Family leaders gathering a group of unique outcasts with him to form the heart of his 'business executive committee'. He is always impeccably dressed, the leader and mastermind of heists, murder for hire, protection rackets, and illigal bookies in his ter
  16. “Even If you’ve only got a 1% chance of winning, but you convince yourself you’re gonna lose, that 1% becomes 0%.” – Lina Inverse
  17. “If you can’t find a reason to fight, then you shouldn’t be fighting.” – Akame
  18. That which is dreamed cannot be grasped. But work towards it, day after day and you will find it in your hands.
  19. The Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver is a rare gun that is perfect for a unique Pulp hero gun. The Webley–Fosbery Self-Cocking Automatic Revolver is an unusual, recoil-operated, automatic revolver designed by Lieutenant Colonel George Vincent Fosbery, VC and produced by the Webley & Scott company from 1901 to 1924. The revolver is easily recognisable by the zig-zag grooves on the cylinder. It was made in 6-shot Webly .455, and in 8-shot .38 calibers. The Webley–Fosbery is a recoil-operated revolver. It has three functional sections: the barrel and cylinder sec
  20. "Believe in justice, and hold a determination to fist."
  21. Tina Smith, Police Detective. all the usual police skills, plus N-Ray Vision. JUST N-Ray Vision N-Ray vision on its own is fantastic for police. She can spot hidden weapons or drugs, which for her is 'in plain sight'.
  22. the multiform build isn't too much worse: Adult Professions: Multiform: 50 point character (Heroic level) x 32 forms=35 points. push it to 75 point characters to be superlative, and it's 40 points.. 32 forms should be plenty for what was a 52 episode show, more can be bought with xp
  23. not exactly. So, for example: the +2 HTH would add to all those melee-range attacks. but it woudl make the OCV a 9, instead of a 7, or they could be put into DCV for a 7 OCV/9DCV, or split for OCV 8/DCV 8. the +3 to all skills adds to the final skill value. So, for example: If Batclone has a 3 points in Deduction, and a 13 INT, he would have a 12- in Deduction, the +3 makes ita 15-. Meanwhile if its an 18 dex, with 3 points in Acrobatics, that would be a skill of 13-, putting the +3 to that would be a 16- it woudl only apply to skills he is fu
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