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  1. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Hi Storn, I dropped you a note on the 29th re: two possible character commissions - I was just wondering if you received it? It would have come from a warwick.ac.uk account. Thanks, Michael
  2. The Empress . (A (very) powerful psychokinetic from Surbrook's Kazei 5 universe)
  3. www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10757 and www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10619 if you're interested . It's mainly a trial at the moment, but I might add some new players if it goes well. I can post more turns if anyone will read them . I now return you to your regularly scheduled quotes. Michael
  4. Thanks for these, Storn. I must admit, as someone just starting to learn to draw properly I actually quite enjoy seeing pictures like this in their 'rough and ready' stage (and with the occassional construction line). Both these guys look pretty good, especially Socket (although I'm not 100% convinced by the name ). Scope looks good but her helmet is ... odd. With a design like that, I'd almost be tempted to go with a name like 'Target' or 'Headshot' for that duel meaning. BTW, I hate you for having already practiced enough to sketch figures this accurately . Michael
  5. As posted earlier, you cannot combine powers in two frameworks. Can you, however, build partially limited Power Frameworks? Thanks, Michael
  6. Just as a quick note - this is a great maneuver in one-on-one duels - but suffers against multiple opponents where the 'passive' DCV boost of a Martial Block can be very useful. Missile Deflection vs. Thrown is quite cheap, and you can also add bonuses from Martial Blocking maneuvers to it, meaning you shouldn't have to buy many levels with it to make it effective. As a completely alternative character building idea, it might be worth considering a +1-3d6 HA and a few more CSLs instead of martial maneuvers. I find in heroic games this can be as cheap or cheaper than actual martial arts and gives a bit more flexibility in CVs. Of course, it leaves you a very 'hard' martial art with none of the funky 'Opponent Falls' maneuvers or bonus strength to grabs and escapes. For example, keeping the stats above you could replace the Martial Maneuvers and CSLs with: +2d6 HA (10ap, 7rp) +1 w/Block +4 w/Block, Dodge, Strike Something your GM might consider cheese (so might I, I only just thought of it and haven't really decided): 'Martial Prowess': +10 STR, No figured chars (-1/2) +1 w/Block +4 w/Block, Dodge, Strike This does give you the bonuses to grab and escape. Hmm... not sure if I'd allow it, though . It depends a bit on your preferences... Michael
  7. Hey, give those of us who have to work a chance! We can't spend all day commenting, you know . Image looks great - and very nasty. Sort of reminds me of the boomers from Bubblegum Crisis - with extra added spikey bits! Looking forward to seeing the Champions stats, and many thanks for the free illos. Michael
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