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  1. We are playing a Champions game. One of the players has a Alien Space Ship he "found" and I would love to create a body for his ships SO similar to the Android on Dark Matter. What would be needed to build her a basic body and later make her sentient?
  2. You should do a Hillary and Pelosi characters..
  3. Thanks for moving the post. I wasn't sure where to put it. And thanks for the replies. What I was envisioning was a guy who is a cross between MaCGyver and Doc Brown (but all his inventions really work, sometimes doing things he didn't intend doing) creating things like cold fusion or warp engines or a cane that can change into a crossbow, or a gun that encased people in ice, shoes that let people walk up walls, and other sometimes useful and other times not so useful inventions...
  4. How would one go about creating a character who uses what I call "Weird Science". In other words able to create inventions that defy the normal rules of science. Something along the lines of the professor in back to the future, his time machine, or some of his other gadgets. Back years ago I played a game called TORG that had something similar in the Nile Empire. Think back to the 1930's and 40's where there were lots of scientists who created all sorts of strange inventions. Anyway, I want to try and create a similar type character for our Champions game but have no idea how to do it.
  5. I am making a character and want to make an alternative Identity but cannot find where "Alt ID" is listed. What do I use to make up his non-Super Heroic id??
  6. GOmezy3k

    Burlap Sack

    LOL I love it... I can see Bag as being a sentient creature that is side kick to some superhero. Bag is willing to go along with the superhero for now but is waiting to start his nefarious schemes of world domination..
  7. Re: Please explain in English about the guns Well only have played the HERO System once and at that time didn't have any of the books so gave one of the players the details on the character and she wrote it up... This was like 2 years ago... since then I have gotten some of the books but haven't had a chance to use them till now. Mostly we play Exalted; Vampire; and Cthulhu... But we run till the DM/ST/GM gets tired and then a new one takes over... The GM this time wants to run Dark Champions... sooooo... gotta hurry and figure out the system...and since we are starting like next week don't have a whole long time to study and figure things out... I bought the Hero Creator 2 but never used it till now so not real sure on how to do stuff with it... Hopefully, if we keep with it... perhaps I will get it figured out...but probably just in time to start some other game system... Heck I am kicking around running TORG when its my turn again... ROFL....
  8. Re: Please explain in English about the guns Huh????? What's a GUI and a CLI???? OOps nevermind just read it on page 1 of this thread... Basically what I want is to be able to fill in a few boxes with stats, powers or equipment; hit a button and poof it comes up with a character...
  9. Re: Please explain in English about the guns OK thanks... Found it and downloaded it... Took a while to find it in my computer ROFL... Where do I find the thing about getting the second gun for 5 points? Plus, using the prefab, it doesn't have any points under the cost...so essentially it is giving it to me free... How do I get it to add the Point Cost thing?? The only thing it will let me do is add in the money cost..not the point cost, which doesn't change the point totals....it should add to the total used points but doesn't...
  10. Re: Please explain in English about the guns I think part of what threw me was the 30+ "Active Points" vs the "Real Points"... I haven't played Champions a whole lot so I use the Character Creator CD-R and as far as I can see it doesn't have anything to add guns to your character sheet. When I went to the book I saw the Active Points and was trying to figure out how to come up with 30+ points to buy the guns... Didn't seems right... And then when I asked the other players they started throwing all the numbers and terms at me till my head started to swim... I was trying to figure out how you took 30+ points and turned it into 10 or 12 or whatever it is... Not to mention how one gun cost 10 points and two were 15... Why not just buy two 5 point guns and get rid of the 10 point one ROFLOL... Anyway thanks for the info.... boy do I feel like a clone.. Personally I like the games where it actually tells you a gun is X and it does X Damage... And if you want two you pay to buy two (2xX) using money not points...but the Grand-Poobah says we have to use points so......
  11. Re: Please explain in English about the guns OK thanks... I don't have a copy of the new Dark Champions...its on back order... Hmm so the first gun is 10 points and the second is 5??? Interesting... Anyway, thanks I appreciate it...
  12. I am trying to come up with a 30's era reporter who moonlights as a vigilante... (He "rubs out" the criminals and then writes about it)... I want him to use two .45 Colt 1911's. They hold 7 in the clip and 1 in chamber if carried cocked and locked... We are supposed to use points to buy the equipment... I looked in the book and got all confused... no where does it say: 1911 Colt .45 = Cost X points to buy I asked the gaming group and they started giving me all this OAF's and OOF's and POOF's & GOOF's and Real Weapon 1/4 and STR Min 1/2 and Beam 1/4 and Charges 1/2 and Stun Modifiers and 2d6 Killing is 30 Points and other crap...?????????????? Why can't things be written in a nice simple straight forward method instead of all this happy horse crap code... So how exactly many points would I need to allocate for my character to use 2 .45 Colt Auto's???? And please no gobbly gook crap...just the numbers please...
  13. Our GM is starting a 1930's Dark Champion game. Limits are 125 Character Points plus 100 Disads for a total of 225. I have come up with a concept but not sure I have figured out a good distribution of points. Are there any ready made Reporter/Vigilante type characters on the internet? (A Detective/Vigilante would be the same thing)... I have surfed but only came up with Characters that have super powers and made with way more points. I need something like The Punisher...no powers other than maybe fast healing... HERO Games needs to put out a book with just Character concepts and suggested Character Point distribution... Sure would be handy... Anyway, if anyone can point me in the direction of Non-Super Powered PC's I would appreciate it...thanks
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