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  1. Yes and no. Packages is probably the wrong word for what Hero does. A package is supposed to represent the average 'whatever' you are creating, especially in relation to the 'average' human. In your example, the Foogers, on average, are stronger than humans, but less intelligent. Thats not to say that there are not smart Foogers and weak Foogers. In essence, the package represents the average starting point for that race/job/etc. from which to build upon. The misconception of the name Packages tends to be interpreted as Incentives for playing a particular thing/occupation, esp. by players new to Hero. "If I play a Fooger, I get 5 extra points." Aroooo Edit: the 'yes and no' is in answer to the original post, not the first reply.
  2. Having played Hero for many years, as well as some published and fan Fuzion games - and I even have a copy of the Fuzion Champions, I'd just like to add my opinion to this conversation. I'm not sure simplifying the Powers is a good thing, especially for new players. We've all seen posts from newbies sating that they are having problems making their first few characters. I remember making my first Champions character way back when. I was confused for a while. Don't oversimplify the powers because "you" know the rules really well and know the difference between Armor, Force Field, and Force Wall. Aroooo
  3. No Supers? As far as a 6th edition goes, I'm still absorbing 5th edition, so I'm in no hurry. Our group does more heroic level games than superhero level games, so I'm not going to talk about any changes to 5th just yet - the more obvious ones have already been mentioned. I will only mention that folks should keep in mind that Hero is not just Champions and super heros, so don't go overboard with large or sweeping changes to make the rules more effective for one genre or another. Aside from a few minor points already mentioned, I think 5th ed. finds that hard-to find ballance of "universal" system. Aroooo
  4. I think after a while, DOJ should release a Hero Lite PDF to the net. Small 20 page doc with the basic rules for character construction and combat. It would be a handy reference, and a good way to get new players into the fold. Aroooo
  5. Another resource I've found in the past to help new players, regardless of the system, is to use character generation guides. One of my players has some published books, but can't remember their names at the moment. You can also look at Fuzion System resources on the net for what they call the Lifepath. Since Fuzion is an offshoot of 4th Ed Hero, its very compatible. Feel free to email me off list - I can email you some expanded Lifepath PDF's. Aroooo
  6. True. Something that takes a long time to target, or is really big, I would build as a vehicle. But for B5 anyway, most ship-to-ship missiles I plan on just making various RKA's. Aroooo
  7. Vindicated Okay, I'm not trying to sound like a jerk or anything, but I finally got my copy of TUV, and on page 130, it says you CAN build a missile as a RKA with the Extra Time limitation. I feel vindicated On a serious note, as I've been working on my B5 ships, it makes more sense building missiles as RKA's instead of vehicles if you use the Dogfighting and Intercept Combat (instead of mapped combat). Aroooo
  8. I've pondered this point from time to time over the years. If you can take a disad Vulnerable to a particular SFX, then why can't you buy some form of DEF that is immune, or nearly so, to an SFX? Maybe a +1 advantage 1.5x defense vs. special effect. My 10 ED fire suit gets standard 10 def vs. an electrical attack, but 15 vs. a flame thrower. Aroooo
  9. missiles in a dogfight Okay, in keeping with the thought that a missile is a vehicle (at least built as one ), how would you handle a missile in a dogfight? Starfighter A is in a dogfight with Starfighter B. In one turn, B launches a missile at A. Now you have 3 vehicles the dogfight. How is it resolved? This also begs the question, how do you handle a dogfight with multiple participants? 3 on 3 for instance... The writeup in 5E talks mainly about 1 on 1. I'm thinking that everyone rolls their combat piloting, and those numbers are compaired to each other as you figure out who is attacking whome - essentially the 3 on 3 becomes 3 1 on 1's. Aroooo
  10. You know, this is the most compelling reason I've seen yet to build a missile as a vehicle - no offense to everyone who's chimed in on this. True. But to play devil's advocate for a moment, that's not how Hero thinks. Its about the effect, not the mechanics - but you know that Thanks again to everyone who chimmed in here. Aroooo
  11. 10mm Just to chime in for a sec... The 10mm round is not new. Its been around for a long time. Its becoming a popular handgun round (again?) because the 'experts' say it is a good comprimise between the 9mm's (armor) penetration (read muzzle velocity) and the .45 ACP's stopping power (read mass of round). This reminds me of the early days of the military's change over from .45 to 9mm. Oh, were there some arguments
  12. Nice Site I've been to your site before. Nice collection. But for the newbies you should expand on your request. Tell us what the site is. Your goals, etc. Just playing devil's advocate. Don't mind me By the way, is there actually an 'official unofficial' site for player creations, house rules, etc? Aroooo
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