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  1. Re: MORPHING UAV to cool Did anyone else think "Tin Man" from the movie Stealth? Its a bit creepy how far we've come in such a short time. Aroooo
  2. Re: What's more pulpy than lost treasure hunting? I heard that searching for lost/forgotten German U-Boat pens is actually a big thing right now. Aroooo
  3. Aroooo


    Re: Shadowrun Check out this collection at starherofandom.com. http://www.starherofandom.com/h_shadowrun/index.php Aroooo
  4. Re: Building Acid Blood Power? Here's another version on Surbrook's Archive: http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationscreatures/movies/alien.html
  5. Re: Regression of Interstellar Civilizations So when you mean nomadic, you're looking for planet bound nomadic, not planet to planet/system to system nomadic? Since they are close (astronomically speaking) you could have a local star shed its outer layers in a nova-like 'explosion' creating a huge nebula that envelopes all the local system, thus causing the 'downfall' of tech, etc. Another would be some background psionic event that messes with the bulk of the populus - drives them mad, etc. Aroooo
  6. Re: Regression of Interstellar Civilizations
  7. This is the point scale I worked out for my current Traveller Hero game. Coming from a long time Traveller player/fan, I wanted a way to simulate age/career terms. And while the points may seem high, I run a very skills heavy game; plus we are using 'super-skills' so wanted to give the players room to work... Base Points = 100 plus (see age table) Age Terms Age Bonus Disads Total Max Disads <18 0 0 25 125 10 18-22 1 15 35 150 10 23-26 2 25 50
  8. Re: An Open Request for Scenario Assistance point me to it oh local gamer
  9. Re: An Open Request for Scenario Assistance I'm going to try to make it this year. Last 2 years I've had conflicts. Aroooo P.S. I'm in Alexandria/Springfield
  10. Re: An Open Request for Scenario Assistance okay. give me a week and I'll work up some characters Aroooo
  11. Re: An Open Request for Scenario Assistance been thinking about it... you on a tight deadline Aroooo
  12. Re: Technology Report With Gaming Possibilities That was a cool report. Aroooo
  13. Re: AI Calculation Delay Effect ? One relatively easy way to do this is with a Physical Limitation: Must spend a [phase/extra phase/turn/etc] while changing programmed orders (Frequently, Slightly Impairing); 10 points. Aroooo
  14. Re: Who's Who on the Champions Online forums? I kept with Aroooo Aroooo
  15. Re: Champions Online While I don't play online RPGs, I think this is great news for DOJ/Hero. Now if they could come up with a way to blend Champions Online with Hero Central, then I'd be likely to give money to someone... Aroooo
  16. For those of you wondering what the _ _ _ _ ever happened to the starherofandom.com forums, its a long story. But the short version is they are back up!! And all the old content should be intact - including accounts and passwords. So head on over and check it out, for old time's sake if nothing else. Oh, for the uninitiated, its http://www.starherofandom.com/forum/ Aroooo
  17. Re: Traveller Game Aids Its an incredible amount of work. I could probably set up a very basic system to estimate profit/loss based on the trade categories of the systems in question But there are too many random factors that get added into the formula along the way - character's trade skill when buying and selling, and a general market supply and demand roll when selling - to be able to figure out an exact sell price. Aroooo
  18. Re: Intergalactic distance Ask Hunter. He's an astronomer. Aroooo
  19. Re: Traveller Game Aids I'm currently working on two other major Traveller aids BTW. One is a stellar map, and the other is the trading rules from Traveller Hero Book 2; with them linked together of course. The map has been ready for a while, but I keep adding to it. The trading one is new (didn't like the spreadsheet version I did). I attached a screen shot of the map aid (I think) Aroooo
  20. For those of you running/planning to run a Traveller game, here are two game aids I made for my current game. They are both MS Excel spreadsheets. One generates random starship encounters (useful when first jumping into a system for example), and the other is a starport rumor generator. The rumor generator will generate personal rumors, system rumors, and trade missions. These are the sorts of things starship crews would pick up on after a few hours in almost any starport. Some words of warning. First, the rumor generator still needs some work. I based it off of a fantasy rumor gen
  21. Re: 11 New Traveller Hero Products Approved! Excellent!
  22. I'll toss in this question just 'cause I'm in an ornery mood Mac version eventually (though I suspect I already know the answer...)? But I have Parallels so I can live with a PC only version Aroooo
  23. Re: Traveller Hero... What's Next? Excellent. I'll def. pick up the lot once they are released. Aroooo
  24. Re: Useful pictures I can def. use these in my Traveller Hero game... Aroooo
  25. Re: Post Apocalypse Resources Mechanoids! I loved that game. Apparently they are working on an update: Mechanoids Space. The URL has changed though from the above: http://www.palladiumbooks.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=320&Category_Code=M400 Aroooo
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