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  1. You know, this is the most compelling reason I've seen yet to build a missile as a vehicle - no offense to everyone who's chimed in on this. True. But to play devil's advocate for a moment, that's not how Hero thinks. Its about the effect, not the mechanics - but you know that Thanks again to everyone who chimmed in here. Aroooo
  2. My brain must be locked up by the snow DC is getting... I know its in the book, but I just can't find it. What is the formula for calculating KPH or MPH from inches of movement? Aroooo
  3. Oh, I agree. When you're designing star ships from scratch, or adapting ships that have a lot of data available (like deck plans), its easy to get l*w*h and number of decks. But when you're working with only partial info, its hard. Aroooo
  4. I understand displacement tons. I got the impression that SH was dealing in mass, not displacement. But then you get into the old habit of trying to fit everything in the volume of a ship Like others have suggested, I've just gone with length in most cases, and disregarded the mass column where it is 'off' from the 'real world' stats I have. In those few cases where I have length and width, I've used area as the basis for the vehicle's size. I keep having to remind myself its about the effect, not the 'hard' reality Aroooo
  5. I'd limit the Talent to the first two options only; otherwise I could see some serious abuse down the road. As an aside, the Action! System dealt with this sort of thing. Its been a while since I read the rules, but the basics were each PC in a party chose a particular area of expertise to focus/concentrate development on. It gave the character incentive to develop non-combat related skills/abilities. It was an interesting concept... Aroooo
  6. You scare me But since its a Transformation, what's the 'common' defense/recovery? Aroooo
  7. Aroooo

    Babylon 5 Hero

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Maybe I will once I get everyting cobbled together. Maybe an IPX team around the end of first season... Hm... I could get into running that. Aroooo
  8. A silly question, which I probably already know the answer to, but just to be sure: in a Heroic level game, do vehicles have normal characteristic maxima? Is there a point where vehicles need to pay double for their stats? Aroooo
  9. 10mm Just to chime in for a sec... The 10mm round is not new. Its been around for a long time. Its becoming a popular handgun round (again?) because the 'experts' say it is a good comprimise between the 9mm's (armor) penetration (read muzzle velocity) and the .45 ACP's stopping power (read mass of round). This reminds me of the early days of the military's change over from .45 to 9mm. Oh, were there some arguments
  10. [This is more a design question than a rules question...] When adapting, or even just creating, a vehicle, when determining the size (cost), should you use the vehicle's dimensions or mass as the primary governing factor? More specific (to help understand the question) example: I'm writing up B5 starships. I have length (and width in a few cases) and mass of the ships. When 'fitting' those numbers into the size chart, sometimes there is a great disparity between dimension and mass, in terms of where the ship fits in the size chart. An Explorer class ship is about 3000 inches long, b
  11. FH feedback Steve, Not having taken the time (yet) to read all 93 posts so far, since I just started looking at this thread, I hope I'm not repeating. These are some issues that have come up in our recent fantasy game: 1) Expanded animal handling rules. When riding and not riding. 2) 'Vehicle' combat using animals. Animal reactions, rider reactions, etc. 2a) Jousting rules. 3) Expanded armor coverage/creation rules. 4) Expanded 'medieval' armor & weapons tables. 5) Expanded rules for teaching/instructing, ala the master wizard and his apprentice; or learning how
  12. Re: .50 Calibur Revolver I don't follow the gun world to closely, but there ave been .50 cal revolvers before. My uninformed guess would be this is a new production gun, rather than a custom job. I would think a high STR min too, possibly even the 1 1/2 hands limitation (probably two hands to compensate for the monster recoil). Aroooo
  13. ship speeds A year or so ago, I was trying to do write ups for S:AAB ships (in another system). I got so hung up with the 'how many game inches per turn moved for real world speed' I gave up. The numbers were so daunting it looked unrealistic. I started revisiting that again (when SH was announced), and came to the [wonderful] conclusion that real world speed really didn't matter. What counts (from Hero System perspective) is how fast ships are to each other, not to the universe. For example, in working up B5, I use the Starfury as a base speed, call it 20 combat inches of f
  14. Sorry if I was a little vague. Your point here is the point I was trying to make The 'feel' of any campaign is up to the GM. The good thing about making ships - once you've done it, its done. I mean, once you design "ship type a" you don't need to design it again, like we do with NPCs. Anyway, back to work Aroooo
  15. SH Starship Construction I'd like to chime in here. Since I started working on my B5 conversions, I've been looking hard at those rules. Like most things Hero/Champions, the mechanics are about the effect, and not how (or why?) the effect was created. I've been used to more traditional starship construction rules, where you have a hull of X volume/mass, and you 'fit' stuff inside it. So its taken (taking) me a while to get over that hangup of mine to get stats for B5 ships written up. But after a while, I'm starting to get into the swing of things "Hero style" and am trying not to s
  16. Aroooo

    Babylon 5 Hero

    Re: Oh, be maintenance workers. That B5 episode was one of my favorites; although it never was explained WHO was attacking the Station. It sure wasn't the Shadows... (On a side note, both the B5 and Trek episodes in that vein were either loved or hated by the fan base. Funny how that goes.) Those would [essentially] be the Drakh - the race that picked up where the Shadows left off... Aroooo
  17. Nice Site I've been to your site before. Nice collection. But for the newbies you should expand on your request. Tell us what the site is. Your goals, etc. Just playing devil's advocate. Don't mind me By the way, is there actually an 'official unofficial' site for player creations, house rules, etc? Aroooo
  18. Re: Re: Re: Newpaper For Writers Block I run a Hero level game based on characters like that. Its a mix of Conspiracy Theory meets X-Files, and so far, everyone's enjoying it. Believe it or not, its actually a fairly good genre to us when introducing new people to RPGs, or just the Hero system. I started the game to get one of our player's girlfriend interested. Not being into comics, this worked out well. Aroooo
  19. If you're looking for actual cardboard character graphics and such, here are some good web sites: Cumberland Games, aka Sparks: http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/sparks.htm These are Mac/Win font sets. High quality. The Heromachine (great site): http://www.heromachine.com/ Online or downloadable character 'painter' Steve Jackson Games Cardboard Heroes: http://www.sjgames.com/heroes/ As for printing, heavy ink jet card stock works. Or, you can print on regular paper, and spray mount to foam core board for a thicker cardboard hero. Aroooo
  20. Aroooo

    Babylon 5 Hero

    Campaign ideas I was not planning on doing a lot of campaign type stuff (background info, scenarios, etc.), but could come up with some things if there is a demand... Given that, our group is working on two avenues: first group will be Rangers, set at the begining of the 3rd season. I'll have them running around the fringes of known space and occasionally hop back to B5. The second group will probably be 'normals' in the B5 universe. Merchants, traders, smugglers, etc. You know, typical sci-fi gamer mix:) B5 Station Security is always a good one. As well as members of A
  21. For the sake of the new message forums, this is just an FYI that I've started working on Hero stats for the Babylon 5 Universe. I've set up a web site at: http://www.aroooo.com/rpg_stuff/b5/index.php for those interested. I'll keep this thread posted on updates as they come out. Aroooo
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