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  1. Re: Your "2008" Pet Gaming Projects Thanks! You know what else I forgot? Fix the starherofandom forum. When phpbb3 was released, I did a test upgrade on an old personal forum and everything seemed to go okay. I'll try to fix starhero before the weekend. Aroooo
  2. Re: Your "2008" Pet Gaming Projects 1) Get back into the Hero forums (been off the air far too long) 2) Continue my Traveller Hero f-t-f game (been running since Nov '07) 3) Put some more polish on my Alien Legion work Aroooo
  3. Re: Traveller HERO link Preview is up at StarHeroFandom: http://www.starherofandom.com/h_traveller/index.php Aroooo
  4. Re: Traveller for Hero... Preview is up at StarHeroFandom: http://www.starherofandom.com/h_traveller/index.php Aroooo
  5. Re: Worlds of Empire - Waddya think? What I've read so far I like. As others have stated, its not the bee-all-end-all source book, but books like this never really can be - or they would be huge 9and take forever to write). What is does give you is jumping off places to start a campaign, or places to visit during a campaign - so the GM has a place to build up from. That's usually one of the hardest things to do with any sci-fi campaing anyway. Oh, and it seems to work well in non-TE settings too. I plan to use a few locations for my f-t-f Alien Legion game. Aroooo
  6. Aroooo


    Re: Firefly Fox has a history of killing sci-fi shows. Not sure why...
  7. Re: The Trail of the Gold Spike I've run it using 150 point PCs (75+75). I'd have to pull it from my book shelf tonight to be sure, but I think that the adventure as published made it challenging enough. Aroooo
  8. Re: The Trail of the Gold Spike I ran this when we first started playing Justice Inc many many years ago. Good adventure. I still have a copy (maybe 2) if you want to borrow it. Aroooo
  9. Re: What makes a game a Star Hero to you? I've run X-Files type conspiracy games, Pulp era sci-fi and horror settings, outer space settings like B5 and Alien Legion, and played in just about every other setting at one time or another - and all I can add to the already good thoughts and points mentioned is this - its a Star Hero setting if you have to open the Star Hero rules Aroooo
  10. Re: NEMESIS SQUADRON: New Game Packet! Check out this thread: http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=722&highlight=alien+legion and download my PDF. There is a glossary section in it. Aroooo
  11. Re: Heroic Action Points - Do you use them? I've used them in my Pulp games, and sometimes my sci-fi games as well. We start by rolling 3d6 and add the total (per character). Characters with Luck get to add 1d6 per level to the 3d6 roll. For Unluck, I generally charge double (or tripple) HAP, i.e. Levels of Unluck x HAP = HAP required... All this is per game episode or chapter. Once the episode is over, points get reset. Oh, sometimes I will award HAP based on good role play or humorous player interaction, etc. Aroooo
  12. Re: Trek Hero PDF available Yup, still current. Freedonian Air and Space Agency. I knew that one too. I need to get out more as well... You need to right click and save as. Those files are all Hero Designer v2 files. The server is set to send them as binary downloads, but IE tends to just display text files in the browser window. Aroooo
  13. Re: Now Taking Preorders For the Champions 25th-Anniversary Special Edition! Just placed my order
  14. Re: Could someone tell me about star hero? http://www.herogames.com/StarHero/SpacersToolkit/index.htm Enjoy
  15. Re: Could someone tell me about star hero? The Spacer's Toolkit is a supplement for Star Hero, and is a gear reference for sci-fi settings - specifically Alien Wars and Terran Empires. But it can be used in just about any setting. There is also an online version here (akin to the online superpowers database). You don't need it, but its a handy reference. Aroooo
  16. Re: Program Write-Ups Despite all the vehicle/computer write-ups I've done in the past, its a question that I honestly never gave much consideraton to. Gets too granular for my taste. I've generally treated skills as 'systems,' such as the skill Security Systems = counter-theft mechanism. Programs allow the computer to do specific functions, and the INT score represents how 'smart' the operating system is. Aroooo
  17. Re: Space:1999 Write-Ups Hey, you know me - I can't spell As to the missiles, they were listed on the tech blueprints; although I don't recall a specific episode where they were used... But its been a while since I watched the whole series through. Aroooo
  18. Re: Could someone tell me about star hero? The short version is its a genre book similar to Dark Champions or Pulp Hero. New rules for building sci-fi gear and vehicles, plus solar system and planet generation systems. If you're even remotely into sci-fi, its well worth getting. Aroooo
  19. Re: Space:1999 Write-Ups While waiting for a Windows Server to build, I took a quick stab at the Eagle: Space 1999 Eagle Val Char Base Points Total Roll Notes 11 SIZE 0 55 11 Length 12.7", Width 6.35", Area 80.63" Mass 204.8 ton KB -11, DCV Mod -7 65 STR 65 0 65 22- HTH Damage 13d6 END [6] 15 DEX 10 15 15 12- OCV: 5/DCV: 5 4 SPD 2.5 15 4 Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12 5 DEF 2 9 5 10 BODY 21 -11 10 11- 0" Ground Movement 6 -12 0" 0" Water Movement 2 -2 0" 0" Leaping 0 0 0" 69 Total Characteristics Points Mov
  20. Re: Space:1999 Write-Ups According to this site: http://www.space1999.net/~catacombs/press/w2starloge.html and the line drawings located there, the Eagles had a max velocity of 0.15C, with a range of 16 billion miles... Aroooo
  21. Re: Space:1999 Write-Ups Here is the URL: http://www.space1999.net/~eagle/index.html Click on Alpha Plans Here is another site that has some Eagle stuff: http://www.space1999.net/moonbase99/technical_section.htm Aroooo
  22. Re: Space:1999 Write-Ups I don't remember where I got this, but here is that 'floor plan' of Moonbase Alpha. I'll try and google it later to find the original source... Aroooo
  23. Re: HALO to HERO Conversion v.0.1 Let me know when you want me to create a home for it at starherofandom Aroooo
  24. Re: StarHERO Fandom forum hacked I just saw that over the weekend. I was at my daughter's house for Easter and I blew up. Not a pretty site. I'm working on fixing it now. Most of the messages are intact, but the admin forum got disconnected and I'm working getting it back. Aroooo
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