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  1. Re: I need help with this Character Concept. Suggestions and Opinions. The only thing I immediately see is you should add the telepathic adv. to Mind Control: "Gaze of the Predator", possibly with the lim. Can not be spoken to more simulate the 'doe in the headlights' effect I think you're trying to make. Aroooo
  2. Re: Starship Design The Icarus I designed for B5 might do you well too. Just convert the lab deck to cargo. You'd have to add in your hyperdrive of choice though, since it does not have one. (Stick it in the aft of the cargo/lab deck.) As for deck plans, don't get too fixated on the dimensions/area/volume/mass. SIZE is one of the weak points of the Hero system. Not bad for buildings, but breaks down pretty quickly when dealing with vehicles. For simplicity, I use (generally) a 'deck heigh' of 2 inches. That times listed length and width give rough volume. Then divide by number of dec
  3. Re: Minor Effects which cost a lot to build. Good catch on the NCC. It should only be at the -1 level. As for Rec Charges, I was looking at it from the viewpoint of the 'recoverable 'being able to cast it more than once a session, but in casting, the first casting would vanish. (I like to be minimal on limitations, so I went the 'all-in-one' limitation route rather than the two limitations approach you took. Your appoach makes the power clearer to the novice.) Its a stretch I know. I'm not sure a second use of Clairsentience cancels out the first use; if it does, than you're right
  4. Re: Minor Effects which cost a lot to build. Not sure why you would use mind link and such. I'd just say thats FX of the power. How's this for a quickie 5 minutes worth of playing around with ideas: Alarm Spell: Clairsentience (Touch Group), Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees), Trigger (Activating the Trigger requires a Zero Phase Action, Trigger does not reset; +1/4) (31 Active Points); No Conscious Control (-2), Limited Power must be cast on an area, recasting removes previous location (-2), 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4), Limited Power fixed effect: alarm only, can not use t
  5. Re: Post your Cybernetics! Do you want us to use the TE/SH ATRI scale? This could be a fun idea. I'll post some of my B5 stuff here too - when I get that far Aroooo
  6. Re: Babylon 5 Weapons Conversion experiment Out of curiosity, why not? They have to be crewed. They have to maintained, repaired, etc. All my ship builds use Real Weapon as a limitation. Aroooo
  7. Re: Babylon 5 Weapons Conversion experiment That's just it, I can't remember either. I tought AE:Line hit anything/everything. Adding Selective meant you could hit just what you wanted (at DCV 3 hex) and, and Non-Selective meant you made an attack roll vs. each target in the line/area as if you were attacking them indivitually (with normal OCV/DCV mods, not targeting the DCV 3 hex). Aroooo
  8. Re: Babylon 5 Weapons Conversion experiment While I don't have any of the B5Wars stuff, I don't think its over the top. Look at some of the ship work I've done. This is pretty well in line with that work. I'm working on the Minbari cruisers, and they are tough. So tough, I might have to readjust the armor across the ship board. But I digress - and derail thread I like the custom modifier on the sustained mode. But does the AE:Line need non-selective? Aroooo
  9. Re: Science fiction web resources CraterMaker posted this a few months ago: http://www.orionsarm.com/main.html From their web site: What is "Orion's Arm" you might ask? Good question. One answer we like to give is that Orion's Arm is: * A collective hard science SF worldbuilding endeavour * A communal background for SF stories * A roleplaying setting * the next evolutionary development of popular SF/SciFi beyond current Sci Fi entertainment. * A transhumanist projection of where we might be heading * A bunch of semi-sane sentients having fun together Worth che
  10. Re: Science fiction web resources "Shamless Plug" for StarHeroFandom: http://www.starherofandom.com/index.php Seventh Sanctum Generators (names, places, plots, gadgets, etc): http://www.seventhsanctum.com/index.php Paper Worlds (lots of cardboard characters; look under Downloads/Files): http://www.paperworlds.com/ Space Battles dot com (movies of sci-fi ships battling each other): http://www.spacebattles.com/index.php Aroooo
  11. Re: Pulp game questions I co-GM an LXG game with one of our groups, and here's how its set up. Heroic level characters (i.e. normal char max, limited pushing, etc). 250 characters; 150 base + 100 disads. Its mostly skills and talents, but for the 'extraordinary' part, each character can have up to 100 points of 'powers' that defines their schtick. Some examples include The Invisible Man, a Werewolf, a Vampire, a Dorian Grey sort of immortal, a pyrokenisis (don't think I spelled that right), etc. Each character is limited to one schtick, and no two characters can have the same schtick. Dam
  12. Re: Buckaroo Banzai Lives! This is excellent news. Thanks for the heads up! Aroooo
  13. Re: How To: "Spirit Ward" That's how I would do it. Also, link an EGO attack to it for option 2. Another thing you might check is the Shadowrun conversion that Damon_Dusk did. I have not read all the way through it, but what you are looking for is a lot like how Shadowrun handles wards and spirits. Aroooo
  14. Re: Off Topic: The Great DC Metro HERO Get-Together!!! Sounds like a plan. I'm in Springfield, so either location is fine with me. Aroooo
  15. Aroooo

    Ion Cannons

    Re: Ion Cannons Yeah, it would be a big entangle. But a Drain/Suppress on the END reserves of a starship would also be big. Must ponder more when I'm not so tired (just finished wrapping Santa presents ) Aroooo
  16. Aroooo

    Ion Cannons

    Re: Ion Cannons Thanks all. Personally I was thinking along the lines of an Entangle, takes no damage (less expensive than a big drain), but I'm not sure how I would work the 'break out' attempt. I don't think there is a built in option for gradual dissipation of an entangle. I'll probably go with a variant of NuSoardGraphite's version. Aroooo
  17. Aroooo

    Ion Cannons

    How would you build an ion cannon, ala the Star Wars ion cannons that disrupt the electronics of a ship? In other words, how would you 'stun' a ship/vehicle? I don't have SH or TUV handy so I can't look up references right now. Aroooo
  18. Re: Highlander HERO PDF
  19. Highlander HERO PDF I have just uploaded a PDF version of tkdguy's Highlander Hero doc. http://www.starherofandom.com/h_highlander/index.php Let me know if you have any problems with the pdf - Acrobat was being a little squirley this morning. Aroooo
  20. Re: Armor (equipment) questions For Heroic games, I tend to either not allow layering, or at most half the value of the second layer. For Supers games, it all adds up - since presumably characters have paid points for armor. Aroooo
  21. Aroooo

    Babylon 5 Hero

    Re: Babylon 5 Hero Small update. Added the Earth Alliance Space Station. The all_ships.zip file as also been updated.
  22. Re: New Campaign could use some feedback
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