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  1. I've always laughed at and secretly geeked out to the whole Gun Kata thing - I suppose I would probably buy it as a form of Desolid that only affects bullets, user must be able to see all of his assailants (To determine the angles of attack most likely to be attempted).
  2. I would go with something maybe a bit more potent than the average Shotgun Round (2 1/2d6 RKA with the AE: Cone/No Range combo or separate (Mulitpower) Slot with the choke set for a single slug. The slugs would make use of shells with tiny cogs that are reverse-aetherically charged to general matter, meaning the fins on the shells spin as soon as touching air, igniting and either lighting on fire the individual pellets for buckshot or turning solid slugs into gyro-jet like rounds. Really like the cog shield idea - I guess it's the perfect use for an ablative force field or armor power effect.
  3. Exactly what the title asks- is this a case of Dark Champions where each of the main characters (anti-heroes and villains alike) have a sort of signature "special skill" or is it more of a Pulp campaign that just happens to take place in a neo-modern setting?
  4. Excellent, now it just needs a bayonet attachment for the top of the barrel
  5. Was it a spin-off from Enter the Dragon, or was that a different black martial arts character who just happened to be played by the same actor?
  6. I use True North myself- I don't think It's trademarked by anyone...
  7. To quote the Dark Tower/Gunslinger Novels: "See the Turtle of Enormous Girth, Upon it's back it holds the Earth!"
  8. Space Cowboy- Flying Space Horse and Energy-beam six shooters And... Maurice- Various mind-altering effects, all linked to his voice PS: Beware his ranged Intelligence drain as he "Speaks about the Pompetous of Love" They fight crime, foiling the criminal endeavours of their arch-nemesis, the fiendish mastermind and Casanova known only as The Gangster of Love... (Ok- call center work has finally clearly taken the last of my sanity)
  9. Whatever happened to Worldmaker? And, as well, Trebuchet- are they still around and I just never see them?
  10. Back to weapons- for all you better equipped to figure it out than me (read: I'm Intellectually lazy ), what about flamethrowers?
  11. So, I got bored the other day and decided to stat out a DC version of El Mariachi for my intellectual-exercise campaign world. While doing so I thought of this thread because, Hey- what's more fun than a Guitar case full of guns?
  12. Hulk "Super-Charging" off radiation is Absorption but it does not preclude him from having Safe: Intense Radiation- he is not adversely affected by further exposure.
  13. Hulk: Safe- All, Hold Breath- 1 End /5 minutes (With a 100 End, this would give him about 8 1/3 hours time)- No Immunity to chemicals but Possibly to Diseases due to his Healing Factor.
  14. Well Ninja Bear- I took your comment as a challenge, to see if I could actually make a WWII-era 'Mystery Man' on 150 points - one that I would be happy with. The Dart was the result- scientist and Doctor who makes use of an experimental knock out dart gun and a decent right hooks to fight crime. There are certainly some holes in the skills I might normally give him but he's not bad for a 1941-era champion of NYC- he hates, and therefore mostly fights against, Organized crime and Bundists.
  15. Kharvaach- Born in Deluun Boldog, near the reputed site of the birth of Genghis Khan, and trained since childhood in the arts of the ancient Mongolian warrior by a father whose obsession with the past led him to kill himself when his son was 16, as he could no longer live in the modern world. This stressful incident caused the young man to manifest enhanced strength, speed, and agility after having a dream of being visited by an ancestor who was part of the Mongol Horde of Genghis Khan. This ancestor demanded the young man go out into the world and bring honor and glory back to the family. When he awoke, the young man discovered his new enhanced abilities, as well as the power to summon a horse of apparent celestial origin, and renamed himself Kharvaach (Archer), leaving his former life and name behind. In the last ten years he has appeared all over Mongolia to protect the people of his country from whatever forces seek to harm them. Armed with A Mongolian recurve bow that fires arrows able to penetrate nearly any surface, strike ghosts or others whose bodies are not physically solid (including the astral form of mystics/psychics), or pass themselves through solid objects to hit those behind them; and riding his celestial horse, this warrior has become a symbol of pride in Mongolia, reminding the people of a glorious past.
  16. I went back and read through 4th edition Classic Enemies and it made me laugh- how exactly were you supposed to rip off Dark Seraph wings? They were bought as OAF after-all.
  17. I've gone that route with some of the characters I have built for my setting WWII-era, especially my Devil Dog Brigade (although I believe they might have been 250 points), I just don't think that every character needs to be shoe-horned into a set point range or damage cap- I want my world to feel more like the comic world and less like a generic game world where all the background NPCs must be balanced against one another. A good example is my ground zero superhuman, Blue Streak. In WWII Blue Streak became the first known superhuman and started the new age of heroes- by WWII he is a 600-700 point character, but he's also had 20+ years of real-time combat and hero-ing experience and his slow power increase is also a function of the way superhumans (of all types) are empowered in the setting.
  18. Well it would be 1 charge, with delayed recovery so it might take a week to build up enough juice for another shot, plus every time its used he gets hit with a massive stun attack likely to KO him right then and there- this would be a "Last-Ditch, Save-The-Day" power. So 1 charge/1 Week to recover is -2 1/2 limitation right there plus the side effect.
  19. Oh, there was this one idea I had for My Deerborn Academy teen heroes/villains setting idea. The character is a power mimic/gestalt- meaning she touches two separate people and mimics a power that is a weird amalgam of their combined powers. The example I always liked for that was she touches one kid with Magnetic powers and another with super-strength and end up with electromagnetic strength- essentially anything ferrous she touched she could affect as with super strength or electromagnetic abilities. Another would be touch one person with fire powers and another with ice powers and end up firing off a thermal pulse that causes whiplash temperature variations in the area of effect that might freeze one person while burning the person right next to them. Still trying to figure out the exact dynamics of such a power though- WIP.
  20. Quick Question- as a thought exercise and possibly as a future game world (if I ever get around to running one), I've been stating out elements of my own supers genre world. As part of the world's backstory I've been making pulp and GA heroes as well as modern ones. Now to the question- how would you model an "Atomic Punch" for a character- not so concerned about DC capping it as it would be a one-charge attack with delayed Recovery of charge and a massive Stun side effect on user if he/she fires it off- I just want something that would feel apropos and able to stun (maybe not KO) a Superman-Type character. So, what should I be looking at for damage levels?
  21. Don't trust them, eh? "Speed of Tortoise!" "Grace of Rhinoceros!" Etc.
  22. Prior to 5th there were powers bought with Foulable- early version of Restrainable to represent something like wings that could be grabbed/entangled or jet pack/boots that could be jammed with web, etc. Edit: At least I'm fairly certain that I saw this somewhere prior to 5th on some characters in published books.
  23. As an idea for a plant based character, what about a Sap Bomb- Entangle with range based on strength and that also causes a x2 Stun and x1 1/2 Body Vulnerability to Fire Side Effect on target as the sap explodes when subjected to fire attacks, increasing harm to entangled target.
  24. For an idea along the animal DNA line- the character could be a not-too-bright former henchman of Malachite (I can't remember, does he do henchmen?) who got hit one too many time with the Devolution Ray for screwing up. This caused a massive flux in his DNA that allows him to "unlock" animal DNA all the way back along the mammalian chain, so he can gain powers like Sonar but it causes him to grow bat-like ears, skin flaps like a squirrel or bat to glide, cat-like eyes for night-vision, clearly visible alterations in his skeletal structure and bipedal stance for enhanced running, etc.- basically all his powers are accompanied with visible physical deformities. But, because he's not too bright, he needs his team mates to yell out animal powers for him to change or make a Power: Imagination (or something similar) power roll- basically a VPP that requires either team mates' suggestions or power skill roll to change points and all the powers must take Distinctive Features as a side effect of the powers.
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