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  1. Finally, I can contribute! This is from an AD&D campaign (2nd edition; 3rd sucks). All four PCs are elves; the DM threw in a half-ogre for 'balance.' The campaign isn't too old; we're 2nd-3rd level characters. We arrive on an island in search of some skeletons. After dealing with an ambush of kobolds and skeletons, the DM asks what we're doing. "We're going to the trees." DM: Are you walking, running, what? Dannelar (priest of Corellon, my character): Crawling. Sylca (fighter/mage): Leapfrogging with Prysm! (the bladesinger) Dalziel (mage/thief): I'm belly-dancing. DM: Well, Ogg (half-ogre) is taking the boat. When you can swim, come talk to him. Me: Well, what did you expect? We're all elves. We're frolicking.
  2. What are the rules regarding posting conversions of old characters? I'm talking really early sourcebooks and adventures like the Seven Horsemen, the Coriolis Effect, etc. Obviously the 4th edition stuff is unlikely to be postable, but the really old stuff might be okay. Or am I just going to have to keep them to myself? Glen (slowly working towards Skilled Normal)
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