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  1. Re: WWYCD: The True Champion has Arrived! Well...Comet and Archangel are both the types to step up to the front of the line and take him down, although Comet is more the HTH-style fighter; Archangel tends to like his big flaming holy sword.
  2. Re: "Look, up in the sky! It's Super Saint!" Christian-themed heroes I've got a 1000-point Archangel. Combine Thor and Zauriel and you've got it. I've also got the Disciple, who basically works miracles. At first it was limited to stuff that happened in the Bible, but later on he got creative. Both work for God. I've created a team of Catholic heroes (although these are the only two who actually have divine-inspiration as their origins). What can I say? I like positive outlooks.
  3. Re: Best published adventure I recommend "Atlas Unleashed" as a good one for starting a campaign; there is a built-in origin for PCs if you want to use it. Road Kill isn't a great adventure (having to rescue a boy-band from a heavy metal villain group is a tough moral decision for many people), but it's reasonably low-powered for a beginning group. You could also use the Mystic Masters book, even if it's based in comic-book magic; the opening scene could be modified or even used as is for a fledgling team.
  4. Re: Name for an elemental mage I have a character with similar powers (mutate, not mage). Originally he was called 'Mr. Marvel' because I really couldn't think of a good name for him. Fortunately, the Hero Boards saved me and my character's dignity, and he was renamed... Equinox. Hope that works for you.
  5. Re: Your PCs might be overpowered if... Upon further consideration, I'm now going to create a 10,000 point character just for this scenario.
  6. Re: Your PCs might be overpowered if... How's THIS for some thread necromancy? ...your team's headquarters includes a petting zoo with the Supreme Surpent as the prime attraction. ...your secret lair has a Batphone with Zeus playing the role of Commissioner Gordon. ...DEMON offers to ward your town from evil magic 'as a token of our esteem.' ...the Harbinger of Justice is your sidekick. ...the GM can't come up with a way for Takofanes' VPP to hurt you even after consulting with the Hero board pantheon.
  7. Re: Golden Age Champions On the plus side, with some quick conversions of the 4th edition characters, we'll have even more GA characters to play with. You know what I'd REALLY like to see in GAC? A Canadian hero. Even if it's just one. After all, Canada was in the war earlier than the Americans anyway. Two full years earlier, in fact. No way the Nazis didn't have agents north of the 49th parallel for a Canadian hero to pound into bratwurst.
  8. Re: Best SuperHero Fights ever How about these ones? Superman vs. the Elite in Action 775. They wanted to prove he couldn't beat them without going 'over the line.' He did it anyway. The Justice Society in a sort-of limited series from a few years ago. It was a two-parter, with six or seven 'in-between' issues with names from the Golden Age of Comics. They fought some sort of alien who wanted to end war by destroying the planet. Set in 1944, it's a great story and an impressive fight at the end of both issues. Wonder Woman vs. Hawkman...in 1942. When Byrne redeemed
  9. Re: WWYCD: Let the Hunt Begin!! Archangel would glare at the impertinent, MAGIC-USING infidel creature before him, promptly declare it a demon, and draw his really big sword. Comet would only go along with this hunting scenario if innocents were endangered by it; otherwise, he's standing there and wait for the bear to try something dumb, like attack him. Dr. Infinity would basically chuckle, shake his head sadly, then teleport both he and the 'hunter' to a more suitable dimension...where bears are considered both prey and delicacy. Snowbird would rely on some of his more '
  10. Re: WWYCD: Anti- 'Authority' The only way I can see my characters allowing this situation to get this far is if they're not on Earth for the development phase of this plot. I tend to play the old-fashioned HERO type as opposed to the dark and moody style so prevalent in today's comics. Angst is fine, in small doses. I also prefer more high-powered games, so JLA-style threats are just fine. So, let's see... Archangel would consider any such plan the beginning of the End Times, which he knows aren't scheduled for a while longer. He and his team (the Crusaders, an all-Catholic
  11. Finally, I can contribute! This is from an AD&D campaign (2nd edition; 3rd sucks). All four PCs are elves; the DM threw in a half-ogre for 'balance.' The campaign isn't too old; we're 2nd-3rd level characters. We arrive on an island in search of some skeletons. After dealing with an ambush of kobolds and skeletons, the DM asks what we're doing. "We're going to the trees." DM: Are you walking, running, what? Dannelar (priest of Corellon, my character): Crawling. Sylca (fighter/mage): Leapfrogging with Prysm! (the bladesinger) Dalziel (mage/thief): I'm belly-dan
  12. Read Harry Turtledove's "American Front" series, an alternate history about what happens after the South wins the War Between the States. That'll give you a good idea of what things might have been like. As for my characters...most of them are Canadian, so it wouldn't mean much to them. If we go by Mr Turtledove's AH, however, things change drastically... Snowbird would likely be a more patriotic Canadian, serving the American occupation authorities but secretly working against them. Comet would be an international hero regardless; he'd still be fighting the good fight, trying
  13. Comet and Archangel would take the lead with other JLA-level heroes, go up into space and start playing kickball with the spaceship. Snowbird would have his team working to minimize rioting and looting in the city. Shadowhawk would likely do the same, after insuring his computer files were intact. Glen (now a Standard Hero! Woo-hoo!)
  14. 1000 Points? Cool! Archangel could fit nicely in that. My version of Thor, if you will. ARCHANGEL Characteristics STR 100 DEX 30 CON 50 BODY 30 INT 20 EGO 30 PRE 50 COM 30 PD 50 ED 50 SPD 8 REC 30 END 100 STUN 105 Cost: 480 POWERS 50 Damage Resistance, 50 PD/50 ED 40 Flight 30", Restrainable (wings) 90 Multipower (Holy Blade) (90 point reserve) 4u Hand-to-Hand Attack, 12d6 4u 6d6 HKA, only against pure evil 6u 9d6 Sight Flash, Area of Effect Radius, No Range 2u Missile Deflection vs. all 7u 9d6 Healing, Not on Self (-¼)
  15. Snowbird's fine as he is; no changes there. Likewise for Comet. Archangel might be somewhat different; perhaps his sword has a divine technological component. Shadowhawk would be a mystic detective instead of using technology. Glen
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