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  1. Haven't played Hero/Champions in a while so I'm a little rusty. Can anyone tell me if I have to apply Power Advantages to both the Power and it's Adder? I'm trying to build a telekinetic Missile Deflection power, so either: Missile Deflect [bullets/Shrapnel] 15, Reflect Anywhere 20, (BoECV) = 70, or Missile Deflect [bullets/Shrapnel] 15 (BoECV), Reflect Anywhere 20 = 50. Thanks all.
  2. Re: Gun multipower I'm a little confused by this, giving up the ability to move and attack isn't a disadvantage? I'm sorry if I'm coming across as a mini-maxer or powergamer or something - that's really not my intention, I'm just trying to build something correctly.
  3. Re: Gun multipower Am I being abusive? It seems a pretty standard constuction to me - Isn't there a laser rifle with multiple settings in the examples of how to construct a multipower? I'm not sure about your problems with OAF either, a gun is a pretty standard focus.
  4. I've had a character with a gun multipower before (each slot representing different clips) but I haven't played in a while so need some help reconstructing it. I buy the pool with 'OAF: Gun' and 'Takes 1/2 a phase to switch slots' (though I can't remember how much that's worth - anyone?) I then buy ultra-slots as 'OIF: Clip of AP rounds' (or whatever), right? If I want to make all the slots 'Beam Attack', do I put that on the pool, the slots, or both? Thanks all, Col. Orange
  5. Re: Hollow ForceWall So... is "Hole in the Middle" a valid Advantage for Forcewall? Would it do what I asked? Or would it just make a Forcewall with a window? (which might be usefull to some folk)
  6. Re: Hollow ForceWall Thanks, Killer Shrike. How do you handle attacks against you're newly constructed bridge? I suppose if it's made of stone it has the DEF and BOD of stone, if it's made of diamond it has the DEF and BOD of diamond, but shouldn't the diamond bridge cost more?
  7. Is this legal? X-Hex, Y-Def ForceWall; Hole in the middle (+1/4) I'm trying to work out how to build something that could be used to bridge a gap between two ships in space or subs under water, or create a walkway between two buildings.
  8. Re: Weirdest Hero question yet Shouldn't that be Sexual Hero. Or would that be just a list of porn stars? With game stats?
  9. Re: Our name is Legion, for we are many... It's just the image I had in my head at the time, each dupe puts his hand on the shoulder of the dupe to his left, the last one putting his hand on prime villains before prime villain launches the uber attack. None of the powers would cost much, so any agencies that monitor the "power level" of folk in their universe wouldn't have much of a file on him (which screws over connected heroes) or consider him much of a threat (which screws over overconfident heroes).
  10. Re: 5th Edition Changes Summary Y'could always just use Double Jointed and Contortionist...
  11. Re: Stun Only In a Heroic (i.e. "Good") campaign I can see a strong argument for Stun Only being -0. In a more shady setting I'd probably allow -1/4. In either setting though, I'd say "Body only counts towards KB" would be -0 too.
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