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  1. I believe Tribble's largely right here. HBO tends to follow the UK and Japanese models where seasons are more likely to be 13 episodes (or even six, depending). If memory serves, the last Sopranos season was split up over the course of the year. Anyways, the last thing I saw was Columbo Season 5 on DVD. Six movies, including an excellent one featuring Janet Leigh and a rather weird one directed by Patrick McGoohan.
  2. Just some mold that's proving to be a bear to get rid of. Some on the vents too. The walls don't seem to be seriously damaged.
  3. Thanks. They came back for the dehumidifiers today, and cleaned and refixed the affected areas of the carpet. The walls are my problem, evidently. So is putting everything back where it belongs, but I don't mind that part and felt bad they had to move so much stuff in the first place (I hadn't known how far the water had spread).
  4. Two Jackie Chan films: Twin Dragons and Dragon Lord. Both are slight but enjoyable, and each has at least three impressive action sequences.
  5. So. While I was away at Charlotte - or perhaps starting sometime before - the AC of the guy in the unit above me clogged, sending Lord knows how much water down to the carpeting and padding in the bedroom I sleep in, and the bedroom that I use as my storage locker. Nothing is ruined, but there's a fair bit of mold and damp I'll be cleaning up tonight. May as well, since I won't get any sleep over the sound of the dehumidifiers.
  6. Heroescon was a lot of fun - one of the best comics shows I've been to in quite a while.
  7. Heading out to Charlotte for Heroescon in a few hours. I can't sleep, but it's a nice can't sleep.
  8. I've got a pretty old copy of that Doc biography - the Tarzan one too. Pretty interesting books. I read recently that the director of Iron Man 3 wants to do a Doc Savage movie. I wish him luck.
  9. Dynamite is also publishing comics starring the Green Hornet (written by Mark Waid) and The Black Bat, as well as a Shadow:Year One mini written by Matt Wagner. There's also a mini-series event called Masks featuring all the before mentioned characters plus The Spider, a new Zorro, and Golden Age comic characters The Black Terror and Miss Fury. The latter also has a new comic but the first issue was enough to turn me off entirely. The results, IMO, have been decidedly mixed. The Green Hornet book has been great so far, and the Black Bat shows promise. The Shadow books are hit and miss, Masks is mediocre and I dropped the Spider some months back.
  10. Laughing Stock by Talk Talk on repeat. One of my favorite records ever.
  11. I kinda knew Dial H was too quirky to last, so I guess I should be glad we got as many issues as we did. Threshold I knew was doomed. The other announced cancellation was Legion of Super-Heroes, a book I gave up on some time ago. Unlike the others, though, I presume it'll be back in some format sooner than later.
  12. Comic-related crankiness: Three DC books I was rather enjoying - Demon Knights, Dial H, and Threshold - have been cancelled. And as usual, the crybaby wing of the Internet blames the company as opposed to the lack of audience support. In sports news, the Washington Capitals have let me down again. Props, though, for the run that got them into the playoffs to begin with.
  13. Working through Mission:Impossible Season 2. Peter Graves has joined as Jim Phelps, which shifts the cast dynamic a bit as he was far more available for filming than his predecessor Steven Hill. Pretty solid overall, though there are a few bits where it's clear the intricate maneuvering is covering for sub-par plotting.
  14. Coming soon to off-off-off-Broadway: Music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics and book by Guillermo Del Toro: South Pacific Rim
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