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  1. In my gameing group there is a very low level of exp. They are all realatively new to gameing, and I dont mind so much except that well my games always have to have some root in a movie or the like. The newest game is based on Doom, Starship Troopers, Farscape,Aliens, Preadators and a few other semi military based scifi medias. I have had to build all the gear from scratch and Im running out of ideas for stuff that my group might want and need. I have a lack of inspiration concerning equipment and it bothers me cause I like my guys to have choices. If any one has any Ideas plot seeds, e
  2. Re: End of an Era Speaking from a lack of world ending events in our game, The Best of luck to you , There is nothing better than a great ending to a awesome run. Just smile and let it all go down in a blaze . Congrats on a great , great era of gaming.
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In a hero system fantasy martial arts run, the gm was introducing an NPC. exacte statement "across the tournament feild you see the biggest asian man that you have ever even heard of , hes like... 5'6" " it took about 10 minutes for all of us to stop rolling on the floor.
  4. Re: Ideas Lacking Substance anything you could send me would be ultra helpful. in txt format preforably its easier for me to deal with. Thank you .
  5. Re: Ideas Lacking Substance Ok I watch alot of movies like this and one of the things that I noticed (manely at the end0 was there wasnt a total loss of personality, maybe alittle control loss, but they were still working inside the confines of the character they transformed from. As aposed to comparing movies as i am, the werewolves in ohh say, underworld were made by someone that way over favored them. The other thing that I really liked was the special effect of the transformation, instead of growing hair and the body rearranging its self, they just kinda peeled off the outside and
  6. I just went and saw VanHelsing and I really liked the way they did werewolves in that but I dont know what kind of powers to give one, or for that matter how to make them fit together. Please any help would be greatly appreciated because I need him done by Tuesday.
  7. Re: Players and GMS:Character Alteration There is no reason why any gm in his right mind should ever just total alter a character especially in such a drastic way as well... rape. I have gamed for quite a few years and in all that time ive only had one guy gm for me that had no real idea what gaming was about. These are the guys that tell you your background , tell you where your from and why your here. THIS IS NOT GAMEING, this is some jackass telling a story and you just happen to be listening. I do however understand changes in game. Ive had four or five very personal characters d
  8. Re: Freaky-powerful and complex! VVP (25) Only to create skills vvp only to make skill levels 10 d6 energy blast +1 area effect radius +1 NND +1 does body +3 3x AP 3x pen, Autofire x5 +1 1/2 +1/2 (0) end. this power was called the villian buster it had a disad on it -1/2 only to kill "bad people"
  9. Re: Golden Age Heroes Question. Comics vs. RPGs - Is a combat heavy Campaign "in genr If anything this conversation is more about how to deal with characters that just want to smash and bash, and dont want to figure out why. I (as a GM) have found that even the smashers want to know why if you really really mess with their lives and there is no good reason for it. Genre is just a word we use to make players think or react a way WE think is right. So for all intents and purposes all you really need to do is get into your players heads.
  10. Re: GMs: PC Scrutiny & Acceptance In the runs I do with my gaming group each character is looked over by everybody except new people if there are any that night. We have a group of about 4 but all of us GM at one time or another with the same group (round-Robin Runs) so we all have to ok a character befor letting it pass.
  11. I need a little help with a character Idea. I want to write a brick ... more of a Dragon ball Z character. With the ma the high str and the energy blast. But I dont know how to do it without doing it really abusively. Please HELP.
  12. Re: Need Help well as Emerged touched on the biggest problem we have is how to write the powers not the standard stuff but the symbiote its self. Most of the problem we are having is the sudden lack of new ideas. Its really hard to come up with new stuff, or at least stuff that hasnt been done to death. The other thing is would you use any frame works on his powers?
  13. I game with a few friends and we have been doing it since it was still just champions I II & III. But we have always had serious problems with a certain character concept and I would like some help to write it up in hero. The Character is something like venom or carnage, the only kinda weird thing is we dont have max active point caps we just have total character point max. But this character is for a 350 game and I would like some help , thank you .
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