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  1. Re: THE HERO SYSTEM EQUIPMENT GUIDE -- What Would *You* Like To See?
  2. Re: The HERO System Advanced Player's Guide Does the APG include alternate dice-rolling methods? I always thought 3d6 was just a bit too determinant (spelling?) and enjoyed more randomness in combat. I suppose I could just use 2d10 instead, but I don't know if the APG goes more into this.
  3. Re: Online Fantasy HERO: Campaign genre I hate how some RPGs have most or all of their playable fantasy races better than humans (costs many CPs just to buy the elf/dwarf/whatever racial package). It's cool to have racial differences, as long as abilities are somewhat balanced with weaknesses. I prefer there to be as many races that are weaker than humans as there are that are superior. The more CPs you have to pay to be a certain race, the more limited you are in spending your remaining CPs. This limits the number of character concepts and professions for races with high racial package costs. This is of course assuming a standard heroic-level game.
  4. Re: Omline Fantasy HERO: Campaign genre Serpent men would be cool. Other alternatives could be ape men or insect men. Maybe a race of humans with demon blood that have minor special abilities, but also have supernatural weaknesses. Whatever you like; I'm just throwing out ideas
  5. Re: Omline Fantasy HERO: Campaign genre Agreed. It doesn't have to be too dark, but definitely Swords & Sorcery style would be preferred. Very few intelligent races or only human with mythical beasts, other-world dimensions, demons, dark magic and some political intrigue thrown in the mix No cliche races like elves, dwarves or faeries, please!
  6. Re: Confused about 6th edition Nexus, I didn't see your post at first. Thank you, also!
  7. Re: Confused about 6th edition Okay, I got it now. Thanks ghost-angel (repped)
  8. Re: Confused about 6th edition Okay...I still don't get it. The 2nd post says at first that 6th Edition will come in two books: Characters...and Combat & Adventuring. Then the post goes on to talk about two rulebooks: basic and advanced. So are there four books or what? How does the basic and advanced rulebooks fit with the Characters and Combat & Adventuring books? Is there a basic and advanced version of each (by each I mean Characters and Combat & Adventuring)?
  9. Re: Blocking - What's the point? Okay, that makes more sense. Thank you for the replies!
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