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  1. Re: Confused about 6th edition Nexus, I didn't see your post at first. Thank you, also!
  2. Re: Confused about 6th edition Okay, I got it now. Thanks ghost-angel (repped)
  3. Re: Confused about 6th edition Okay...I still don't get it. The 2nd post says at first that 6th Edition will come in two books: Characters...and Combat & Adventuring. Then the post goes on to talk about two rulebooks: basic and advanced. So are there four books or what? How does the basic and advanced rulebooks fit with the Characters and Combat & Adventuring books? Is there a basic and advanced version of each (by each I mean Characters and Combat & Adventuring)?
  4. Re: Ye Ole Wheel of Time MAGIC SYSTEM Nice write-up! One small detail you're missing though - When men and women are holding the one power, their senses are greatly sharpened. I remember one instance in the books that Rand would seize saidin and hold it just so he could see farther. It's just a small detail, but if you want to be accurate you should account for it. Otherwise great job.
  5. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Question: How long is the longest running thread that you've all seen? Is there one longer than this?
  6. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Just contributing to the thread. Nice kitty
  7. Re: How would you describe the "feel" of the Turakian Age? Ahhh! Most informative! Thank you for your quick response Mr. Curtis
  8. Re: How would you describe the "feel" of the Turakian Age? I liked Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms - it's just too bad I didn't care for the D&D system. Just by looking at the online glossary of terms for the TA, I can see the depth and dedication put into making this book, so I'm sure I will enjoy it thoroughly! From reading the description of the Valdorian Age, it seems that it will be more of a Swords & Sorcery setting as opposed to the Turakian Age which you describe as High Fantasy; yet both are the same world in different ages. My question is this: (I understand if you're not willing to answer this) Is there some major change in the way magic works in this world that would be an important reason for a change in the subgenre? I understand that you would want to create different subgenres of fantasy for players with different preferences. However, the reason I ask is because in the Fantasy Hero book the High Fantasy subgenre is described as a setting in which magic is prevalent and pervasive. But the Swords & Sorcery subgenre is characterized with the element of magic being slow and difficult. Being such, that would lead me to deduce that something considerable happens over the course of time that would change the way magic works. Perhaps I'm thinking too much into it, but I am curious!
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