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  1. Thanks for the links!
  2. A lot of D and D's current popularity can be attributed to shows like Critical Role. Gamers these days seem to love to watch other gamers play. Starter sets are great if you have an audience that is interested in buying them in the first place. If there was an official (or semi-official) HERO actual play twitch/youtube/podcast show using the current rules that highlighted the game, it might generate enough interest to make the production of a starter set and adventures feasible.
  3. Re: I could watch him get slapped around all day Batman by Wally West I remember reading one comic where Batman shows up at the garage Wally works at and does the typical Batman thing-do what I say bacause I'm the Batgod, poking Wally in the chest as he does. Wally says in response, I'll think about it and oh, you only touched me because I let you. I always thought that was cool. Batman needs a good high speed #%@-whooping.
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