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  1. Is this game still happening ?
  2. In my opinion the big presence of a troll is for make presence attack only .... A troll has nothing charming or nothing very tempting to want to converse with. So Charm or conversation or High Society does not work with his presence on the contrary. Troll presence +15 (Only to make presence attack -1) real cost 8 Steph
  3. Hello Friends , I am searching a link for a good combat tracking sheet. Someone know where i can found this ? Thank you and sorry for the bad English. Steph
  4. Hello everybody i want to start as a gm a fantasy hero story in french and via online. bonjour tout le monde je voudrais commencer une campagne de fantasy hero pour septembre via online. J’ai jamais utilisé de plareforme web pour jouer à hero ou un autre jeu de rôle. Je prendrais le reste du mois de août afin de créer et réfléchir vos personnages et de vous expliquer le monde proposé. Je vais aussi tenter de me familiariser avec une plateforme de jeu. Si vous êtes intéressé contactez-moi, pour commencer par un rendez vous sur camera et de discuter du monde et d’un background pour vos
  5. Still looking player for your fantasy game ?



  6. Here ! French Canadian here my English is 7\10. But I really love fantasy setting ! Can we talk ?



    1. bluesguy




      Yes we can talk.  Let us start with email.  You can reach me at bluesguy@davidtannen.com.  I will send you a set of links to look at so you can see what kind of campaign world Nyonia is and decide if the setting will work for you.


      BTW:  In my job as a project manager for an IT consulting company, I work with people from all over the world.  Once my ear tunes in the accent I can usually understand most people.

  7. Hero gamers from Montréal ?

  8. Re: Your Favorite Fantasy Weapon? sting (bilbo and frodo sword) stef
  9. just want to know before make my Necromancer..........if i make a spell who need a attack (mind control , energy blast etc etc) i take my ecv or ocv for the attack or the attack? of the summoned one? hope i am clear englishnot my first language stef
  10. What a nice work!! ......but i miss some parts....my english not that good and just want to know clearly what is the utility or the favor points someone can help me hope i am clear stef the french canadian
  11. steph


    Re: potion we play in the turakian age stef.....
  12. steph


    ok my character are herborist with all the skill he needs (herb lore etc etc) and is also a potion maker .....with the skill inventor for new potions spells and brew potion for make it.........now if my character find a herb with a appropriate and the herb is brew in a potion (healing).......the character have to pay in character point for the effect ? or not hope i am clear english not my first language stef
  13. Re: Need help with a item build use only the stun damage of the sword ...forget the body damage
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