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  1. I think I am confused with penetrating. EX I have a blast of 4d6 and I roll 3,2,4,6 and my opponent has a pd of 8. How much damage do I do to him? (6th edition) Thanks Steph
  2. Someone have a link to a collection of sound related to fantasy ? Creature, combat, forest ambiance, creepy stuff, tavern, etc etc ... Thanks in advance Steph
  3. steph


    Question for GM. In your session who track the end ? The players or you ? I never track the end in ten years exeption for spell caster. I think i am scared this is gonna slow things around the table. What do you think ? sorry for the english Steph
  4. I personally don't often ask for a roll when a spell is cast. If the conditions are good ... I ask for a roll in a stressful situation (Combat per example) So there is no penalty per se because the consequence of stress situations is a roll. Steph
  5. steph


    1- I know the rule of coordinating attacks to combine stun damage. You would let a player use multiple attack maneuver to create the same effect ? Combine the stun damage from is multiple attack ? 2- Did you use and track the endurance point in a heroic fantasy setting ? Steph
  6. steph


    During your campaigns like gm, it happens that your player characters are High Nobles? King, Duke, Earl or maybe high religious, Cardinal or Bishop? what kind of story and plot you did, political surely but otherwise, just curious Steph
  7. Is it normal ? The pdf is not available in my purchases. The money was take on my crédit card. Steph
  8. We talk about the talent Weapon Master +1d6 K ?
  9. Personally, I have never granted Weapon Master in my sessions. I have always found talent a clone of DND. To simulate people skilled at weapons I stick to more, OCV, CSL or martial arts.
  10. Hello hero friends ! I was wondering one thing. In one of my last Fantasy session, A character in my campaign tried to pass surveillance in a port guarded by five experienced and strong knights ... I'll spare you the details it was night with a little moonlighting. I tell the player (13 in stealth) to pass these five knights and make point A to B is a difficult maneuver -2 but it is a favorable context given the darkness so +2 (Still 13 in stealth) my question. If the player in question has the +2 to the Stealth for the night condition, the rule also says that if the Knights also
  11. Is this game still happening ?
  12. In my opinion the big presence of a troll is for make presence attack only .... A troll has nothing charming or nothing very tempting to want to converse with. So Charm or conversation or High Society does not work with his presence on the contrary. Troll presence +15 (Only to make presence attack -1) real cost 8 Steph
  13. Hello Friends , I am searching a link for a good combat tracking sheet. Someone know where i can found this ? Thank you and sorry for the bad English. Steph
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