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  1. hello everyone, I would like to know if GM here have tried for their fantasy campaign the mystery damage rule. That is, the GM calculates the Stun and Body damage but does not tell the players. Rather, it is a narrative description of what the player is going through. If you tried it how did it go? Steph
  2. Hello everyone, I do not have my books with me right now and I would need a quick answer to a rule question. If a power built with trigger is a attack power, like for example: entangle with a specific condition connected to a trigger, if the condition is triggered by an enemy, I need to roll the attack of the entangle? Or my entangle automatically success. I hope my question is clear and thank you very much for the time. Steph
  3. Still looking player for your fantasy game ?



  4. Sorry the best is Mario Lemieux
  5. Here ! French Canadian here my English is 7\10. But I really love fantasy setting ! Can we talk ? Steph
  6. Here ! French Canadian here my English is 7\10. But I really love fantasy setting ! Can we talk ?



    1. bluesguy




      Yes we can talk.  Let us start with email.  You can reach me at bluesguy@davidtannen.com.  I will send you a set of links to look at so you can see what kind of campaign world Nyonia is and decide if the setting will work for you.


      BTW:  In my job as a project manager for an IT consulting company, I work with people from all over the world.  Once my ear tunes in the accent I can usually understand most people.

  7. In your session Question 1 : In your session what time it take to fire a arrow. ? (Weapon ready) Question 2 What time it take to fire a arrow ?(Weapon no ready) Question 3 How Fast draw interfere for a bow ? Steph
  8. 1- Below Normal (medical problem) 2- Normal (Standart) 3- Trained 4- elvish (here for human eyes, something look strange) 5- Magical intervention 6- Vampire (Very powerful, demi god etc etc)
  9. Yeah mace. Sorry language barrier. French native here. ?
  10. Hi, yesterday in our Fantasy session, we had a rules discussion. I present the situation: One of the players plays a ranger who in a fight used his bow. An enemy who plays before him decides to attack him '' head shot '' with his mass. The ranger decides to abort to dodge and use his CSL with the sword to improve his DCV. We have the rule of not opening books during a session. But my question is this, with his bow in his hand, the ranger could use his CSL with the sword to help his DCV? I hope my question is clear
  11. Hello to all, A question for GM, I'm going to start a campaign this summer and I'm working on it. For the sake of history one of the players will play a considerably powerful noble, a viscount. When players decide to play noblemen, how do you manage their possessions? For the currency and the titles, the players pay in charaters points but for its castle for example, how do you proceed? The player pays with his character points the castle ? Or castle enter in the category of equipment? Steph
  12. Combat Luck: 3PD, 3ED Active cost 6 cannot wearing armor -1\2 real cost 4
  13. In my low magic session. Combat luck work only without armor.
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