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  1. Hello friends A question for people who are familiar with the world of Tuala Morn. Concerning the rules of nobility, if I understand, the nobles have limits on the size of their armies or men trained for war. Right? As for example a Duke can not have more than one hundred men. What seems to me very little for a title of this magnitude. Are there rules to follow concerning the armies of kings or even that of the High King? Did these rules exist in a certain way in our Middle Ages? The goal I imagine is so that the king does not see his vassals become too powerful? Thank you for your time. Steph
  2. Hey guys ! Just a little one for the fantasy GM. Do you accept in your session improvise (Spell on the fly) spell when a VPP is use with your magic System ? Steph
  3. One think i love in rolemaster is: the roll mean something. When you cast a spell better your roll is more difficult gonna be the resistance roll. Better your attack roll is better is the result. In your fantasy game do you have something similar? If you need to hit a 5 DCV and you hit 8 or if you make your magic skill roll by a large success is it change something ? Hope i am clear English not my first language. Steph
  4. A dragon fight with hero (fantasy). With the great fantasy classic dragon like Smaug. Great intelligence, Huge, fire breath, Spell caster. Steph
  5. Just curious if in one of your fantasy game, you fought a dragon. Can you tell me what happen (description) and how many time it take for the combat (real time and turn time) TY Steph
  6. Hi friends , a player in my fantasy campaign wants to make a mage who has the control of liquids. It can therefore transform liquids. (Water into gas) (Water into Ice) . I use transform- severe for that kind of spell. But how to calculate the amount the mage can transform? How many litre it represent For exemple :The player have a 4d6 transform water into ice spell . He roll a 12. What is a 12 in a term of quantity ? I never find a rule or suggestion for that. Maybe use Change Environnement Someone here have a system for that ? Your help will be very appreciate. Steph Hope i am clear Sorry for the bad english again
  7. Where can i find rules for Hydratation and Déshydratation and is effect. I look in the base rules but find nothing. Thank you guys Steph
  8. In your fantasy game. How many time do you open your books ? Steph
  9. Is it legal or would you authorize as a gm, a player who abort to cast a armor shield (resistance) with a damage shield RKA linked on it ? Steph
  10. These power are un the Champions book 6 edition ?
  11. Hello dear friends, A player in my fantasy campaign has the desire to make a mage who controls the fluids. It will use a multi -power 60 Pts . A mage with such power can obviously affect people . I have no problem imagining spells of healing he can do, but I wonder how make a spell as dehydration or evaporation of water from the body. In short I would be curious and grateful to have examples of spells and what mechanics used for that kind of effect. Spells connected to all kind of fluids . thank you Thank you very much in advance and excuse my english again. hope one day hero games gonna translate the rules in french Steph
  12. Hello guys, I don't find a rule in the 6th edition about suffocation. In the Hero designer you have the suffocation option for 20 PTS but with no define option. Do you know where i can find it in the rules books ? Because i miss it ! Thank you for your time Steph
  13. Hello hero gamers friends i have a blank 1- when a dcv is split. For example when i use multiple attack. And i want to put my CSL in DCV, i split my dcv before or after i put my CSL . 2- If a character is Stun can he put is CSL in DCV ? Thank you for your time Excuse my english (Not my first language) Steph
  14. steph

    Damage shield

    Sorry wrong tread. I am a regular on the Fantasy Tread.
  15. Hey guys i have a blank. How make damage shield in 6th edition ? Thank you in advance Steph
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-bnM5SuQkI#t=135
  17. just by curiosity. During your combat do you apply the rule to not exceed twice the DC of a weapon. Or if in your combat there are no limit to get more damage. Excuse my english not my first language Steph
  18. steph


    Lucius i love the idea to use summon for the military force of a noble.
  19. Really love your magic system. ( magic skill - 10 x 15 )it Easy to keep control. Great job. Steph
  20. A mental power have to be LOS to work. Is it legal or would you agree to let a player use dive for cover abort for getting out of sight of a mental attack ? Steph
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